Tuesday, July 05, 2011

A new place

I have a new place to call home. I don't know how to answer the "are you all moved in question" We have all our stuff there. A lot of it is "put away" but there is a lot still to do and a ton of boxes still. (well maybe not a ton but they are large in size so they look like a lot. All clothes left)

I didn't take a ton of pictures as I had hoped to but I have a few from the move. These were taken in our old place "during"

Camera Roll-2172

From the "hallway"
Camera Roll-2171

This was sitting on the couch against the wall of the living room. Across from the half wall is the kitchen. There was a small bathroom and bedroom too. Told you it was small! The fridge only opened about 10 inches. The dishwasher didn't at all. You had to shove the dishes in.

Camera Roll-2176

There wasn't a counter in the kitchen. So we had shoved a bureau in there. That short freezer was also ours for Dave's GF food it became the default counter. It totally got trashed doing that.

Camera Roll-2173

All our stuff on the truck

Camera Roll-2180

That was all Friday. Saturday magic helper fairies came. (Dave's parents and sister) and worked like mad unpacking us. Seriously it was amazing.  Sunday my family came. OOH wee. As I mentioned they had never come to visit me. It was awesome. They came with arms full of groceries and stuff to make pizzas. My "stepmom" gave me the coolest present. (besides the BOX full of quarters) I has asked her for suggestions on storing bulk spices because we pitched all the stuff we had, it was time. Well not only did she find a solution... she bought the spices too!!

House warming gift. Bulk spice and vintage jars. I labeled them!

All her own vintage jars. My gram was horrified I was storing it on the counter. I think it looks awesome. (there are 13 of them along the counters right now) We made the pizzas and sat and chatted.

Camera Roll-2192

My dad was smitten with Daisyboo. She was with him too. She is usually very shy. Not with him. She could tell he loved animals.

Camera Roll-2205

Gram brought this rocker. It was hers.

We totally over did it all. Worked way too hard for too many days in a row. Sunday night Dave was feeling funny and laid down on the hope chest in front of the AC and apparently fainted and fell off. I heard a giant crash and found him on the floor. Jesus. We think dehydration and over tired. Yesterday we went to IKEA to get some stuff we needed and also Home Depot because the lack of blinds in half the house is not gonna fly. We only had two working windows in our last apt. I didn't have to monitor my behavior. eeek. Windows and neighbors = NEED BLINDS

How the girls transitions could be a post itself but I kinda wonder if it brought them together. Instead of Waffle being a bully 100% of the time and Daisy howling and running away....

Camera Roll-2219

What you can't see is the death glare Daisy is giving Waffle here. She doesn't trust her at all. I don't blame her. But Waffle wants to cuddle, but she likes to cuddle with teeth usually. (Daisy doesn't let ANYONE hold her hand. She let Waffle and my dad.)

For Dave's birthday I got him a gauge that works with the iPhone that you use to diagnose car troubles. I thought it was pretty damn cool. So did he. That was until my dad showed up with this. Thanks dad.

Camera Roll-2216

That said Dad got it because he thought once Dave had the gauge he'd want to work on the car.

Our porch is covered in boxes on one side but I got at least one spot perfect.

Camera Roll-2223

How was your weekend?

I am kinda bummed I missed out on an entire 4 day weekend to be a bum. Ok more than kinda bummed. I am so exhuasted at work today!

I forgot to mention the winner of the Apothica Giveaway.



Melissa said...

But how FUN to have a new place!!! That's so exciting and to have a few days with your family too makes it even better. I can't wait to see it when you're finished unpacking and everything!

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Lisa said...

Congrats on the move! Cute place. Moving is totally exhausting, but it looks like your move was worth it.

Lorena said...

OMG Hillary how exciting... you moved !
Congratulations and even though moving is hard work it is fun. Every time you unpack a box and it's all in place and that box goes out the door it's such a sense of accomplishment !

Heather said...

WOW! The new place must feel like a palace after your old place! The porch is exactly right - love the glider, table and carpet - love.

Cassykins said...

Ok, that picture of the cats holding hands just made my day. Perhaps Waffle is getting a death glare for it, but so cute!! Glad the move in looks like it's going smoothly so far and that your family got to come out and see!

DaniellaBella said...

Looks like you had a crazy busy weekend! I hope the new place is as fab as it seems! Hurrah for new things!

Irishenchantment said...

cant wait to see your new place when its all organised and unpacked! hope the kitties settle in ok

shel xx