Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Camera Roll-2408

What? I wear this dress all the time and you are totally bored? TOO BAD. ha. No really I haven't unpacked my clothes. I keep skimming off the tops of boxes. I have never worn this dress with these shoes or this hair do. How about that!? Totally new and innovative!

hair fishtail 7.13.11

Regarding my hair. I taught myself via YouTube how to fishtail braid last year but I only knew how to do it on the side of my head, where I could see it. Which requires your hair to lay over your shoulder all day when you do that since you braid it in place. I decided to try doing it on the back of my head. Totally 10 times harder. My hairs quit at that level. I just couldn't contrort anymore. Maybe with practice.

I got these sandals recently as part of a Bass Buy one get Two free sale.

Camera Roll-2398

No you didn't misread that. They jacked up the price a tish but you still ended up getting a pair and a half for free. I had this exact pair the Sunjuns when I was a kid. I have worn these and brown every day since I got them. They are so insanely comfy. A bit grannyish but eh. You can't alway wear heels. (especially when it is over a 100 with the heat index. My feets say NO NO NO. To the tune of Amy W. Rehab)

Camera Roll-2394
Camera Roll-2396

My earrings are from my mom from Marc Jacobs and the charms both Tiffany's but one from Dave one from his parents. I like how they all look like they were meant to be buds.

Camera Roll-2393
Camera Roll-2413

Something you don't see often on here. My bare nails. I have been painting my nails consistantly for over 25 years (seriously. More like 28 to be exact) so I always have yellow nails. But since having shellac for 3 weeks they grew out a lot and I am not horrified to show them off for once. They are a bit beat up. I kinda picked at the shellac. It comes off fine but I was nervous and didn't have cotton so I picked a little. I paid the price, peeling nails. ONLY SOAK THEM OFF LADIES.

Camera Roll-2388

All my makeup photos came out like passport photos today. Or bad author photos.


No Guilt Fashion said...

Love that dress. My dance studio is right next to a Bass store, so every time they have that sale I am tempted to take a look.
No Guilt Fashion

Lisa said...

I'm very impressed with your fish tail braiding abilities. I have enough difficulty just doing a regular braid in my hair. Also, if that's what your passport photo looks like it is far better than any I've ever had taken.

hillary said...

Ha! I never said MINE looked like that. I thought it just looked like the pose of one. MINE is not so hot. At all. I'll dig it out.

freeda said...

I like that glass-bead bracelet. They look like little eyeballs.

Hmm, maybe I'll wear my blue polka dot dress today too...

hillary said...

freeda it is

Cara said...

This is what happens when I get behind in reading blog posts! This morning I had the thought: "what's the harm in peeling off my shellac nails?" and now have damaged nails, too! Sigh...