Thursday, June 30, 2011

Nerd love

Camera Roll-2252

Camera Roll-2249

Down to total bottom of the pile literally and metaphorically with my clothing. I haven't worn this hoodie in a very long time. I checked the tags and I got it in 2003. I probably haven't worn it in 5 because it was in the back of Dave's closet. I pulled it out and yelled SCORE. It's terry cloth. Yup. ha. The whole outfit is brown but it is kinda hard to tell here huh?

Skirt Target
Shirt unsure.. Loft?
Hoodie Old Navy
Shoes Clarks

As you may remember way back oh 24 hour ago I posted about it being 15 years for Dave and I being together. I went the romance (nerd) route and got him headphones. He went the nerd (romance) route and got me this lovely ring!

We interrupt this packing bullshit to introduce you to my new lovely! <3 ring!
Wendy Brandes ring

Confused? Maybe this will help. Since technically it's HTML, my site won't let me type it so I had to make you visuals.


Still confused? Lets turn it on its side.

heart 2

Nerd Love! When Wendy Brandes came out with this ring I flipped! internet/text expression of love. How modern age awesome. For our wedding he got me a heart bracelet so it is properly fitting, just modernized.

It also reminds me of something else equally as awesome.


If you don't already ready Wendy's blog you should start. She is talented, highly intelligent, hilarious and foul mouthed. It doesn't get much better. She is also HONEST. Lordy I find honesty so hot. She is a straight shooter. She says what she thinks without being mean about it. She also explains how the process for setting prices works.

Any plans for the weekend?

Our plans are moving and Dave's birthday!

Since we are leaving I can finally tell you about where I live. I have kept that off the blog all these years for our safety. But someone asked if now that we were leaving I could post about it. Sure!  Dave and I spent the past decade in the North End of Boston.

Victory Gardens 006

 Ever see the movie The Town? That was filmed here. It was a great place to live. But it is way too small and way to expensive. It is an Italian neighborhood. We have festivals all summer for different saints.

saints festival

 Parades at all hours! (Even at 1 in the morning)

Neat fun parks where the Central artery used to be that cut our neighborhood off from the rest of the city. (The big dig. You may of heard of it)
When we moved here it was kinda sketchy over there. Now there are gorgeous parks where once was this ugly awful highway people lived under. I'll miss the parks and fountains.

playing in the green way fountain on my way home from work

and faneiul hall and quincy market

walking home it was beautiful so I took my time.

I won't miss these trees I am allergic to though

Not only am I allergic, I kept slipping on them!

We lived by the Paul Revere house!

The british are coming

There was a lot of history on our block. We used to live near the old North church where he did his ride too.

The water right across the street from us.


Random carousels.

Why Boston is fun

and we were right near the Garden

gram's big trip to the city. we took her to the circus.

But it was time to move on. 300 sq feet apt after 7 years was just too small. Also the rent was going up up up. We could still afford it but we didn't WANT TO anymore. We want space. Our new place is about 3 times the square footage. And we will have a parking space! No more moving the car once a month in winter.

I will also miss things like this though.

I would of spelled it cornah

We aren't moving far. Only about 8 miles away. I will still be the same distance from work actually. Just a bit longer commute though.  I won't miss the 200 + Italian restaurants that drew tourists in droves and the fact that Dave couldn't eat in any of them! (too old school, didn't want to adapt. We asked!)

In all honesty though, we didn't take full advantage of where we lived. Mostly because Dave was so busy the past 6 years. We can still come visit and who knows we might use the neighborhood more now. It will be so nice have a  REAL GROCERY STORE now. (We don't have one here) and laundry on site! Opportunities to go more places since we can move the car. The decision made itself really. The biggest plus presented itself this week. My family is coming to visit. ALL OF THEM. Every single member of my immediate family will pass through my doors in a 4 day span. My dad has never come to visit. He asked me last night if he could come for Dave's birthday. Boston was a place of bad memories for my family. My uncle was murdered here in the 70's, before I was born. He was just visiting. Wrong place, wrong time. I think that is what kept them all away. Now they all ASKED to visit. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Expect lots of photos.


D'Rae said...

I knew you lived in Boston, but wasn't sure where in Boston. That is sooo cool! I've always wanted to visit. My roommate in college was from Boston.

I was 18 and she was 28. Weird paring huh? It was my first year and it was her first year in grad school. Why they put us as roomates I will never know. But it was all cool. We used to watch Real World and X Files together and spy on the dorms across the quad together.

Cassykins said...

I've been where you live! Kind of. Ok, I only recognize the Paul Revere house. My mom and I went Boston sightseeing once like 8 years ago. Other than that I avoid Boston (but for me it's just confusion about where I am/where I am going, nothing like why your family doesn't visit) Anyway, good luck with the move and Happy Birthday, Dave!!

Melissa said...

YAY for a new, bigger place!!! That's so exciting and I'm happy for you!

I absolutely adore your skirt, by the way!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Dave!!

I also need to comment on your amaze WB ring. I really love her stuff and that is one of my fave pieces. You certainly have a keeper in that one ;)

Good luck with the move - I know how trying and incredibly annoying moving is but it sounds like y'all are moving to a mush more suitable homestead. ♥

Lisa said...

I love the North End, what an awesome place to live. I hope you enjoy all the room in your new place. We just moved out of Boston, and there are definitely things I miss about it.

By the way, I adore that ring.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Dude, we literally lived around the corner from each other. While I LOVED living in the North End for two years, I do not miss the hordes of tourists making it impossible to walk down Hanover, although there was something about hearing a brass band play 'O Sole Mio' at all hours of the night during the festivals. I never even asked any Italian restaurants about GF eating - I just assumed the answer would be no. And also? A REAL GROCERY STORE! It changes your life. Good luck with the move, happy birthday to Dave, and I LOVE that WB ring he got you! What a man...

Dave77459 said...

You guys are so awesome together, and the ring is a super wonderful gift.

Thank you for sharing your 'hood. Oh, and the blog, where I wandered down rabbit holes as if I had ADD.

I am off today and Monday, and my baby is flying in. I'm so happy!

hillary said...

Dave does she have a ticket for an aeroplane? Ain't got time for a fast train?

hillary said...

@chalkdust. We have been here 9 years. So over the tourists. So over.

DanaElayne said...

I've walked all over the streets where you the last six years even. For all I know I could have passed you on the trips Mark and I have made up there. How awesome!

I'm guessing that you were living in the neighborhood that always SMELLED so good. Mark and I have always said that if we had unlimited funds...Boston or Salem is where we'd move :)

tina said...

I have that ring as well and I love it!!!!!Wendy rocks!

WendyB said...

So happy you're happy with the ring! And thanks for the compliments, I'm blushing!

Mahmuda Hamid said...

The ring looks beautiful. Its suite on your finger.
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