Monday, June 06, 2011




Necklace Banana Republic
Shirt Target
Jeans  shoes Gap
Sweater H&M

Superhero? It was really windy. I hadn't had coffee....



Camera Roll-2162

Shirt, sweater Target
Jeans Gap
Shoes Clarks
Purse Coach
Sunglasses Kate Spade

My coat matched too.

Camera Roll-2172

I am on day 15 of my Shellac manicure


Holding up well. I only have one chip and it is where I broke a nail prior to shellac and she had covered over it. A fault line if you will.


Wearing polka dots again. Friday was cotton and brown today is chiffon and black. Totally different. OK not really but eh. I am in a total rut.


Shirt Loft
Pants H&M
Shoes sweater Target
Bracelets H&M, black one from college and  Tiffany heart



Soft pink and grey purple on eyes. Dark purple shadow as liner. Burgundy liner on just outer 1/3 of eye then moss green liner on inner line on lower lid. Peach and pink blush mixes and a sheer mauve gloss. Oh and brown shadow on brows.





How was your weekend?

Saturday we went out on a reconnaissance mission looking for ideas for our new place. Sunday we packed. ALL DAY. Didn't make a dent. I got an impromptu makeover at a Dior counter. I was walking by towards the store enterance and the woman stopped me. I said no, Dave said yes. That's where I got the idea for today's look. It was nice, she taught me step by step and no sales pitch AT ALL. She suggested the two liners which I had never done. I had similar stuff already too which was nice so I could recreate it. She was a traveling artist so she didn't make commission. Score.


Cassykins said...

Most definitely! Teddy has ever so kindly hid one of every pair of shoes I own under my couch. He also keeps dragging around a poster I have rolled up around the room (he hasn't figured out where he wants to stash it yet) Hopefully he'll be able to go back into the big cage with our other ferret soon. I'll miss him being in my room, but will appreciate not having to crawl on my floor looking for my second shoe every morning.

byhillary said...

agreed they are AWESOME and so damn cute

byhillary said...

thanks :)

byhillary said...

thank you! total score! They are wedges from a few years ago .

byhillary said...

I hear they are naughty little critters. ha. I also hear they like to hide things. Is that true?

Megan Mae said...

Lovelove your Saturday outfit. It's so cute and cool. Those black and white pumps(?) are also really cute.

My weekend was pretty great, aside from getting rained on. Scored two different designer pieces from the thrift store. It always feels extra special when I find those type of pieces.

Cassykins said...

Always time for a makeover at the counter! I haven't gotten one myself in foreeeever. I get so worried about one counter getting all preachy about their brand (and I love a rainbow of companies, lol) but your experience sounds awesome. 
I did some fun makeup over the weekend and took some pictures, but then my ferret proceeded to pull my camera off the dresser and now it may or may not be dead. It was just one of a chain of misfortunes that began my Saturday. Thankfully it went uphill for the rest of the weekend, though, lol.

bernadette foster said...

I like pixiwoo for awesome makeup tutorials

byhillary said...

which one? I have a few on here.

jhkm22 said...

What color/brand is your lipstick? That looks fantastic on you?  Also, a big a fan of the Shellac manicure.  I will never go back to the regular manicure.

byhillary said...

search youtube for tutorials. I wouldn't be able to teach you even if I was close. I just watch videos on my iphone and try and copy it. Also stopping at a makeup counter for a free application and ask if they can explain as you go along. I bring a photo and say "can you show me how to do this" usually takes 15 -20 mins and you get learned for free.

Melissa said...

I've been doing the shellac thing too, I really love it. Except the girl that does my nails is dropping down to a few days in the middle of the week when I can't get there and now I have to find someone else WAH!

I love those wedges! Someday you need to come teach me how to play with make-up. I do the same thing every single day because I don't know how on earth to experiment. I'm pathetic.

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bernadette foster said...

love those shoes of course