Monday, June 06, 2011

Trick for using up all of a sample

One thing that really struck me while packing was the sheer amount of samples I have. I mean a LOT. I thought I would share a little trick I like to do to use it up, it isn't anything terribly inventive but hey if it helps just one person... worth sharing eh?

 I am always saving jars when I use them up I like to put  the sample into these little jars so I actually can use the sample multiple times and don't have a little cut package on my sink that spills.You can't really tell how much you like anything after one use so this way you can try it a couple times.

Sample of a body cream

Camera Roll-2202

Old concealer jar

Camera Roll-2203

Throw it in your puse and you have a little jar of hand cream when you need it most. I usually put a label or write on it if I don't think I will remember what it is. This had a pretty distinct smell and texture though so it wasn't necessary.


Lisa said...

Excellent tip!  I always get samples and usually end up losing/wasting them.  Now I won't!

Heather Thornton said...

What a good idea!!

masami said...

good tip!
i puncture all my samples with a pin and squeeze the stuff out slowly over days. that way it doesn't dry up inside the sleeve and it travels well. especially good for eye cream samples. 

Megan Mae said...

That's a great idea. I'll have to keep it in mind.

Andrea said...


Andrea said...