Monday, May 23, 2011



Dress Target 4 years ago
Tights Hue 2009
Shoes Clarks 2011
Necklace Katies 60s?
Belt Target 2011 (if you want small belts they have them in a ton of colors. They are pretty great. I got this one as a gift and have gone back for more colors)

The dress and tights are Navy, not black like the outfit photo looks.


Shoes Clarks Demure in Blush (They are onsale in store.)

Camera Roll-2058


Chanel eyequad in Lilum. I used the pink and green on lid and the dark green as a liner. DollyMix blush by MAC and a Glee gloss from Chantecaille

I got the fatter hot rollers. I like how it comes out compared to the small set.


I got this set. The rollers work great but I have two complaints about it. The pins that come with it are 100% useless. Throw them away and get some clips, I used the ones from my small set. I couldn't get the pins to work. If you don't have long hair I would accurately recommend this set.I have the same set but from 2002 and it is awesome. My hair is just too long for them so I needed bigger ones. I wish the jumbo set was like that one. The clips and the holder is just superior. They cheaped out on the jumbo set. For $20 though they work great. I can't stress enough HOW EASY it is. Total head in 5 minutes. I swear. Then pull them out as you are about to walk our door and run your fingers through, spray. DONE. I use enough hair spray that I am sure I am quietly killing a small hole in the ozone. That is how I get it to stay despite the weeks on end of rain. They fall by mid day the mist is too much for them but they still have a nice wave.

See whole head. 11 rollers.

Camera Roll-2110

Since I don't have any kitten pictures for you here is my morning scary dino face.


Dave woke me up 15 minutes early and I was next in line to talk to Winnie the Pooh and have him sign my book. No idea what that means but man I wish I did. Maybe cause I saw the poster for a new movie on Saturday when we went to see Bridesmaids. Which by the way is HILARIOUS. I went with my inlaws and sister in law. We were all laughing the entire time.  Then we worked on cleaning their basement. I swear I feel like all I've done the past month is clean basements. Oh wait that is because that is all I have done. NO MORE BASEMENT CLEANING. If you ask despite how nice I try to be I might kick you. No more.

Trying to fall asleep last night I came with an idea to transform some furniture for the new place we don't have yet. Cart meet horse, you shall be in front.

ideafor desk

So I just ganked the valance pic and this is just an idea. Since the two things are different styles, paint them to match then put a curtain over the ugly part. eh? For an vanity. Mind you this isn't to scale either. I think the mirror is very large. I am trying not to get to excited but I haven't lived in a house since the mid 90's when I left home for school and never went back. It will be nice if we get this place. It's only one part of a three family but it is IN A HOUSE WITH A PARKING SPACE oy. Last house I lived in was in Miami. So not the same. Florida houses aren't New England houses. Can't compare. It isn't as big as our last apartment in Florida but it will be at least twice the size (possibly more) of the current one. 4 times the size of our first Boston one. oy. I am already obsessing that I didn't decorate the apartment we don't have, correctly. My priorities today aren't my best work.

For people who have never lived in a big city. City parking blows so hard. You get a sticker for your particular neighborhood and the city gives more than their are spaces.(I've heard stories it is 2 times and also 4 times. Not sure what is true. I'd believe either) Some spots are 2 hour visitor and some are resident. Then you park where ever the hell you can. Spots aren't marked. It is a free for all. You squeeze it where you can, hit cars until it fits. Not near a hydrant and no more than 12 inches from a curb. On two separate occasions we drove around for FOUR HOURS looking for a spot. I am not kidding. Not in the least. An hour is common. 2 even. Then you just don't move it until someone breaks a limb. Oh and then there is street sweeping and snow bans. In 9 years we got impounded twice. Both for NOT POSTED construction, if they file for a permit that is ok even if they don't post you are supposed to be psychic an know that they applied for a permit. (grr) Not a ticket, friggin impounded. But we never got a parking ticket.  No wait we got one for car running double parked once, on my birthday. Left the car for a minute. Got a ticket. Eh we were wrong but still it sucked. It was on a rental too. We have parked a mile away, forgotten where we parked and been unable to find it in snow storms. More than once. Having a parking space is going to change our lives. We will be able to GO PLACES on a weeknight and not worry about the restaurant valets taking all the spots. (we live in a tiny neighborhood with over 200 restaurants currently) The worst is too the ummm how to say this.... the guys who think they are mobsters and "save" spots. I am not about to question them, the mob is a very true thing here and I am not about to question the guy in folding chair that he can't SAVE SPOTS. I will miss living amongst them though. They make for a VERY safe neighborhood. Self policing is an understatment.

