Tuesday, July 12, 2011


My mom left yesterday! I had four glorious days of just my mom. She had never come see me before. I was always a little pit stop on the way to see others. It was awesome and we had a great time. We showed her all the sites around the city.
hawaiian ice

all us on the t

mom and me 7.11.11

i got us matching sandals

dave and mom
We also ate our very first meal on the porch while she was here.

fingerling potatoes zucchini asparagus chicken meatballs

We hung blinds on Sunday and got to finally enjoy the porch. Chicken meatballs, brown rice pasta, fingerling potatoes, baby zucchini, asparagus and garlic bread.

our toddlers and tiaras pose

We also practiced our Toddlers and Tiaras poses often.

hair in rollers
My mom is a nonpracticing license hairdresser. She went to beauty school when I was a kid. She used to practice on me. hair after taking rollers out
Upon taking them out a few hours later.

inside 7.11.11

Yesterday she wanted to take my outfit photo. We tried inside in front of the new curtain she made but it was too dark.

outside 7.11.11

So we tried the porch. Still too dark.

outside 2 7.11.11

Then she insisted I go across the street in front of the neighbors house. I was horrified and protested. BUT THEN SHE STARTED SINGING and wouldn't stop until I did it. It was 6:30am and she was pretending she was an Opera singer.
You can see that even after sleeping on it the curls held up wonderfully. At the end of the day even though it was 92 they were still intact.
Dress H&M
Sweater Target (its the one with the lace in the back)
Sandals Bass

Yeah so the jig is up. As you can see I am not unique, I didn't invent my style. The bangs, arm full of bangles, large earrings and funky nails? Totally bit that style off my mom. Totally serious. I may of taught her the Sally Hansen strips but this is the lady who was wearing a gold nail when I was a kid.

Mummy's here!!!!!


Last night we had the leftovers of the fingerling potatoes with chicken tacos, refried beans, roasted corn, zucchini, onions and salad.
Chicken tacos with corn and fingerlings

I love having a giant kitchen. Dave makes amazing food. He got an ice cream maker for his birthday and we had homemade ice cream too. So yummy. We used to have a bigger machine but it broke. This time we got this little one for $20 and its perfect. Now that we live neat a Trader Joes I have access to all these yummy nitrite and preservative free foods.(Nitrites make me wicked sick) so I got "healthy" (relative term) teenie weenies and threw them in the crock pot on Sunday. Oh man. Grape jelly, mustard, weenies in the crockpot on high for a few hours. That's all you do. They are so tasty. We munched on them with edamame to balance it out and watched a marathon of Toddlers and Tiaras and mom sewed curtains.

Between company and all the stuff we did last week we still haven't unpacked everything. We have only had one night off. I NEED to unpack my clothing because I have been wearing the same few things over and over.

How was your weekend?


Cassykins said...

I need your mom to do my hair immediately. Just kidding, but the curly waves look AWESOME. Glad you ladies (and Dave) had a nice visit!

Lorena said...

Seems like you had a lovely weekend with you mom.
She is so pretty, looks so much like you :)

Melissa said...

Oh how FUN! It sounds like you had a great time, I'm glad you had that time with your mom. She is beautiful, just like you!

Beth said...

Oh, my mom was a non-working licensed beautician too. I had my first perm at six months old! My hair is still poker straight. She started coloring my hair in the 6th grade because she wanted a blonde daughter. LOL. Glad you had such a fun time with your mom

Beck, At Her Best said...

Sounds/looks like it was an awesome visit! - Love your dotty dress. Your teeny weeny recipe sounds kind of familiar, I LOVE those. Now I may need to find my crock pot...

grace said...

I love your mom's Liberty of London for Target shirt!

Lisa said...

I can see how much you and your mom look alike. Looks like you had a good time. I wish my mom had gone to hairdressing school. The only things my mom ever did to my hair were fluff in up with a pick (I had a fro when I was younger . . . thanks mom) and braid it way too tight after brushing it way too hard.

hillary said...

Lisa thats all I ot too! And a lot of bad perms.

Anonymous said...

The 'Toddlers and Tiaras' photo may just be the cutest thing ever! And your mom sounds amazingly fun to hang out with!

freeda said...

Ah, so you are the reason my kitty print skirt will be delayed in shipping! hahaha! That's cool. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I wish my mom was cool... She's mostly just critical of me. I'm glad you appreciate the blessing you have in your mom!

Kristen said...

Hee, you and your mom are SO much alike, physically and emotionally. You both ham it up for fun for the camera.

I haven't figured out a good way to reply to comments on my blog, but I wanted to respond to your comment about the Hello Kitty on a handbag. I would agree, adding a keychain to a high-end purse is just about the only way to make that acceptable; most of the ones I have seen have been actual Hello Kitty handbags, but yours is another level entirely. :)

Michelle said...

Yay for mama's visiting! Your mom does indeed have some killer style - her LoL shirt is fantastic.

You look so pretty with the curls and the big bow on the dress. And, WOW, your hair has gotten LONG! ♥

rlutz said...

You and your mom are so freakin adorable!!!