Monday, July 18, 2011

Apothica REVIEW

Apothica kindly gifted me a gift card in return for some blog time. I have to say I impressed myself on how well I stretched that gift card.

I had a $75 gift card, then I used a 20% off coupon with free shipping, THEN I used ebates.

Dude I made $5.29 on my purchase total. ha! So I got all this and I will get $5.29 from ebates on my paypal credit card.

What I got with my Apothica gift card

nail polish remover

Paul & Joe Beaute Nail Enamel Remover $14.90
I have not used this yet. I don't know how I am going to. It is too pretty. I have to admit I picked this based on the bottle and how nice it would look on my dressing table. I plan to refill it and keep using it for polish remover. So much nicer than that ugly plastic bottle.

perfume oil

JUARA Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil $28.00
This is really nice. It is just how it sounds, jasmine oil. I liked it quite a bit and I would recommend it for anyone who loves jasmine but I will say I think it is very expensive for a perfume oil. I probably would not buy again (Unless I had a gift card) I love that it is a roller ball applicator. It smells strong when you first put it on but it settles quickly and lasts a few hours. It is probably very reasonably priced for a perfume oil I just have so many scents that it seems spendy for something I won't wear everyday. If you would then I think it is more worth the cost for the quality.

lip balm

TokyoMilk Lip Balm - Petit Fours Glaces $9.90
There was nothing over the top about this. It is a pretty little glass jar of lip balm. It had a great slip and feel on the lips and wasn't waxy feeling but I wouldn't say that it reminded me at all of Petit Fours. And I KNOW petit fours.
happy birthday polish

Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer - Happy Birthday $18.00
This is AWESOME. Insanely priced? YES. But dude. It is awesome. See how I wore it here. I have had lots of glitter polishes in the past but this one is bit different. It has big and small glitter and fun colors. I highly suggest a heavy clear coat over it to keep it from snagging on clothes and hair.


Voluspa Floraison Eau de Parfum Spray in Silk Bag - Jasmine Brown Sugar  $17.80
Now this was the only disappointment in the order. As you can see there is no cap. It leaked ALL OVER the inside of the order. I can't even say how it wears because I haven't been able to put it on because that was all I smelled for days. I had to wash it when it came because it had leaked all over. I thought about calling customer service but since I got it for free that seemed weird. The was no protector cap and the lid wasn't even on it. I mean I liked the smell. Jasmine again but seriously it was so bad in the box I don't know if I can drag myself to put it on. I also got hives that same day.... I don't know if they are related but it was seriously on everything.


Voluspa Petite Jar Maison Candle - Macaron $5.90
This is fantastic. Small little candle in a glass jar. You could take it on a weekend away because of that. It smells wonderful and burns clean. I would highly recommend this to others.

 All in all my experience was great minue the one issue. I would definitely recommend them to people looking for a great place to get a variety of beauty products at reasonable prices. They shipped fast and everything was in bubble wrap. (The perfume wouldn't of had an issue if the cap had been screwed on. It was well wrapped) They have a HUGE variety and lots of brands I hadn't seen before.

Also a bonus. Everything came in glass. So much more ecoconscious.

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beyondthebath said...

You should call their customer service department and let them know. This is the sort of thing that they want to know about. Great haul, BTW. :)