Friday, June 17, 2011

Pondering more expensive makeup

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Dress Target 2008
Shoes Clarks 2011
Belt Target 2009

This dress is very form fitting in the waist. I have gained a couple since I last wore it. To the point I was super self conscious I might be "squeezing" into something that honeslty didn't fit. That said WOOO it photographs lovely! I'll say it. I just hope the in person is just as nice. I am always uncomfortable in fitted items. Too hyper aware afraid to look squeezing but I am realizing they look better than I think they do.

Really I need my own wind machine or to wear a crinoline because I like it best with a bit of air in it.

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Still working on those Makeup angles. Not my best at show casing it but I really like my makeup today.

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I did a smoky eye with very light shades. You can do it with 2 or 3 soft tans shimmery colors and an eyeliner. I used the Nude Pink palette from Dior. It is very expensive and I couldn't afford normally so I blew a gift card on it. If you want an all in one palette this is a great bet. It has a base and liner in the palette! I wish they threw in mascara and blush for the price. The shadows are very pigmented and silky smooth.

Just somethings to ponder when looking at more expensive makeup. Not that I am telling anymore they should get it, but I am saying don't necessarily dismiss it based solely on price. Do a bit more digging. When people ask for my "angle" for my blog. I say living the fashionable life without going broke in the process. There are deals to be had. My mission is to make them mine!

1. You can TRY IT ON. That means everything to me. I can't tell you how much drugstore stuff I had to pitch because it made me itch, it turned color it just didn't WORK ON ME.

2. Saving up for things makes you think really hard if it something you need. If you are saving for that one nice lipstick it makes you think, Do I really need this? Will I like it in a month? Does this color really work on? I suggest visiting it a few times with different clothes on and try it on. It is an extra layer of protection from buying things you will regret. Also I find things I don't buy on impulse are the ones I tend to reach for more often. I want to get all my value since it was such a "process"

3. Sometimes it isn't necessarily more expensive. I am not trying to compare Dior to MAC but I always love knowing values. If you were to go buy 4 complementary shadows at MAC and a liner, all of which you buy separately it would cost
14.50 by 4= $58 and liner is $15 for a total of $73.
Now you would have a bit more product because you buy all them separately but you aren't supposed to keep makeup forever it isn't hygienic so you might end up wasting some of the product before you use it up. With a palette you might have a better chance of using it up? It's $15 less too. Things you just have to weigh really, waste vs price vs convenience etc. I go out of town every other week sometimes weekly to visit my gram, I LOVE palettes for travel. LOVE LOVE. Multiple looks from one small space.

4. Sales. When a department store is having a sale you can get discounts on fancy makeup. When they have these events for new lines you an make an appointment and they will show you HOW to put it on. I take full advantage of these free sessions they usually are an hour of someone doting on you.. It is rare they try and hard sell. But I am also very up front. I have a budget of X what would I get the most bang for my buck for? I find when you tell them that too and you are grateful and nice they tend to LOAD you up on samples. A "thank you so much for taking the time to show me that" goes really far. Most those sales people can't afford it all either. They want to help you out. If you find the opposite is true? Go to a different company! Seriously! Just move on over to another counter or store. You owe them nothing. I have had places I never went back because of sales pressure. (HELLO BENEFIT) Sephora has great sales periodically as well. Both Sephora and department stores here have sales where you also get a gift with purchase. Check when they are and if that is something you are interested in and wait to buy until them. I used my gift with purchase and gave it with my gram. They were her colors and scents and she loved it! Also not something she'd usually buy. And I can't stress enough GIFT CARDS. They are an excuse to buy the thing you don't want to spend your hard earned money on. That is why people give them aren't they? They want you to pick your own gift. If they give you cash it more says "pay a bill" (in my mind at least)

But really it is a personal decision and going for the more expensive one isn't always the best idea. Sometimes getting the $1 one is best. There are times where I fall in love with something, put it on and on my hand and walk over to CVS and dupe it with ELF or something along those lines.

And an extra just because I like my hair here.

Last Import-45

To give you a tap into why I am the way I am. My mom made sure we never went without. I was not spoiled at all but if there was something I liked my mom would figure out how we could do it ourselves. For example Teriyaki sauce, I LOVED it as a kid. I mean I could go through a bottle a week. She got a cookbook with a recipe so we could make our own. My rich cousins had Izod shirt with the alligators. (this was before the Lacoste Izod change up) and she would buy polos at the thrift store and alligator patches with googly eyes and sew them on them for me. She wasn't trying to copy the fancy. She was making it our own. "How can I do it better" is her manta.

To this day I send her a recipe or an idea or a link to something I like and she helps me figure out how we can do it.  That is where her twirly skirts were born. I wanted more skirts in that shape and I found them so expensive. She drafted a pattern, made us a couple and so many people liked it she decided to start selling them.


grace said...

That dress looks absolutely fantastic. Love it.

And your mom sounds really great.

Between Laundry Days said...

I LOVE that your mom sewed alligator patches to your shirts. That is just too cute.

Also, I love this dress on you. It looks just phenomenal, and is just so "Hillary".

Jess said...

I love that dress on you...especially with the red belt. So cute! Though I'm biased, I wore the same dress for "going away" after my wedding, and on my honeymoon because it was cool (Vegas was HOT even in March) and cute.

Pic here, hopefully the link works

Michelle said...

A)the site looks fantastic. I typically read via Reader and don't get to see how pretty the actual site is. Love it.

B)you look so pretty in that dress.

C)I believe that it IS worth it to spend a bit more as I have a belief that typically the products last longer. etc. The eyeshadows by Dior, chanel, etc. are so beautifully pigmented all you need is a bit, whereas, some of the lower priced products need so.much.more product that you end up using 3 or 4x as much. just my .02.

Happy Friday!

hillary said...

Michelle great point I agree with and forgot to mention. You totally don't have to use as much or reapply.

LR said...

I love your outfit!

And I agree with spending a bit more on good quality eyeshadow/makeup. I use Nars eyeshadow (Night Porter) as an eyeliner as it is so pigmented, and it lasts a long time.

LR said...

p.s. I'm catching up on a ton of blog reading, I'm a few months behind but I really like your dark hair!! I'm toying with going back to light brown (my natural color) for awhile (my hair is red right now) hair is starting to get a little dried out from all the processing I do to it. I will see though.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I need to take advantage of the makeup counter tutorial again, I liked it and haven't done one in forever! I did have a rather bad experience at one just once and I think it put me off. I looked like someone had punched me in the eye. I love that your mom still helps you do it yourself. My mom tries, but fashion is not her thing. She will crochet, paint and sculpt though so I am not complaining (much).
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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