Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Booooooooooooooooooored now

I am SO BORED with my hair. I think a cut is inevitable but I was told once by a wise stylist that when you get that bored hair feeling always choose color over cut. Color can be mostly reversed. Cuts can't.

I miss my pink hair. Periodically every few years I go back to putting pink in it. It is a easy solution and non permanent and doesn't require me to dye my whole head which is hard, expensive and messy. $10 bottle of pink last me months. I just have to be super careful about what pillowcases and towels I use!

I think throwing a little pink my shut up my boring bug for a little while at least. I also already own some too! It is messy but eh. I need CHANGE.

photography project 2000
pink hair day after I did it.

What do you do when you get bored with your current style? Cut or color?

I always end up going back to a bob. I probably will again.


Kasmira said...

Well, one time I got bored and cut all my hair off and bleached the remainder white blond, so I don't know if I'm one to offer advice!

Last time, though, I just changed up my bangs. Try cutting them shorter or wearing them longer (like in-your-eyes-long) or sweeping them to the side. You can cut them straight across or curved. Braid them back. Trap them with a headband. Lots of options for little commitment!

Lisa said...

I used to color in college. Now I cut. I'll let my hair go for a year and then chop it all off. Then I can't take it and vow to grow it out, and repeat the cycle.

I should go back to coloring. Your stylist is right, easier to reverse. The pink in your hair looks good. How much would you of it would dye this time?

hillary said...

Ha its like you are in my bathroom! I've done all those things this week alone! today in my eyes, trimmed the other day, they were curved last week and now they are straight, yesterday they were to the side.

I have had bangs my entire life (I have a LARGE forehead)BAck off my face is not a pretty look.

all that didn't satisfy my urge though :( I know I don't like them much shorter because of my damn cowlick which is hard to tame. I just am trying so hard to do the big chop!

hillary said...

@lisa like the last photo but it always morphs into the 3rd and 4th as it washes out

Beck, At Her Best said...

I've always gone with cut, since I always thought dying it would be too expensive/not work on my dark/long hair, plus it always grows back like gangbusters. Now that I cut it, I want it blue.

EvaNadine said...

being that i already did the big chop-chop right after my wedding, when i got bored again this time, i went for seriously drastic color. i dont mind going so drastic since my hair is so short + grows quickly. i probably wouldnt go SO drastic with my color if my hair were longer.

another thought is to talk to your stylist about different ways to style your hair so that it looks different -- though you are already pretty darn good at this. or maybe they can do a minimal tweak to the cut so it doesnt take off a ton of length (i remember you saying your hair doesnt grow so fast) bu gives a different look...

hillary said...

@evanadine. I cut my hair once every couple years. I dont have a stylist. :( Dave cuts it for me on a stool in the living room.

@beck Mine grows SO SLOW. OMG SO SLOW. It is like a snail. Sometimes i think it grows in reverse.

Cassykins said...

Pretty much I ignore my boredom. I have wanted to chop my hair off so many times in the last couple of years, but keep stopping myself. I did start henna-ing my hair a little under a year ago, but that's not all that exciting.

Megan Mae said...

I do both. It depends on how bad my day was (seriously that was the excuse I gave when I cut off my super long hair).

I'm actually considering putting some purple into the sides of my hair. Or bright red. I'm not sure how pricey manic panic is down at Sally's.

hillary said...

manic panic is crap. Get Special Effects if you are going to do it. Especially purple which is the HARDEST color to keep in line with blue.

No Guilt Fashion said...

Love, love, love the pink. I think you should do it again!

Cara said...

I just watched that episode of Buffy the other day! (Your title is an allusion to Willow, right? Maybe I'm just an uber-nerd)

I'm definitely feeling boredom/frustration with hair. Scott's finally agreed I can chop it all off, but I've chickened out a couple times just going to make the appointment.

The pink is fun!

hillary said...

My life is an allusion to Buffy. And Veronica mars, pushing daisies, dead like me, angel and golden girls

grace said...

Recently, I try to ignore hair boredom, but I cannot tell you how much I love you with the pink streaks. Every incarnation you posted. Awesome. I used to have purple streaks that I adored, but unfortunately I'm working corporate now and have to be more sedate.:(

'Tia said...