Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Haven't taken pictures of my St. Patrick's Day 2011 outfit. I am not wearing any green but I do have green eyes, red hair and 3 shamrocks on. Instead I am dressed to impress my pop. Lovely lady like men's wear. I'll show you later I think it's worth sharing. :) To tide you over here are some St.Patrick's day past.

I couldn't find a St.Patrick's for 2007 but this a day  before.

wardrobe remix

Happy St. Patrick's day from an Irish gal in Boston!!!

I have green shoes and green eyes that has to count for something.


OK so in thinking of ways to honor my pop today I decided to simply ENJOY life today. I honestly am not so good at that most the time. But Pop? Pop always did. He knew how to have a good time and make everyone laugh. I'd like to think I got that from him. Dave scanned hundreds of photos the night before the funeral and they are all on his computer, one day I am going to put them on mine. I asked Dave to send me some pics today of pop "whooping it up", enjoying life. He only knew pop for 14 years and he wasn't around for any of these photos but he knew he well enough he knew they were so "HIM"

Pop and Gram


Pop wearing one of the infamous family wigs. (Wigs pop up in lots of family photo from the early 70's to the early 80's when they would put them on me)


My aunt and uncle and gram and pop

This was him on St. Patrick's day one year they all went skiing in costume, can you see his floral shorts and legwarmers!? My aunt is the one in the front.


And like all good Irish men he knew how to do a jig. Not sure who the two middle ladies are but that is my gram on the right.



hillary said...

I can't decide which of your past outfits I like best, they are all pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing all those photos! I especially love the skiing in costume one. No one in my family is that fun (though if the idea were put in his head, I could see my mom's little brother doing it)

hillary said...

mine are 100% wacky will do anything for a laugh. My gram is one of 15 and the whole lot of them are the same way. I have hundreds of photos from parties they would all have with all the kids growing up. Pop always hamming it up in the back.

hillary said...

Love these pictures! Thanks for sharing! Your pop is too cute for words!


My Leather Jacket

hillary said...

This post made me smile! Your family looks so happy in all the photos. I think it's great you have the good memories of your Pop to look back on. I love all your past outfits. I think the leopard one is my fav though.

hillary said...

I wish I could have met your Pop. I love the photos of him here. And I saw bits of the outfit that you chose for today and I think you did him proud. xo

hillary said...

Awesome post! Your Pop seems like an awesome person, thank you for sharing these pictures of him. He made me smile! I also can't wait to see your outfit.

hillary said...

he looks like he really did enjoy life! And what a gift that is!

hillary said...

He looks like he was a riot! I think the one on the skis is my favorite as well. I have to remember to stop worrying and have fun for fun's sake as well.