Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I have spoken before to you about ShopNBC and how they really are tapping into the powerful resource of social media to connect with their consumers.
There are so many ways you can interact with them.

*You can subscribe to ShopNBC Twitter page and get instant updates about daily deals.
*Like their Facebook, by visiting the ShopNBC Facebook page. Leave them your feedback or ask questions!
*Don't have a TV? No problem! you can watch ShopNBC anytime on YouTube and see behind the scenes exclusives.

I really enjoy when a company is wise enough to get into social media. Who wants to sit on the phone on hold to speak to customer service when you can quickly post on their Facebook. You are going directly to the source. They can reply when they are available and you aren't sitting on hold for 10 minutes. Win Win!


Kuenz said...

Very cool - it's good to see companies utilizing resources in creative ways. This post caught my eye because I used to work for ShopNBC several years back (it was my high-school/college job). I started out working in the order department, taking over the phone orders, then worked as a customer service rep after that. I bet the Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channel is just as neat for the reps as it is for the customers. Sitting on the phone all day, every day did get a bit monotonous. It would have been nice to have had these options back then! :)

hillary said...

Oh awesome. I worked at Amex concierge I cant imagube how much it would of helped!
I love contacting companies on Facebook and twitter and getting a response in say a few hours. But it took me sec to send it. Cut to the chase.