Thursday, July 21, 2011

Laughter is the key to a good marriage

Camera Roll-2545

I feel a bit retro in this outfit and hair do so I thought the 1960's filter was appropriate.

Kimono thing Forever 21
Skirt American Apparel
Shirt Forever 21
Cami Express
Sandals Born

This kimono is two things I usually avoid, beige or blush tones and a non natural fabric. BUT I have always wanted a kimono. Someone brought my mom back one from Japan when I was a kid and SHE CUT THE SLEEVES OFF. Even as a child I was appalled. What is the point of having one?! I saw this and snatched it up and said GETTING THIS. I thought by pairing it with a coral burn out tee it would balance out that blush color that tends to wash me out. I love this tee I got that same day but it is much more see-thru then I thought at the store.

Camera Roll-2548

I ended up putting a knot in the front because it was slipping off my shoulders as I ran around work.  It is going to be opressively hot today here so I went with the messy updo Keiko posted awhile ago. I modified it to hide the ends because my hair is getting a bit too long to leave them out and look work appropriate.

Camera Roll-2540

And the back of it.

Camera Roll-2552

If you have read more than one post on my site you will notice I don't take things too seriously. Or at least I don't try to. I mean I take life seriously but I also like to laugh. Often, loudly and with a little snort.

Small background.
When Dave proposed to me I was 20. Marriage was the last thing on my mind. While he was on bended knee and had just proposed I responded with a phrase that is forever retold in social situations.... We got married 4 years later and on our wedding night be gave me a heart bracelet from Tiffany's that is meant to be engraved. As he handed it to me he said "I didn't know what to put on it so we can go back and have something put on it" (I think he secretly thought I might stand him up in the wedding day. KIDDING)

I have worn it for the past 8.5 years almost daily and I never had it engraved.

tiffany bracelet heart

But then I did. When I picked it up they had even wrapped it up again nicely! They buffed it too and got a lot of the big scratches out. (being on your wrist it gets a beating)


Curious what I said when he prosed?

Do I feel like a jerk for saying it? Kind of. But that was my guttural reaction and frankly hilarious and makes for a good story.

I never did say yes. He reminds me often. :)

Tiffany's also informed me that it was the oddest request they had for engraving and that all the staff was dying to know what it meant when it came in.


Teresa said...

hah, glad he took it well :)

I BLEED PINK said...

Such a cute story!!

Melissa said...

That has to be the strangest SWEET story I've ever heard! I love it!

Anonymous said...

HA, I can totally imagine saying something like that in response to a proposal. Glad it has become a story and memory that you both enjoy!

I bet the Tiffany's staff are tired of "be mine" and "true love" and whatnot. They will probably pass down the legend of "you jerk" for years. :)

Megan Mae said...

The kimono 'thing' is really pretty. I feel bad now because I actually have a vintage kimono, and I keep feeling guilty for wanting to get rid of it.

That's such a cute story! I can't imagine how bewildered the Tiffany people were. Also your nails match!

hillary said...

@megan that's an old photo but I think it's the china glaze "for Audrey" which was meant to resemble Tiffany blue ao good eye toots!

hillary said...

@megan that's an old photo but I think it's the china glaze "for Audrey" which was meant to resemble Tiffany blue ao good eye toots!

Tizzy said...

Love that engraving!

Tizzy said...

Love that engraving!

Lorena said...

No matter what I think it is a cute story .
Sometimes actions speak louder than words, so I think by now he should now you actually meant "yes".
I have to say it again, it was just too cute!!!!

GiddyUpGirlz said...

That's a cute story to retell...I love those. Same kind of thing happened to me. I had my husbands upgraded wedding band engraved famdamily and the people went nuts asking about why I had that engraved. well when my husband walks in the door every night he whistles then says "Hello FamDamily, I mean damn family! and the kids run and kiss&hug him giggling...Just love those stories

Cassykins said...

Psh, that's an amazing response and even more amazing to have it engraved on such a pretty bracelet.

Cara said...

"You Jerk" would probably be the censored version of what I said to Scott when he proposed (he now knows not to talk to me for a few minutes after I wake up, I'm a grumpalump!). I'm glad that everything worked out... even if you never said yes!!

Lab geek said...

That is an awesome story! Inside my husband and I wedding rings we each have the alternating letters to the word poophead, we have a unique nickname for each other!

Also since I was at the mall to drop off some pants to be hemmed, I popped in F21 and ended up with 4 new shirts... Thanks for inspiring me to check it out again!

IrishRedRose said...

What a totally original and hilarious...yet touching story. You know, it's a very 40's screwball comedy type interaction there. ;-)

Tiffany's is lucky to have customers like you.

Love the messy updo! and if you love kimonos check out vintage shop lingerie sections. I never had a thing for them specifically but they get put in 'robes' a lot cuz staff don't know what to do with them. I found a couple of incredible ones that way in past years. The colors--!

I love that F21 version and btw, the camisole-brighter-color trick totally worked!

Knick said...

I just had to LOL about this story. When my husband proposed to me, I said " you suck" since he was able to surprise me(and I don't like surprises!). Your story reminded me so much of my own!

DaniellaBella said...

YOU JERK! Such a cute story!

'Tia said...

That is the cutest story ever. I love it!

Cyn said...

Stories like this is why your blog is such a joy to read. (Don't get me wrong- I like to check out your clothes too. But your candor sets you apart from so many others).

Thanks for sharing it. I laughed!

Jaclyn said...

grrr.. I was apparently signed on to my husband's google when I commented.. "Knick" is me...... ha!

Kristen said...

LOL "you jerk" is awesome. My husband surprised me, and not in a good way, when he proposed, and I kind of ended up yelling at him in the middle of his proposal. :) He kept going, and I did say yes. But I wish I had said what you said. And then engraved it on a Tiffany's heart. That's awesome.

15 years and counting! You guys are pretty close to the same, if I remember.

Colleen said...

I love your hair up like that.

That story/engraving is amazing. I love it. Did you tell all the people at Tiffany's the story?

Андрей said...

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hillary said...

Thank you everyone! I will admit I had a moment of panic I did the wrong thing once I picked it up. But it is so US that it is totally appropriate. ha.
I am glad everyone appreciated our warped little humor.

Lonestarcasie said...

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Funny. When my husband proposed, he went through this elaborate staged thing where we had to go to a party and I was pissed cuz I didn't want to go and tried to fight with him all the way up until the moment he proposed. Some men would have just flushed the ring. Instead, he was thrilled cuz he realized he was getting me GOOD.