Thursday, June 02, 2011



Nothing fancy. Shirt and pants. Got dressed and did my hair and makeup in 20 minutes. Got to work super early though so score! Hello leaving 20 minutes early.
Shirt Target
Cami, scarf, sweater, bangle H&M
Earrings I made
Jeans Sever for all Mankind Dojo
Sandals gift from TJMaxx they are Born. So comfy.
Necklace Mark
For my insanely cold office.

sweater and scarf 6.2.11

Whenever I TRY to take photos that I intend to line up. It never works. But I excel at the happy accidents where two different shots just happen to. Go me! Not totally dead on but nice and creepy!


Purple liquid liner, grey and light pink shadow, shimmer pink in corners, purple mascara, peach blush and a soft pink lip gloss. I haven't worn foundation in a very long time and I just have to rave for a minute about the mineralize skinfinish again. Just this one. I have tried a ton of powders, heck a ton of MAC this is the only one I liked. Ihate Bare Essentials mineral foundations.Hate. I don't like to use hate often but man that is how much I dislike it. It never looked good on me. Didn't matter who or how it was applied. This one though is made from crushed unicorn horn and it just is so nice. I started using it on a rec from a makeup artist back in October and I have totally converted to just it. I know a lot of other bloggers also are devoted to it. Don't use a sponge use a big fluffy brush. The I spray Fix + over it for a nice glow. Keep in mind not everything works for everyone. I have a friend who uses Stuiofix and she looks amazing. I looked so awful it was comical. Seriously Leland my old MAC guy laughed and said no way are you walking out in that. I think freckles is a big factor in how well powders work. Cover them up and you look off.


The birthday girl got a mini corn muffin with corn in it. Yes made just for her. Well I might of had some with molasses. (She licked it and took a couple bites)


I ripped it open. Normally she has no problem ripping things open, whether they are in a package on the fridge or not but she was being shy.


She LOVES corn. Turns herself inside out screaming for it loves it. It is the first ingredient in her food so maybe that is how she knew she loved it? (she is on the same rx food Daisyboo is because it was the only way we could get daisy to eat it) . It was weird that one day we opened a can and she started screaming. She'd never had it but she KNEW she wanted it.

Daisyboo was offered a muffie too. She sniffed it and walked away. She has no interest in human food at all. I wish she'd teach Waffle that. Waffle will steal food. She has no boundries. She will run up and smack it off your plate mid meal.The vet said some cats are just like that. She isn't allowed to eat most things she steals though. I am hyperscaredy catmama.

Dave is home with the flu or I would of sent a bunch of muffies to work for Waffle's brothers and sisters. People at work have 5 of them. Tuesday was our 2 kitty niece's 2nd birthdays as well. Ivy and Moon. It was a good 24 hours for kittens to be born!


byhillary said...

Waffle goes ape for frosting and sugar cookies so no one told her that either!

Megan Mae said...

That dusty purple color is great on you! A cute casual outfit that's just right.

Lol! Your kitties make me laugh. Have I told you about Gomez, my mom and my old cat (who now lives with my grandparents)? He was obsessed with olives as a kitten... but that was nothing compared to his donut obsession. I brought Mom home a Krispy Kreme donut one night, and she picked it up out of the box to take a bite. Gomez ran up, grabbed her hand, and starting chowing down on it. He ate about half of it before Mom could stop laughing long enough to take it away.

The oddest thing - cats aren't supposed to be able to taste sugar/sweet things. Crazy kitties.

Hope Dave feels better.

Cyn said...

The earrings you made are very pretty!  Oh, and I agree at Bare Minerals.  I've tried the regular, the matte, with and without the mineral veil- it all looks terrible, shiny, and streaky on me.   Bleh.

Your kitty is silly- corn.  My aunt used to have a cat that would eat anything- veggies, peaches, but he heated sausage.  Cats are strange. 

byhillary said...

Oh crap! I didn't thinkni knew anyone there anymore. Glad you all are ok

Laniza said...

Glad to hear that the tornado didn't hit you.  We got hit, badly. Luckily, my family and I are okay but chunks of the city (Spfld) are gone.  My school (I'm a teacher) is closed for the rest of the week... I've never seen anything like it!

Cara said...

Phew - you survived the night!! I've never had our TV channels up here pre-empt so much TV for weather coverage.
I love how you look so relaxed and yet pulled together!

byhillary said...

yeah waffle has ruined more than one pan of muffins. i always wore that she licked the ones she didnt eat.

babbling brooke said...

Happy Birthday to your kitty!!  That is so funny she likes corn muffins!!  I remember years ago when I lived with my parents I made cornbread and one of their cats, Buttercup, jumped on the counter and ate the tops off half of my muffins!  So I guess she's a corn lover like your kitty :) haha.  Loving the outfit - and getting to work 20 mins early is ALWAYS awesome!

byhillary said...

it was wicked scary. we got the storm but not the tornado thankfully. south of us.

byhillary said...

that was what I said. I wanted tops that weren't tshirts. this one is very lightweight. it needs a cami but its so nice and airy

spygrl1 said...

I had a cat once who would even smack broccoli off your plate -- not to eat, but just for the thrill of the hunt, I guess. Now I have one that will sometimes be tempted by fish or butter and another who will not each any people food and will not even eat moist cat food! She is immune to all goodies and treats.

love your purple top! I still need to go shopping for more summery feminine tops. I do not want to wear T-shirts all summer!

McQ said...

I love the 7 dojos - I quite literally have 4 pairs of the same exact jeans hemmed at various lengths.  I'm a shorty too and they are one of the most flattering cuts on me.  You look great today and I never would have known you flew out of the house in less than 1/2 an hour.  I was actually thinking of you yesterday when the tornadoes hit Mass. SCARY!!