Friday, June 10, 2011



I forgot the shoes I was going to wear with this at home! doh. These were my "commuting" shoes. Oh well. I had gold flats under my desk I put on after this. I like to take a theme too far. The shirt has yellow on it. Yellow hair tie, yellow hair bobble, black and gold hoodie, gold shoes, black pants. If I had gold earrings I would of worn those too.



Pants Gap
Shoes Born
Hoodie and shirt H&M
Hair bobble I had a few questions on these. These are from when I was a kid but I know they still make them, I saw a little girl on T wearing some. I think it is like $2 for a pack of 10 different colors. Snatch some up and throw them in your pony to make it "fancy" is what I say.

The hoodie is a kids. I am obviously a grown woman squeezing myself into a child's sweater. It doesn't fit but I convinced myself a few years ago I could "get away with it" because I had to have it. I know I am closer to 35 than I am to 15 but eh, sometimes you just have to go with what you LIKE over what looks best?

I do like some younger things but in general I would say in general I am not a childish person. (SHUT UP FAMILY) I like whimsical things I think is a good way to describe me. I do like Hello Kitty and have for 30 years. I don't actively collect anymore. If I see something I like I might get it but I don't seek it out anymore. It is so readily available and isn't a hunt like it used to be. My mechanical pencil at work is Hello Kitty. I've had it for... well it's from an ex (which I didn't even remember that fact until just this minute trying to remember where I got it. ) and I've been with Dave 15 years so I've had it at least that long.

Camera Roll-2183

The pen is from out last trip to Disney World. I decided that on vacations I would get something small and fun instead of say a shirt I wouldn't wear or a knickknack I had to dust. Pens are great for that. Magnets too. I will say no one ever takes my pen at work. I would just walk over and snatch it back as it is obviously "hillary's" (Kids in the hall? eh?)

When I was in high school there were only two places in 30 miles that you could even get Hello Kitty to where I lived in Homestead. My mom would stop at the mall in Coral Gables (??) just so I could run in to the one store that had a small lucite display of Sanrio. The Falls had a store too. A stationary store with the same small clear display. I swear they made it all clear so kids could see everything and beg their parents for stuff on the top shelf. Now you can get Hello kitty everything at Target and it just isn't as much fun as it was 20 years ago. I like the hunt. It was always special when someone gave you something kitty because you know they SEEKED it out for you.

Anything you seek out?

I like those tiny license plates from different states with my name on them. Nothing ever has my name on it and if it does it isn't spelled right so those are fun. Also always looking for the perfect I just ate a popsicle lip color.

So I said all that above about how I am not overly into kid things... Oy yeah WALKING CONTRACTION I am. (see video)


Cara said...

My name is never on anything ever, either!  My mom sometimes calls ahead and custom orders something, but she's done it often enough that I'm on to her.  And if Hello Kitty hoodies make you happy, and Mickey pens make you smile, I see no reason to feel bound by age!  Go you!

Marie said...

I have always loved Hello Kitty! I have a boy so I guess I can't blame seeking her out on him. I just think she's super cute, but I love her best without the rhinestones and bling she has today. That jacket is precious!

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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Megan Mae said...

I love your hello kitty stuff. I used to carry bags from Sanrio, and I still send "cute mail" to my penpals. I agree with Michelle, I like the cropped pants on you.

I'm currently on a sci-fi kick. I've been searching all over etsy for retro-scifi stuff. I'm trying hard not to start collecting star trek stuff, but I have inherited some of my mom's collectables and bits and bobs from her convention days.

byhillary said...

you are right you haven't a friend used to go on and on about how much he hated them on me so I avoided them. havent seen him in awhile so i am trying them out slowly. ha.

Michelle Clark Quinn said...

You always have the cutest "toys" and accessories.  I, too, like to take a theme to the edge and rock the matchy/matchy look.  I'm digging this look on you - I don't think I've seen you in a lot of crops/capris (or maybe I'm just blanking?)  Have a fab weekend!!

byhillary said...

My hair only became long enogh recently so I got me some braiding learning. I don't know why more don't do it. It is a bit fumbly but it is easy to do.

Fashionflirt said...

I love your fish tail. Fantastic. You rarely see them anymore, and it's too bad. They're so gorgeous and unique and funky and unique and all those wonderful things. I'm also a big fan of the Hello Kitty hoodie! Too cute, but it doesn't look too cutesy the way you've styled it. Brava!

EvaNadine said...

every time i see Hello Kitty stuff in the store, i have to stop myself from buying it all for you -- may as well call it Hello Hillary!

byhillary said...

yes please. Also fun nicknames are always welcome. I don't like Hilly though.