Thursday, July 14, 2011


Camera Roll-2456

My attempt at the D'Rae pose. She doesn't know this but I have followed her a good two years longer than she knows. I used to see her in the photo pool on Wardrobe Remix on Flickr and was dumbfounded that she perfected a pose so well she could do a time progession of her in the same pose over literally years. She is quite lovely and had hair down to her shins!

Skirt Esprit 2002
Shoes Target 2011
Shirt H&M 2009
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I have been wearing that new bizarre mousse foam eyeshadow in Epatant from Chanel all week. I wish it wasn't so ungodly expensive because I would buy every single color. I blew my spending money on it last week and a lipstick for my mom. I wanted to give her a little present while she was here and she had never been to Chanel so I wanted to get her something she never would buy herself. Oy I got distracted by the foam eyeshadow. I am not an impulse buyer AT ALL. Every purchase I make even food I go over and over and obsess and think about and read reviews (I even do this with gum). I am that person who puts it in cart only to leave it on a shelf before checking out. (I"ve worked in retail don't even give me crap. I enjoyed finding things in weird places when I worked retail.) but I had been seeing the shadow on blogs and saw it in person and BOOM bought it. Felt weird. I didn't think about it for a month before hand and send Dave 45 links scrutinizing how it would fit into my lifestyle. My mom does that to me. She is not impulsive but she also isn't an obsesser. She is a BOOM RIP THE BANDAID OFF person. She also thinks fudge is appropriate breakfast.  She didn't want me to buy her anything and put up a fuss but she also knew I didn't make any purchase without preplanning the money and everything. PS She loves her lipstick. heeee. Mission accomplished. I wanted her to pull it out of her purse a couple times a day and think of me.

I tried something new and insanely easy with my nails last night. (You honestly didn't think I could leave them alone did you?) I had got Happy Birthday by Deborah Lippman from Apothica a few weeks ago and I painted it just on the last 1/3 of my nail then went back over just the very tips. It would of worked better with a smaller glitter the chunky didn't get the ombre effect I had hoped for.

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I have used moving as an excuse to go through everything I own and change it if I am not happy with it. I was tired of carrying around keys. I only have one key at the new place and didn't need a big ring of keys with 83942 tags anymore. Most places can look your info up. I had stuck my key in my wallet the past two weeks. For some reason this REALLY bothered Dave. I mean really. Mr. Easygoing was a bit in a tizzy when he saw me pull it out last night. I think its because he doesn't ever want me to ever have a moment of vulerability to a stranger. I also have to use an ID for work and a T pass which causes me to pull out my wallet a couple times a day and it just isn't smart and leaves me fumbling in public.

It is a beast I mean look at this thing. Grabbing anything out of here isn't easy.

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Today I was at the bookstore looking for Junior Mints. They didn't have any. I looked everywhere. Not one to be impulsive! I wasn't going to get any other candy because I went in for a junior mint. (Then I remembered York peppermint patties!) I saw the Vera Bradley section and noticed something that would be PERFECT to solve my problem.

I am not a fan of the Vera Bradley stuff. It reminds me too much of the stuff the sorority girls at college carried. (HA This WAS in a college bookstore) I don't have a problem with that style it just isn't me at all.

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But I saw this one that looked like a retro fabric and it wasn't quilted and didn't have a logo on it.

It fits all the things I need. My ID so I can show it to the guards at work. T pass inside I can scan without taking out. Library card that you MUST have to check stuff out of my new library and my house key and I figured why not throw the car key on there. Who cares I don't know how to actually drive. I can at least get in it now.

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Perfect solution and it was only $10. It also clips into the inside of my purse so I can have easy access and no more fumbling on the bus, in line to get into building, on campus or at the library. I obviously still have my wallet as well but throw some money in this and it is everything  I need to get around town, into work and get much library books.


Lorena said...

I am totally loving your nails !!!
Gotta say I agree with Dave being concerned with you pulling out that wallet to get things - not only are you vulnerable but, you also could drop something.

hillary said...

I agree too which is why I did this. I'm usually so smart too. I'm the girls with her keys in her knuckles.

D'Rae said...

I thought that pose looked familiar!!! LOL!!! I loved wardrobe remix! I only stopped because I forgot my password and can no longer get in to my account. Sad isn't it. For the life of me I can't figure it out.

Cassykins said...

Yay! I'm wearing my Happy Birthday polish from Apothica today, too. I went nuts and layered the heck out of it, though.

Lisa said...

I love your nails! I'm definitely going to try it out on mine. It's like a super awesome French manicure.

brittneynikkole said...

I have a shirt very similar to this and I didn't think it would go well with black. I'm pretty sure you just proved me wrong. Odd to be excited by being proven wrong.

Anonymous said...

Cute nails! Love the VB Id/key holder -- I really need something similar. On days when I don't have pockets, it is a pain to carry around my work IDs, which double as swipe cards.

DanaElayne said...

I love Vera Bradley stuff, but it is so my style. I usually buy one of these little deals with every bag I buy because it is so much easier to drop all my must haves in it.