Monday, March 07, 2011

Weekend roundup

Friday we had breakfast for dinner. Fancy dinner. I think I have made him watch Mermaids ones too many times, it is showing in his presentations lately.

 crispy french toast, peanut maple sauce, baked apples, caramel and whipped cream

Crunchy GF french toast, homemade apple and caramel sauce and peanut butter maple sauce. Sweet as hell but delicious. As if that wasn't sweet enough. I had something I haven't had in a very long time.

This did not end well.

And I won't be having it again anytime soon. OY. I am such a good preplanner I managed to eat all this and stay on target for points.

On Saturday Dave and I dried to our favorite gluten free fried clam place about 45 minutes out of the city. You can tell Dave was anxious for his food.

someone is ready for his food

I wore my bumpit too. It's been awhile due to the winter hat weather.

pulled out a bumpit since it was warm enough to not wear a hat outside

We stopped at the mall. We got Dave some work pants for an insane deal at Banana Republic. I got something too.


Technically it is for both us. The Nutmeg Ginger is so intoxicating on Dave. They claim their scents are unisex and this is one I can say smells great on a man. I had something on so I tested it on his arm. It smells just as good on me too. Different but still amazing. It's weird it isn't ginger or nutmeg that stand out. It is just a great scent. Cruelty Free too! They also are very generous with the samples there. They want you to play and layer things. They'll sample anything for you too.

We stopped at Target and while I was emptying the bag I turn my back for one second and someone gets in it. Didn't know Target sold kittens.

I didn't know Target sold kittens now

For dinner we had GF grilled cheese with Gouda and smoke bacon and "smashed" tater tots (that classes them up) Parm for dipping for me.

grilled cheese with gouda and bacon. Smashed tots and parm

I didn't take a picture because I was on the phone at the time but Dave made donuts yesterday. Maple bacon donuts. Gluten free of course. oh man they were good. I was good though and just had a little because they were a little too tasty.

Oh and there was salad and vegetables at points too but that is so boring and not worth documenting.

Waffle was particularly snuggly yesterday which is always appreciated by all.

happy girl

I love her big feet too.


How was your weekend? What did you eat?

We also watched I think 6 episodes of Reaper and a ton of wedding shows.

Edited to add. Day 8 of Shellac. No chipping,  No noticeable end wear and No dulling. Still look as good as new with a little bit of growth.



hillary said...

So jealous of the Friendly's cups. My first job was as a server at Friendly's but it only lasted a couple weeks because they decided to close all the restaurants in the greater Cincinnati area. But they left a couple in Dayton, so we'd still go when in the area. There's nothing like it in California.

hillary said...

Mmmm - the grilled cheese sounds ah-mazing.

I honestly can't remember anything before dinner last night. Which was fries and one piece of chicken tender because I wasn't hungry. Today though! I had ham and bean soup with a salad and honey roll from this newish place in town (that I can't remember the name of). The soup was good, all their to-go stuff is cool biodegradable stuff... but the salad was a "weed salad" and they put tomatoes in it even though I asked for without. Booo. =[

My weekend was really insanely weird. Busy, but waiting for news on my Mom. Planning for a trip mid-week, but haven't had time to run pick up what we'll need. I did go thrifting on "super saturday" and came home with a bag of fun goodies.

I wish there was a Jo Malone within 50 miles of here (probably more than - but I didn't search higher).. I have an extremely picky nose and so far haven't had luck with finding good scents. I used to wear Ralph Lauren Ralph because I got it as a gift and it actually played nicely with my chemistry.. Now I have a sample size of VS's Noir that I only wear on special occasions because it can get too "heavy".

hillary said...

I don't remember if i asked it or thougth about asking. Is your mom OK? I missed what happened. I hope she is alright.
Do you have a Saks or a Nordstrom they both carry jo malone. I would suggest if you don't want to spend much but want to try stuff out. There is a great lady on etsy who sells designer inspired oils wicked cheap and they are pretty dead on. you can also make you own with her.

make your own scents for $7.
I've reviewed her before. She is soo nice and quick. I just had her create a special blend for my mom on valentines day. you can't beat the price either!

hillary said...

Waffle looks very different on Dave than on the Target bag. Her face seems so narrow, but laying on her back, she looks nearly portly.

hillary said...

On more than one occasion I've told her to sit skinny. She is so long and tall when she sits it all puddles. She's over 13 and daisy is 9. Her vet assures me she is a healthy weight for her size. I do freak out she's overweight sometimes when she sits fat but she isn't. I worry because I want her and daisy to live long healthy lives.

hillary said...

Seriously, my criteria for when I start dating again is they have to be able to cook like that. And enjoy the cooking.

What a great weekend! I especially love the kitty pictures. They make me happy. I miss my kitty so I like seeing everyone else's.

Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

hillary said...

Reaper!! i loved that show and was so bummed when they canceled it!
if you like Sock, you should watch the new show Mad Love (i just watched this weeks new episode) -- he is on there and more or less is the same kinda character. the show kinda stinks, but i think hes great. :)

hillary said...

Your weekend roundup posts always make me hungry.

hillary said...

He didn't come this way. It came out of necessity when he was diagnosed in 2004 and we couldnt eat out anymore. If we wanted something we had to figure out how to make

hillary said...

I was a fan when it was on but looping watching things in huge marathons over and over. I kinda don't like sock but love Sam who is gonna be on a new show with Christian slater

hillary said...

Yes, they're still here! We joke that when you go there you can't be in a hurry. But I love their clown cone sundaes, Fribbles, and those wacky watermelon rolls.

@Hillary- the nails looks great. I forgot how shiny they would stay. I'm really tempted to get mine done again.

hillary said...

Can I come live in your closet and just come out for meals?

hillary said...

- All that food looks amazing! I haven't had one of those sundaes in forever, but now I really want one. Peanut butter is totally the best.
- The bumpit looks awesome in your hair. I would try it if I didn't think my hair would become irreparably tangled in it.
- Your cat is ridiculously adorable.
- I shared an ice-cream pie with a friend and drank some whiskey. That's the highlight of my weekend eats (and drinks).

hillary said...

All your food sounds so lovely and that kitty picture is the cutest thing ever!