Thursday, August 11, 2011

3 day catch up and my new glasses

Playing a bit of catch up.

On Tuesday I had meetings all day long. I dressed for cold conference rooms.

Camera Roll-1592

I liked my bracelet combo a lot that day.

bracelets 8.9.11

Wednesday I wore pants that look like crap in photos. So instead you get a swatch. I hope they don't look as bad in person as in the photos. Gingham doesn't like to be photographed at any sort of distance. Either way they went into the donate pile mentally.

outfit detail 8.10.11

makeup maybe
Again meetings all day so I went with warmer layers.

8.10.11 outfit

I wore my favorite bracelets. I love this set so much.

bracelets 8.10.11

And today.

Camera Roll-1692

I felt like some weird combo of what my warped mental image of a 1950's waitress/librarian/teenager would look like with the crochet necklace, vintage dress and glasses. More on the glasses below.

Necklace detail

Camera Roll-1673

Camera Roll-1682

I wanted a eyewing to go with my new glasses, I did black and I hated how it looked so I washed it off and started over in dark plum and plum mascara and I liked the result. It appears black in photos but isn't so OMG TOO DARK for first thing in the morning.
I have been wanting a second pair of glasses as long as I have worn glasses. With only 4 months left in the year I have to spend down my medical account so I took the plunge. I wanted a "funky" pair but subtle funky because I am UBER self conscious one of my lenses magnifies one eye so I can't draw too much attention to it. (That is why I take pics at angles. You know my secret. Le Shock!)


I pinned this image of Grace Kelly because it was my ULTIMATE in looking good in glasses. I have absolutely no delusions that I will ever been like her in any way shape or form but STILL LOOK AT HER. So damn chic. Finding a pair I liked as much and fit my face was harder than you'd think. This is what I ended up with.

Side detail of glasses

(if you think I look weird, Dave in particular, I flipped the photo to match the Grace one)

Camera Roll-1651

I complained to the glasses guy that glasses never sit on my face the way they do on others and I feel I push them up for photos and all day. He said that I have a "narrow bridge and unfortunately that is what is going to always happen to you with plastic glasses. Your bridge is too narrow for the width of nose pieces"
I frowned but said I was glad that SOMETHING on me was narrow. oy. (Keep in mind I pushed them up for the photos)

I got them at Lens Crafters and they have a 100% guarantee for 90 days so we shall see how I feel. I feel a bit too uberlibrariannerd and I am not sure I am totally ok with that yet.

and since people like kitten photos.

Camera Roll-1610

I got my new purse in the mail last night and she was all up in my piece the second it came in the door.

Camera Roll-1627

I laid the dust bag down for a minute to open the other box and she so her body is touching the INSIDE of the bag. Dust bags are meant to keep kitten hair OFF the purse, brat. She also was trying to take my skin care samples. My skin has been a total asshole lately since I changed up my meds. Just yesterday Dave suggested I try a "system" again then 24 hours later a package arrives I had totally forgot about from a skin care company for me to review. DUDE! I've had it less than 24 hours but I like it already. More later on it in detail, once I can fully test it all out.


grace said...

OK, lots to catch up on:

1. I LOVE the bracelets from Day 1 and Day 2.

2. Your hair looks great in the Day 2 picture.

3. I have almost exactly the same glasses, love them on you (and on me, too). Multiple pairs of glasses RULE. Have you tried Zenni Optical?

hillary said...

I don't do those things for a few reasons. I have a fat head and need to try something on.

I have progressives and prisms that I have had so many people screw up. How do the online ones measure you in the glasses for the prisms. Know what I mean?

Patricia said...

I love the new glasses. You must keep them. Are they RayBans? I had trouble getting a pair of the Jackie Ohh sunglasses by them to fit my head properly, so I stuck with Tiffany, but gosh, I wish I could wear those glasses.

Cassykins said...

I think I have the same stripey blazer as you. Well, mine came from the fat people Forever 21 (so not the SAME one obviously, but it looks like that)

I also LOVE those glasses on you. You also just explained what must be my problem as well, the narrow bridge thing. I am forever pushing my glasses around. Luckily I don't have too crazy of a prescription, so I do just get my glasses on Zenni Optical. That way if I don't like them, they were pretty cheap (I got 2 pairs for $80 shipped not that long ago)

hillary said...

Cassy I don't have the receipt on me but I think before the discount JUST THE LENSES were $580. It proabably is the same blazer! I wish it had a button. I was pulling it closed all day.

