Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I get bothered by the constant hair touching in the blog of sphere. Know why it bothers me? Cause it looks staged. Also because you always dislike in others what you tend to dislike in yourself.

I confess I am a constant hair toucher. I am always fussing, twisting and fixing my bangs. Today every 2 minutes I twist my pony tail so it has just the perfect curl in it.


Dress Target 2008? ( Still dislike the drop waist in comfort)
Shoes Dansko Sissy 2009 ( I think librarians should be sponsored by Dansko I really do.)
Cami Forever 21 2009
Earrings Tous 2011
Necklace Tiffanys 2005


A couple months ago I gave my grandmother my bottle of Oil of Olay SPF cream. I had bought it prior to my cruelty free pledge and I have to say I loveD (past) it. (Gram had been using scented body lotion on her face! I said TAKE THIS and stop doing that!)
Since I wasn't going to go replace it with the same thing I have been on the hunt for a facial SPF that my skin didn't hate. I tried a few things, went through a lot of samples and was coming up with nothing. While obsessively reading back posts of Keiko Lynn's blog I noticed a little while back she switched over to Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer. I have never used a tinted moisturizer I liked. Mostly because they didn't come light enough and I would end up with an orange face. Until I tried this! Dude look at my skin! It doesn't look like that naturally. I am very red from splotchy rosacea and I do have some acne.


Good coverage, yet sheer and you CAN SEE MY FRECKLES. Did you know that type of product existed? I was also running out of my MAC mineralize while I was using as foundation. Two birds one product. DUDE. It kind of glosses over your pores and masks them without filling up and looking fake. It doesn't feel heavy at all, which almost all foundations do to me that is why I don't wear them. I paired it with some Bobbi Brown concealer under my eyes and on a spot and that is it. (well and blush but I mean for my face that is it) $40 is way more than I want to spend BUT it is sunscreen and face makeup. I bought mine at Sephora with gift money from my mom. So THANKS MOM you like? She is a firm believer in that you should always wear foundation to protect your skin so I knew she'd approve of this with her gift.

And just for reader Bernadette I got my eyebrows done yesterday and today I put on the darkest powder I had. Do you get your brows done? I go 2 or 3 times a year and try and maintain in between. Its $10 but I think brows are worth taking time for. They frame your face. A few years ago when I started filling in my sparse brows a lot of people would ask "new glasses" all the time. Daily. It was the brows.

On the mission to try the Laura Mercier I saw a store I had never seen before Tous. Have I been living under a rock? I had never heard of them. Let me back track. About a month ago I pinned this picture on Pinterst. I have been wanting a pair of pearl earrings for a few years. I had a pair as a teen but one broke off and rolled away one day at school. I haven't found a pair that I wanted. I didn't just want any pair. I wanted ones with a twist. Vintage or handed down or something. All the vintage ones I had seen were either not the right color or size. (TOO BIG!) but these on Pinterst I loved because they were different. The little bear was hilarious to me. prim and proper BUT WAIT THERE IS A GUMMI BEAR ON THEM! Back to the story when we were walking to Sephora I passed a Tous store I had never noticed before. I literally yelled on the escalator
Me "Hey that's the store I thought sounded like they sold luggage that made those earrings I liked that I pinned"
Dave "WHAT?"
I went in and found them and showed him
Dave "OOOOH those."

And they seemed reasonable so I got them. Thank you "ladies nice things" account!


From a distance you can't even tell there are bears on them.


How are you today? I am ready for Thursday 5pm already. I am over this week!


Bernadette said...

love it! I too am a compulsive hair-toucher. I think it's something in the water...

rlutz said...

Bears on it!!!
I have been thinking about trying the Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer from Laura Mercier for a while might have just pushed me into buying it!!

grace said...

I'm a big fan of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, too. I have a lot of the same skin concerns/pet peeves as you do (and pale skin like you) and that stuff is a miracle. An expensive miracle, but a miracle nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

I was twisting my hair while reading this! I'm a total compulsive hair toucher. My youngest son is the same way. My husband was confused watching him one day and said, 'Where does he get THAT from?', then looked over to see me playing with my own hair and said, "Oh, never mind."

Your skin looks amazing AND natural. Total score!

Kaitlin said...

Dansko should give librarians discounts. I love them! Comfy!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I'm so excited that you liked the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. That's EXACTLY the kind that I want to try, but I've not had the courage in case my face hates it... However, right now my face kind of hates everything, so why not give it a whirl? I think I'll try when I get back to the States. Yay!

Megan Mae said...

How adorable are those earrings! Seriously cute.

Kathryn from Schoolmarm Style said...

Can teachers get in on the dansko sponsorship too? I absolutely LOVE my Dansko sandals.

Billie said...

It's so true, every librarian I know owns a pair of Danskos, including me.

Cara said...

Danskos you say,eh? I don't have any, but I do have a couple library friends... I'll recommend (but won't be surprised if they have some all ready!)

I love the red. I really think I need to reconsider red, since I comment on it every time you wear it!

IrishRedRose said...

Oh, I'm going to try that moisturizer! Because I am as pale as you are, soooo :-)

Black and white and dark red is a fave combo of mine and it suits you so very well! How did I miss that dress at Target--it's gorgeous!

BTW I also owe you for helping me discover Dansko Sissys; I normally can't wear Dansko cuz my feet are super narrow, but adjustable Danskos! yay! They are SO amazingly comfy, esp. for flat feet. Meow!

Lorena said...

I'm here reacting to the TOUS comment !
First saw Tous about 8 years ago, since then I have become a fan of the Spanish brand. I love the bear.
If you search the brand in my blog you'll see how much I love them.
I want those earrings too but for now have settled for the pearl bracelet and necklace. Actually I am waiting for my husband to get them for me as a gift.
Don't forget to check out their bags, perfumes and the make up. I use the blush and I don't even want to wear it because it is so cute.
BTW my husband hates the bear.