Tuesday, June 14, 2011


You may of already of noticed byhillary has been undergoing a little corrective surgery. It is not even close to finished but I wanted to fix a problem that needed immediate attention and the rest is going to take some time. My template was broken. It was custom and it was having issues. Now that the template is fixed the rest will be rolling out as it is completed. If I had waited until we could redo the whole site, it would of had to of come down for a few weeks so bear with me as I transition. My old posts will display funny, I have no plans to go back and fix each one. You can still see the words and pictures so that works for me. At least now my site is mobile! Welcome to 2 years ago! woo.
(see all the past designs here.)

This weekend I started back up after a 28 week break it told me)  using Instagram an iPhone app that makes you pictures look old. I know the irony. A PHONE that has an app to make pictures look old. yup. I never use it as an actual phone. Seriously. Everything is cyclical right?

Bored in car in VIP parking lot
By the end of my week my purse is a war zoneOriginally plant at Dave's childhood house. Then dad clipped it and it's grown at his house and clipped for me and gramDad and Davehanging out at heather's new placegram giving the insurance company a what forgram's button makergram's sewing machinegram's living room

We went to see gram on Saturday. That night we went to see my dad while the men worked on our car and we lady fold talked in the kitchen. (we didn't cook though!) Dad and Dave fixed our car in 2 hours for under $10. Yeah! I love having a dad that knows how to just DO THINGS. Apparently a spark plug had just completely broke. Snapped. Sunday we went to see Dave's sisters new place. SO CUTE. She is now a NH resident. Seeing her more than once a year will be fun. She is going to be the new pediatrician in town. She also was moved professionally so we have ton of her fancy professional moving boxes and they are already labeled with room and our name! None of the mismatch box action for us. (We once were yelled at by a mover for our box situation.)

How was your weekend?


byhillary said...

Thanks that is my gram's

byhillary said...

Yes. I added a second column so something had to give. I used to just have a right column. I wanted to add ads but didn't want to muck up content. I couldn't go mobile. Dave had custom built it and it was totally broken and unfixable without rebuilding so we went with a blogger template they let me tweak to my hearts content. yeah on seeing your parents.

Dave2 said...

The template looks more narrow, or is it just me?  I hope it works out for you.

This past weekend I went to Michigan to work on my brother's roof as a surprise.  He is a pastor, and this was the parsonage.  Happily, it rained!  So I got credit for making a huge effort but didn't have to work!  And I saw my elderly parents, so it was a total win. :)

RANT Robbins said...

I love the picture of the sewing maching! <3


byhillary said...

Yeah exactly. We moved in 4 days too. It was not a fun move. We didn't hire them someone did it for us. They berated us on our choice of boxes and how they didn't fit uniformly and how they had to charge us extra because they didn't fit right. oh man. not fun. It was cross country too.

Melissa said...

Okay, if you're paying a mover to move you, they can't yell at you unless THEY provide you the boxes THEY would like to move. Geez.

I love instagram! It makes me happy. :)

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

hillary said...

It was free. The framework template is blogger and Dave did the rest. I highly recommend the blogger templates you can tweak them to your hearts desire and use your own background and images. Like the header Dave made from a photo and then he faked the balloon in illustrator. You should use your drawings! Have them be catagories and stuff!

hillary said...

I'm liking the layout so far. I generally like to change things up every 4 months or so. I'm considering getting a custom layout made (or pushing Hubs to hurry up and learn his web design stuff). Did you pay for yours/Was it worth it?

My weekend was alright, aside from the nerve pain in my shoulder. It cropped up around Friday and is still sucking this week. I did manage to get some furniture moved around and have a clothing rack for skirts and dresses! Thankful to D there, since he did all the heavy lifting while I said where things went.

Amanda C said...

I agree with Melissa! Though having nice boxes definitely makes things go a lot smoother. Have fun packing :)

hillary said...

Ok in transfering comments some things have got messed up. Sorry guys