Wednesday, June 15, 2011


IMG_5925 this one?

Shirt Loft 2008
Vest H&M 2006
7 for all Mankind Dojo 211
Shoes Clarks
Earrings from my dad one year for Christmas
Watch 2008 Michael Kors
Ring 2007 High Gear

earrings from dad 6.15.11


ring and nails 6.15.11

Phase 2 of the blog redesign posted last night. Something I wanted for a very long time. More uniform fonts on the site. Next to the header in particular.  It was harder to do than I expected. Luckily I married a man who went to school for Graphic Design (the first time he was in school) He also tweaked a bunch of others. He didn't like the all caps default for widgets. He said it wasn't me. (Along with the header, because as you can see back in 2002 when I started byhillary it was all lower case) There are still some more changes to come but as long as the broken stuff is fixed (which it now is) I am not on a time period to do it all. Design works takes a long time. My knowledge base is basically old technology and I get totally stuck in corners now trying to do things. I could change that and I probably should.


Anonymous said...

Love your rings, and your fun leopard print manicure. The blog design is coming along great.

grace said...

Ooh, I really love your hair in this post. The color is is right now is smashing and the slightly curly ends are fantastic.

hillary said...

@grace I wish I knew how to duplicate it. Get highlights in October, let it grow until March, dedide you can't take it anymore and then dye it all temporary dark brown then let it wash out for three months. Sounds easy enough?!

Emily B. said...

I like all the changes so far! I keep reading but you know I have been sporadic about commenting --- but I just had to say your hair is getting so long and I am SO JEALOUS. If I didn't like you so much I would be hissing with jealous spite.

Megan Mae said...

Cuuute vest! And those tiny ladybug earrings are adorable. Love the steampunky watch, too.

The new blog looks great. I can't wait until I can really customize mine. Need to look into that further than I have.

hillary said...

Crying a little. It's an automatic watch. Traditional watch design. Steampunk just ripped it off and faked it. I mean I enjoy the genre but it really just took on something that already was awesome.

hillary said...

oh and I am just being a smartass.

Between Laundry Days said...

Watch is awesome. Hair is awesome. Outfit is awesome. Awesome job, Hillary! :)

Cara said...

I feel like I accidentally walked into an unintentional EBEW - you, Londyn and I are all sporting vests today!!

rlutz said...

Loving the new blog look!! Great how you styled the vest. Your hair is looking especially awesome today...I am so jealous of the length!

Brooke said...