Tuesday, June 28, 2011


BAH blogger ate my original post.

Woo. Been MIA. Between packing and being sick I just haven't been able to finish anything this week. I packed most my clothes and apparently also my camera. It appears everything I didn't pack is either, blue, red, white or black. So here are two outfits in that color palette. I ended up going to the emergency walk in on Sunday. I have some antibiotics and hopefully will start to feel halfway human again soon.

Yesterday I wore this.

Camera Roll-2183

I put red lip gloss on for the photos because I looked a bit unwell. I think instead I looked a bit unwell with red lips. Eh can't win them all. Since I was stuck with ifone pics I tried doing some instagram details. I JUST CAN'T STOP USING IT. Everything looks better with an aged effect. No seriously go take a picture of a banana with it and suddenly it looks cool. (I say banana because I hate bananas. I had banana gas when I had surgery as a kid. *shivers*)

Camera Roll-2219

Dress Gap 2008
Dankso sandals 2009

Camera Roll-2211

Camera Roll-2207

Camera Roll-2200

Got my 3rd Shellac manicure. This is Rock Royalty. I knew my nails would get trashed packing and cleaning so I figured it was a great time to get one. (taken in sunlight)

Camera Roll-2137

Day 4 of chemicals and water and packing. (taken indoors)

Camera Roll-2189

Waffle and Daisyboo have been big helps this weekend. (shakes head) Waffle keeps packing herself. I have a couple photos of her doing this in different boxes.

Came home and found kitten had packed herself, again

I found my necklace after it being missing the past two years. It had fallen behing a bookcase. I don't think the lovely lady that makes them makes this exact style anymore.

How was your weekend? How is your week?


Cassykins said...

Feel better soon! For the record, I don't think you look all that unwell (I'm not saying you're not sick, you just look OK while doing it) Also, thank you for making my day with the picture of Waffle packing herself. If I were to move, I hope my pets would be so helpful.

Michelle said...

Aww, Hillary, I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. I hope you get over the bug soon. Looooooooooove the necklace, btw. It's fantastic!! ♥

hillary said...

thanks guys. It is my kidneys. FUN TIMES. YOUCH.

rlutz said...

Love your new nail color...hope you feel better soon!!!

grace said...

Sick or no, you look great. I love the necklace and your pedicure!

Good luck with the move!

Cara said...

Kidneys? Eeek! That's not good! Make sure the kitties give you extra love!

I love the necklace! That's my kind of bad-assery!

As for moving & maintaining a wardrobe... any dos or don'ts to pass along? I'll be living without my full wardrobe for a month.

hillary said...

Cara yes! Something I did accidentally. Stick to a color palette. Mine was navy, black, red and white. Shoes were too. That way you know everything matches everything else. Also only leave out comfy shoes. Dressy, casual, causal nice and sandals.

Don't leave out brown shoes if you only have black etc. I actually used to have to pack for a month every year (split custody) also lots of light layers and scarves. Big sweaters take up a ton of room but a few light layers are more versatile.

Do the same with jewelry if you wear it often. Couple matching pairs of things.

Megan Mae said...

Feel better soon! At least Waffle is trying to pack herself up for you. She's helping, really. ;D

My week is busybee. I finally got to go swimming. Fun times.

Lorena said...

How cute is that ?!!! Waffle keeps packing herself !!!

Cara said...

Awesome! I'll definitely remember that! Thanks!

Lisa said...

I hope you feel better soon. I don't think you look unwell at all. Maybe it is the red lipstick. My grandmother used to wear red lipstick all the time, and her solution to many of life's problems was to put on more lipstick (or have a glass of water . . . then put on lipstick).

Good luck with your packing/moving! We just finished doing those activities, it will be such a relief when it's over.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon!

Also, we have the exact same nails right now!! :)