Thursday, June 23, 2011

And the sign says "Long-haired freaky people need not apply"


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Dave has an event at his office after work. I wanted something I could go from work to his office in. I didn't end up going to the other event on Tuesday I wasn't feeling well. I brought red lipstick to put on before I get there. I just felt a big too costume at work with it today. There is a lot of walking involved so I couldn't wear the shoes I would of wanted. But they were packed too so it didn't really matter.

makeup 6.23.11

What I am doing with my hair is a near constant battle. (I know repeat repeat) Today was one of those days. The "WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING WITH IT" days. I have never had long hair like this before. I always had a bob. I said for years "I want to grow it out" In 2007 after a traumatic haircut. (well it felt traumatic at the time)

hair cut I hated

(yes it looks nice here straight from the salon. It never ever laid like that again. It made my face look large from the front, it was poofy and didn't lay nicely. I enjoy a bob on me just not THAT ONE. Also it was shaved in the back. A good 5 inches shorter in the back than we agreed upon. Seriously. She turned me around so I didn't see her do it)

This one I liked. But then the guy who did it disappeared!

gots my hair did.

Four very long years later and it is the longest it has ever been.

I liked this one too. Maybe I should take this to salon if I decide to cut it again. It is really perfect in my mind. Soft layers, heavy bangs.

Always had bangs

hair 6.23.11

There is a fine line between long and nice and long and reh. You know scraggly, horsey. I had it trimmed recently because it was heading into horsey territory. I always thought long hair was so covetable. In our house we had lots of Alphonse Mucha framed prints and in them the ladies always had long beautiful red hair.

Savonnerie de Bagnolet 1897 (my personal favorite print)

Summer 1896

We had all the season prints and a few others scattered about the house. That to me was what I wanted to be.

John William Waterhouse was another favorite for his despiction of long haired lovely ladies. I had this one in my room.

Lady of Shalott 1888

I also LOVE the Mermaid 1901

Miranda from 1916

People in my life have lots of opinions on my hair. (opinions are like kittens always giving them away?)  But the day before Pop died unexpectedly, gram was picking on my hair saying how it used to be so much nicer and her favorite is when it was all cut off. Pop said kinda uncharacteristically "You know what my favorite is? Your hair right now" Is it an emotional attachment for me at this point? Probably. It is on my head though so ultimately my opinion is the only one that matters. I just can't decide what that opinion is!

Major downside to the length. Coloring it is impossible. Ungodly expensive to have done, hard as hell to do myself even with help. That is why it is a 3 month old dye job at this point. I am not sure what to do. Thinking of hanging out outside a salon and making friends with a colorist who wants to practice.
All art images are from Wikipedia


Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I've had both very long and very short hair. I love short hair in the summer, and now that I am lucky to be able to even get a shower because of my son. Who is kicking me as I type this. Your hair is lovely long and I like the dark color with your eyes.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

Bernadette said...

we have 4 or 5 framed mucha prints up in our house & every year I get a mucha calendar. I have long hair & a friend sent me that mermaid pic a few years ago when my hair approached (& went beyond) the horsey stage! I was trying to grow it to my knees but it kind of stopped at upper thigh..I keep it to lower back length now & it's more manageable as well as still "covetable".

hillary said...

I promised Dave I would stop before it was long enough to sit on.

grace said...

You are right that ultimately it's your hair and all that matters is how you feel about it. That said, I absolutely LOVE it right now. It's seriously perfect.

Megan Mae said...

I love your long hair, but also love your hair cut in your kid photo. I think it would look amazingly chic if you had it like that now. Hair is such a personal thing though, I say go with what makes you happy.

The prints and paintings are gorgeous. Amazingly inspirational.

Cassykins said...

Pretty! Actually I was thinking about how cranky my long hair has been making me today when the lady drawing my blood got it all kinds of caught in the tourniquet thingy. She was worried about me freaking about getting stuck with the needle (which I don't mind needles, but I DO mind my head being dragged everywhere my arm is pulled)

julie mack said...

I love your hair both ways (& totally remember your bob! oh w_r<3).

If you're hunting for a steal of a dye job, check out your <a href=">craigslist</a> and search for hair model. It will be done by a student with a veteran stylist/instructor watching over you like a hawk. It might take a little longer time-wise since they're newbs but overall pretty good deal (mostly you just need to tip them or pay for the actual dye). Another option, that is similar, is to find your local cosmetology school, who also will need hair models. Sneaky sneaky! I know this because I used to have to post those ads for one of my old jobs (a receptionist at a hair salon!). But maybe you've tried this option already?

Cara said...

I think the longest my hair ever got was about 3-4 inches shorter than yours now. Fortunately, I have very thin hair, so it was never really that heavy. However, I was surprised when I got about a foot cut off of it and it felt lighter. I can't imagine how much your hair must weigh! I do love it though!

Robin said...

I kinda adore that hair color for you! It's a gorgeous contrast to your eyes! I get the whole not wanting to color your hair thing. Unfortunately, the last time I went to a salon it was faded within a week and a half. started using foam color which does an EXCELLENT job of keeping my hair red. Two boxes for long hair, about 30 minutes spent on applying it.

PS- I love that someone else digs Mucha.

hillary said...

@rObin the last time I colored it I needed 3 boxes. I wish this haircolor was easily dupeable. It's 3 months faded over dyed highlights so it has lighter bits. The kid picture is what my natural color is. My mom is a hairdresser and I plan to pick her brain next time we are in same state.

@Julie I should of thought of that. I used to be that hair model! In elementary school when my mom went to beauty school they'd use me to practice!

@cara I've lost a LOT this year. Clumps and clumps. It feels thin to me but its hot as hell.