Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A reader wrote in about my brows the other day with attached potatoshop images. I thought I would show/try something.

I wasn't born with much in terms of brows and there is no arch to speak up nor can be be faked very well. (Irish roots but not black Irish apparently. I got Greek in there too but that must be sleeping)


 I have them waxed and I always make the waxers nervous about how much to take since I don't have a lot. I try difrerent thing with them, gel, pencil, shadow. But mostly I don't like dark brows on me because it doesn't look like me. Maybe cause like I said I don't have it naturally. I've had countless makeup artists try things on me and to have most agree that something between "done" and left alone works best on my features.

So I attempted what was suggested but only as far as I felt normal. I did them once and they were way too much and wiped off and this was my second attempt. Who doesn't feel off walking around with something on their face they aren't used to?

my bangs are driving me nuts in this image. urk.
I wish my brows  looked like Julie Mack. Maybe one day I will work up to it. (warning girl crush inducing)

Ok now that I have throughly confused (friend not husband) Dave H. Lets get on with the show!


Jacket Target 2011
Pants H&M 2009
Shoes Nine West 2010
Shirt H&M 2011
Cami H&M 2008
Necklace Etsy Orangeyred ink
We went to Target for a tape gun and paper towels and Dave found this little sweatshirt. He called it "fancy sweatshirt"


Perfect for summer and my freezing office. I already mentally packed it for my summer vacation which is still two months away.

Makeup sans glasses. (the above photo doesn't count for makeup. I don't like it for the makeup detail but it showed brows best. I'm fussy)
 Hot pink blush Dollymix from MAC, Bronze liquid liner also MAC, Paris lipstick by Chanel, Black mascara, White eyeshadow and a soft pink under brows. Oh brows is Benefit brow box thing, whatever it's called. It has some witty name.


Makeup with glasses.


Shoes. Totally not awkward, no.


Ring and Shellac update. Day 8. Still going strong. The ring is Marc Jacobs perfume ring Lola. My inlaws got it for me for Christmas a year ago. I was so surprised because I was't sure she knew who Marc was or that he was my boyfriend, something my husband, her son is OK with.


Anything exciting planned for this week?

I haven't done this in awhile so if you have a blog could you please post a link to it in the comments so I can make sure I check it out and get to know all you better. (don't tell me where I can find a link, post the link please. People do that. They go to effort to tell me to go to their profile when they could of just posted a link)


byhillary said...


Kristen said...

Ha, I got the same fancy sweatshirt last week -- one in white and one in blue. They're so easy and comfortable.

byhillary said...

Added! Thanks

byhillary said...

I've told makeup artists multiple times "make me china doll but less scary"

Julie Mack said...

Aw— you're a sweetheart for linking to my crazy eyebrows.  Due to the natural unibrow—I have a lot (too much?) to work with. I really like your eyebrows both ways as well. The first picture— your features look like a little China doll with less makeup & I really like the strong brow you've got going on today. <3 eyebrows. There's a crazy geometry to it; I've still been meaning to draw it up.

Amanda Ceccarelli said...

I rarely comment but I read every post in my google reader :)


Just random stuff about where I live, what I'm eating, and the occasional picture of my cats.

byhillary said...

Thank you! Her necklaces are all custom for around $20!

Rlutz said...

I would have never guessed that your brown were so naturally light, you do such a great job with them.  Love those cropped pants with the great heels.  I am in lust with that cool necklace.

byhillary said...

No. Who are you? ;)

byhillary said...

Ooh I want some watermelon and salt!

Megan Mae said...

I think you have really pretty brows. Mine are half blond, half black hairs.  I wish they were darker, but I'm happy with the shape.

I love the tattoo necklace with the vaguely sailor-esque top.

The most exciting thing for this week is my challenge going on at my blog. It's fruits week! Other than that, it's full of errands and job hunting. I am trying to find free/cheap local events going on though. At the very least, I might try to convince the Hubs to take me to the Saturday art crawl again this weekend.

I'm sure you have my blog link but here it is anyway: http://www.meganmaedaily.com/

byhillary said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Cassykins said...

The brows look good! I have invisibrow myself, so I feel you. It depends how heavy my makeup is going to be whether or not I put color on them. You have a great shape, though, and I like them both ways (maybe it's just the redhead in me commiserates and has grown to love the natural color)  Anyway! Nothing planned for this week really. Matt's grandma just passed away today, so we're just playing everything by ear (not that we would be doing anything super exciting anyway)

My blog (though I know you know how to find me!) : http://cassykinsvstheworld.blogspot.com/
It's not making it far off the ground (I have only managed to LOSE one follower in the past month, lol) but I still plug away and have fun with it.

byhillary said...

People look weird without them though. My aunt doesn't have any and I'm always like "what's different"

Cara said...

 I find eyebrows tricky. Mine constantly un-arrange themselves. I've tried trimming, gel, hairspray, vaseline, you name it! I love seeing other's eyebrows but at the same time wouldn't mind if they just didn't exist. Ever.

byhillary said...

Thank you! Mine are black and blue (Tiffany blue)

byhillary said...

There is a little piece of my bangs that isn't laying right in that picture and it's driving me

Dave2 said...

You are right, I am confused.  But I reckon you want more brows.  The Julie Mack photo that you linked are quite striking, and I can see why you would crush her.  I'm no expert, but I like her lips too.  Your lipstick is great today.

The mention of your bangs is puzzling, but also reminded me that I heard girls talking about Hillary Scott's bangs.  I went to look and was amazed to learn that Hillary Scott is the name of a porn actress... and also a member of  country group Lady Antebellum, who got some amazing bangs recently.  (I need to enable safe search, obviously.)  But you have had great bangs since before they were cool.  Your whole life, right?

Birdie S-W said...

I love the shellac, it lasted 23 days for me once! I really like your glasses btw, I'm looking for a new pair myself, and I'm loving the black and white (my current pair= copper cat eyes lol) my blog is http://anaughtylibrarian.blogspot.com 

byhillary said...

Why would it be crazy it's what I liked on myself.

V said...

hi! i have a blog: http://www.itsvann.blogspot.com
i read about your shellac adventures, so i bought a groupon to try it out :) Stoked!
ps, call me crazy i like your eyebrows dark like in the 2nd pic!

D'Rae said...

but you already know me....

byhillary said...

bernadette foster ha! Jessica Fritsche I have a ton of reds and it is my fave. A tish drying but not too much. Has a bit of berry tone to it. Grace Mitchell thanks!

Bernadette said...

ha! love it! cute ring, too!

bernadette foster said...

ha! love it!  cute ring, too!

Jessica Fritsche said...

That lipstick is to die for. And it's named Paris! I must have it...

I have a (mostly) photoblog at papergraffiti.com, but I need to start up something a little, I don't know, more interesting/personal. I blog about writing at jessicafritsche.com and tech at dailytechdiva.com but they are both neglected right now. 

Grace Mitchell said...

Love the hair and lipstick in this post!

My blog: http://www.noonewatching.com/

D'Rae said...

but you already know me....