Patricia My glasses in the above photos is tiffanys. I will say they fit MUCH better. They have two way hinges the fixed hinge makes it hard to fit on the raybans I have been in the bathroom twice trying ot heat them up and loosen them.

Cassykins said...

I think one of my favorite pairs of glasses came from Lens Crafters and I was guffawing at them being $350! I hope you have super vision now, though. You do look awesome.

Cassykins said...

(and I just realized I left out the loud laughing in a sarcastic way) I did really laugh out loud though. I don't know why it was funny.

Lisa said...

I love the new glasses! I've never worn glasses, but my brother did and I was always so jealous of when he got to pick out the frames, it seemed like so much fun. You made a good selection, I hope they work out for you.

D'Rae said...

Love the new glasses! They are totally you! And your hair is looking quite awesome I might add.

Chelsea said...

I love how you creatively layer bracelets... your favorites look worthy of their title!

And I for one LOVE the new glasses. But I should tell you that I'm on the hunt for black cat eyes that will fit my face, so I'm a bit biased :)

Lab geek said...

Oooh I love your glasses! And your eyeliner, would you mind telling me what it is?

Now our cat truly are similar in term of behavior. If it's new, he'll lay on it right away. If it's clean, he'll lay on it even though the whole bed/couch is free of anything else. If it is dirty but belongs to me (versus my husband) he'll lay on it.
Yesterday I found half of him inside my purse because I carried a bag of organic cat nip (the fufu organic stand was the only one selling catnip at the market!). We like to call him douchey.

hillary said...

ahhaa we call our cats D.Bags all the time! haaaaa

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I think the glasses are FAB! Rock on! I really want to get new frames, but I'm biding my time till my insurance "lets" me...

Jess said...

I love love love love love those glasses on you. LOVE. I also covet them because I miss my cat eye glasses like whoa. I think they really work for you. I usually use my vision insurance on contacts, so I might try to find something on Zenni that is similar.

Love that vintage dress you wore today too. It's so pretty.

I don't know why cats have to be so damn ridiculous sometimes. lol Last night Coco was trying to fit herself into a box Shawn kept back for sending back something to Lomography and it's about 1/4 of her actual size, but since he put it up on a shelf to keep it away from kittens she batted it down and got in it like a brat.

hillary said...

My Silly insurance doesn't cover glasses. I have to put money in a pretax medical account. I loose it if I don't spend it by end of year too. I'm trying to get Dave to get another pair too.

hillary said...

Labgeek fluid line by Mac. The plum shade. The mascara is Chanel in purple

Lab geek said...

oooh thanks. I have seen that shade online and was drawn to it. Now I know it does look great on :)

Funny we use the same nickname for our cat!

Megan Mae said...

Those glasses are freakin adorable on you.

Goodluck with Lenscrafters. We paid through the nose for my husband's glasses (and the lenses were 50% so we bought him the ~fancy ones~). They scratched up within a couple months, and they refused to make it right unless we paid the 50% price again. And two years after using them, they still send me snailmail letters saying "heeey you haven't bought anything from us, you should renew your prescription with us!"

I love all your bracelets!

hillary said...

Megan I've used them for over 10 years. I also
Always buy the protection plan. They've replaced my broken or scratches stuff so many times no problem. Once I stepped on them and they didn't say a word. I've used different locations too. If it's within 90 days they let you exchange even broken or scratched without using the protection plan. (the stepped ones for example)

Lonestarcasie said...

The glasses are ador-a-bleh (that was my attempt to sound French)and I think library nerd girl is a sexy look, so WORK IT! Also I love your red eyeball bracelet and your kitteh cracks me up. I have similar experiences with my children. A friend of mine surprised me by sending me some handmade purses. By the time I figured out what was going on, my kids had stolen my package and were fighting over my purses. I still haven't been able to pry them from their wee hands.

IrishRedRose said...

I LOVE WAFFLE!!! And those glasses are so completely perfect for you. I am serious--I am a glasses nerd, I love wearing glasses (always try to have mult. pairs, like jewelry) and I've adored all your pairs but really....these are the stars. They just flatter your face in every possible way, like they were made for you. I'm fascinated that they are Ray-Bans; I thought they only made non-prescrip shades! I need new specs so I should get myself to Lenscrafters and see if they've got some Ray-Ban cateyes lying around! :-)