Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Little late on this but Tuesday is as good a time as any for a weekend roundup eh?

We stayed home this weekend after 5 weekends away. OH MAN IT WAS NICE. We have been a good busy but there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I looked forward to sleeping in and both days I ended up getting up early! boo. I am not an early riser. Never have been (well except as a toddler. But that is another story. Involves jumping on my parents bed screaming SUNS UP GET UP SUNS UP GET UP)

Friday we just hung out at home, did somethings on the "need to do list" One being putting batteries in my watches. I have a couple and they were all dead. I ordered a ton of different types on ebay for under $10(That included like a ton of each of different kinds even my nook light batteries that are $8 a piece at the store and I now have 10) To save them all dying again at the same time I pulled the pin on them all until I wear them, my aunt just taught me that.

I think Waffle looks great in a watch.

Camera Roll-2083

I also did a new Sally Hansen strip manicure on Friday. "Don't get (be?) Catty" Impossible to photograph the neon leopard print. Lets just say FAVORITE EVER.

Camera Roll-2093

Saturday was crappy weather and apparently only a hint of what was to come.

Camera Roll-2091

My inlaws called and asked if we wanted to meet them at a Gluten Free bakery in Belmont because they were in the area and we went and did a little recognisance work.

Camera Roll-2094

Dave ended up eating most them. I did like the chocolate with salted caramel though. nom. They taste great I just tend to be picky.

Sunday I saw a video on Pretty in Pink Megan's site and I tried hot rollering my hair. I love how it turned out. I have since done my hair like this the past 3 days. It takes no joke under 5 min of work. 10 of waiting. 10 rollers but only cause I have a lot of hair.

Camera Roll-2111
Camera Roll-2099

We also had brunch at our favorite place. The grilled chicken salad at Burtons has to be one of my top favorite dishes anywhere.

Camera Roll-2102

We take all out of town guests there because they don't screw around. They don't have just a few GF options they have an amazing menu. This being one of the items.

I decided that I am after 20 years going to get a bike once we move. I am not going to get this one because it doesn't have speeds but this is the style I want.

Camera Roll-2103

Dave is looking into the "right for hillary" type bike. He speaks bike. I do not. Knowing what will work for me and isn't just cute. I told him I want to be able to sit upright and have a basket.  (my back can't handle a mountain bike. I have scoliosis and they just hurt way to bad)

How is your week shaping up? How was your weekend?

I didn't get an outfit shot today but I got this real quick. It is still raining so my curls pretty much fell.

Camera Roll-2116

I replaced one of the dresses gram shrunk. No joke the other one is about 6 inches shorter now. I like the pairing with the black.

Camera Roll-2120


byhillary said...

smaller rollers might produce similar results?

byhillary said...

there are positives and its so hard to see through the seething stress sometimes and waiting for SOMEONE TO CALL YOU BACK AHHHH

byhillary said...

there are positives and its so hard to see through the seething stress sometimes and waiting for SOMEONE TO CALL YOU BACK AHHHH

byhillary said...

thank you. Totally yum.

byhillary said...

thanks so much!

byhillary said...

thanks so much!

Aly Quintero said...

 Love the neon leopard print nails! and the hair turned out great too!

Melissa said...

1. Salted caramel cupcake? YUM!
2. Your hair looks GORGEOUS.
3. Love the pink and orange!

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet 

Jessica Fritsche said...

Dude I love the hair like that. You look so glam! I might have to get some big hot rollers and try that on mine when it gets a bit longer.
Moving is SUCH a pain, but I do love the set up of everything once you get there. I hope you find a great new home!

byhillary said...

oh no. Hopefully it will go away with time that sounds painful!

byhillary said...

thanks. She has nice little wrists for it huh!

byhillary said...

doh. I hope the bike and job work out. I so know how that feels and can really get to you.

turtle cookies. nom.

byhillary said...

I thought I mentioned it but I might not of. Yeah for various reasons we have to. It is scary and exciting. We've lived in this apt 7 years and our neighborhood 9 so it will be a big adjustment!

Cara said...

You're moving? I must have missed that if you mentioned it earlier - congratulations! My mother-in-law has a bike somewhat like the one pictured. She's not convinced she's a bike person... I'm hoping she's not because she says I can have it if it doesn't work for her!
And the hair is fabulous... just fabulous!!

Megan Mae said...

The curls look majorly glamorous! The food is making me hungry even though I just ate dinner. Cuuuupcakes. I had the perfect chocolate chip cookies this past weekend. They had walnuts, choco chips and caramel (basically turtle cookies).

Hubs and I are back to the idea of bikes. I bought one a few weeks ago, but after we got the box home - they had given us the wrong one! Our local store didn't have the one I had picked out, so I returned it and am back on the lookout for bikes.

Week is going tentatively okay, but it would be going better if D was finding more promising work prospects. We've seen a lot of our friends lately, which has been goodtimes.

Rlutz said...

Every cat needs a watch! Your hair looks amazing with the curls!

Cassykins said...

 The hair is amazing! I also love that bike (of course, it's HK) I don't think I can do bikes any more, though. I hurt my tailbone and now even just sitting on some surfaces (hard chairs even) causes discomfort. I remember I used to ride my bike everywhere when I was younger, though (everywhere being my friends houses of course)

byhillary said...

We need all the artificial sunshine we can get! Bah

byhillary said...

It's sooo depressing

byhillary said...

Thank you I am happy with how it turned out

byhillary said...

Thanks dude