Friday, May 13, 2011


attempt to repost.

Camera Roll-2124
Camera Roll-2123

Overcast makes for weird lighting. I am wearing brown with navy and white stripes. I am also not that red.
brown skirt NYandCo
navy and white shirt H&M
Boots Frye
Sweater Target

I have Vanilla pigment from Mac on lid and Cupcake Thief in the inner corner of eyes from Lime Crime. Purple mascara by Chanel and Purple tightlinger by Laura Mercier. I am trying to mix up the black and brown default on liner and mascara

Camera Roll-2089

My earrings and necklace are both from Tiffany's but they are from different designers. I never would of imagined mixing an organic round shape heart with a stylized graphic heart even a year ago. I am becoming less uptight. Slowly.

Most the prints in my wardrobe are either stripes or polka dots in black, white, blue and red. Today was3 types of blue stripes apparently. Not intentional but a very happy accident that was pointed out by 8:30 am this morning at work.

Camera Roll-2132

How is your week going? 
Last night we went to dinner with my inlaws and stopped at Trader Joe's (it had been YEARS) I got so much yummy stuff. Then forgot lunch today and went to qdoba and had soup so spicy my eyes watered. It was delicious. 

Waffle has been feeling left out of the blog. She wanted me to show her emo face. That is her hanging out on my freshly cleared off craft center. She proceeded to throw things off the peg board after this.

Camera Roll-2063 

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