Monday, June 20, 2011

Weekend in an insta(nt)gram

Busy busy weekend. Packed until the wee hours. Donated a ton of crap and pitched some. In all honesty I think we are in good shape but the apartment looks like a bomb exploded.

I unearthed some things too.

Piles of beaded bracelets. This is just some of them. I found a whole box worth. Some the elastic had broken down. A lot are from H&M and I made some of them too. (the start one is new from Target)

I've ways worn too many bracelets. I'm glad now it's

My Sidekick 2 from 2004

My sidekick

A few years worth of Weight Watcher booklets

That is a few years worth of weight watcher booklets.

We took a break for lunch and errands yesteday. Dropped off the dontations and went for lunch and too a local farm for some strawberries.

Cutie patootie.

Russell orchards

Oh and Dave got to see this.
Stanley cup

How was your weekend? What did you do? What did you eat?
We got corn last night but it wasn't any good. It isn't in season yet so I don't know what I was hoping for. I made kale chips last night. They were quite tasty. Oh I got these too.

I've only had 3 in the 4 days I've had it. I like to make things last. (see drive Dave nutty.) he can't have them so it is all mine to eat at my own pace. If it was something he could have it would be long since gone.


Megan Mae said...

Love the star bracelet! So cute. The strawberries look delish. I was looking at some corn in the grocery. I'm glad I passed it up, because I'm sure it wasn't great.

My weekend was very full and busy. Saw X-men with mom, then spent Saturday thrifting. Sunday we ate lunch with inlaws for father's day, then I went back to my mom's to see my grandfather - for father's day. Loads of walking, shopping, and general busy-bee.

I had Panera on Friday with Mom's homecooking that night. Saturday I made panseared tilapia with parmesan pasta and carrots. Sunday we had Olive Garden for lunch out and Mom made baked herb chicken with white rice and lots of fresh veggies. So much fooood.

Cassykins said...

Those strawberries look amazing! The weekend was fairly tame for me. Matt and I got some yummy ice cream from a local place near his old house (his parents house) and sat out by the Connecticut River for a while. Sunday he went out with his family and grandfather, though, so I just watched a lot of tv. I was so bored I even caught myself up on the new Paris Hilton show. It was that boring of a day.

Cara said...

The forgotten items is one of the reasons I love packing! Still keeping myself from starting too early... my resolve will melt by next week.

This weekend, I had grocery store a la carte butter chicken, since my plans to go out for Indian food were washed out - literally... the roads flooded. Saturday, we had homemade pizza. It's so easy to make that I just can't justify ordering in any more! Sunday I let Scott take over cooking, and we ended up with steak and potatoes. No vegetables. No surprise, we had to make cookies since we were still hungry after we ate!

grace said...

Ooh,I love those beaded bracelets mixed with the leather strap one. It's very hippy-meets-biker.