How was your weekend?


Jessica Beagle said...

Oh, your parking situation sounds horrific.  I've never experienced anything like that. I can't imagine.  I don't think the bf would survive. He is much too impatient.  I would say four hours of driving around would drive me a tad bonkers.  And the mob?  YIKES.  It's ironic becuase I was watching Mob Wives this weekend.  Amazing how different the culture and mindset is.

Love the hair!  Love the dress too! Boo rain. We've had a ton too.  Though I love it, it's damp and soggy all the time.

Dave2 said...

I surely hope you get this new place.  You look great, BTW.

Rlutz said...

Love your dress...looks so great with the added pink touches!   My weekend was just too short!!

byhillary said...

our least is sept 1 but we've been with this landlord 9 years and he is willing to let us leave early.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

 A) Thank you for making me read (and smile) about my old neighborhood. When are you guys moving? We have a parking spot, too (no car yet, but soon), and are pretty psyched about it!

B) LOVE the hair. LOVE, LOVE it. 

C) Isn't it sad that it's still tights weather? 

byhillary said...

Right now they are pretty darn stiff. I am hoping they break in because Clarks doesn't do me wrong often.

Lorena said...

Oh what a pretty dress, I was about to go to the Target site until I saw it's a couple of years old :(
However I might just google the shoes I saw them on your last post and loved them immediately plus since they are Clarks they have got to be comfy.
My weekend was ok, I got home on Saturday after a 2 week work travel trip that beat the hell out of me, so I guess I am just glad to be home.

byhillary said...

thanks! :)

byhillary said...

I don't drive I am just the passenger. Probably for the best between my lack of patience and temper. Happy Anniversary! Ours is coming up but you might not believe me how long. I am shocked I too am a fickle gal.

byhillary said...

I made it unoffical blue and pink week. Lets see how many days I can do it.

Megan Mae said...

(Also I'd rather you moderate this comment for safety's sake: but I wanted to share that my mom lives in an apartment right above a known gang group. They're actually very nice people, and the neighborhood has quieted down A LOT since they moved in. Self-policing indeed)

byhillary said...

I take the subway everywhere but we use the car like twice month due to parking. Which is insane. But we need it to head home to see my gram often.

Megan Mae said...

Very cute navy, white and pink.  I can't wait to have hair long enough to curl or really do anything with.  I'm trying really hard NOT to plan for an apartment yet. It's driving me bananas thinking of every little thing we'll need.

Hooray for possible real parking spaces though. I take ours for granted right now. Although I'm very into walking and taking the bus whenever possible.

Taylor D said...

Just decided: must wear navy + pink tomorrow.  I love navy + anything but navy + pink = LOVE.  Classic wrap dress and the hair is fab!

Cassykins said...

 I could not even deal with city parking. I already have to parallel park along the road at my bf's apartment and it drives me nut because a) I suck at parallel parking and b) everyone else sucks at parallel parking. It just doesn't go well. 

The weekend was pretty tame. I'm looking forward to next weekend. It's Matt's and my 3rd anniversary. I don't care so much in a romantic sense so much as an "I did something for more than 5 minutes" sense. I'm so fickle, so this is huge for me.

byhillary said...

This was filmed there.

You can see the streets. INSANITy also a car chase here is physically impossible.

The idea of the mob from tv is scary. In reality they keep to themselves,It is a real religiious family community here. i keep to myself and they keep my neighborhood VERY safe. The real problem is the teen kids who think they are above the law. Breaking into cars and stuff. The mob doesn't do that stuff.

We were robbed by a 20 something relator now that is the kinda assholes that are the problem in the city and are scary

byhillary said...

me too me too me too Dave has 3d modeled it already and was placing furniture in the model.