Friday, March 18, 2011

Outfit for Pop

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This was my outfit for Pop on his favorite holiday. He ALWAYS dressed for holidays. Any excuse to dress up really. There are various reasons he would of loved it. He loved my hair "off my face", he loved tailored clothing (he was that gentleman in the suit) he liked gingham and me in pink, he loved details such as the chain and he LOVED a good oxford (he had more shoes than me) especially from Bass. (Random Fact Dave and I worked for Bass 11 years ago he had bleach blonde hair that year)

Pink gingham shirt Target?
Brown vest and pants H&M
Pink cami Forever 21
Shoes Bass
Pink chain. It's a 1950's sweater clip. I made it look like I was wearing a pink pocket watch.

Last Import-27

I have a question for the photographers. So I tried auto white balance, I tried daylight, tungsten and florescent and even manually fussing with it,  this is with my point and shoot and none were "right". Because I am standing in front of a window and for once it was full sun and the florescent lights in the area I couldn't get the colors or balance right. Is it worth getting a grey card for a point and shoot? I've never tried that but would it help for the future? Do point and shoots respond to one? Or should I just not be lazy and bring my DSLR and do it right? (When I did photography in school we didn't have digital cameras. That is my excuse so don't even mention that degree I may or may not have. I am looking at you family :P)

Since the window as so fussy I tried this to see the outfit better I wasn't going to use it but two people commented on it on Flickr while I was uploading it so I thought it was worth adding because they both seemed to like it a lot.You can see my pink ring at least :)



Camera Roll-1708

Camera Roll-1733

What are you plans for the weekend?

I've been told I will be resting. I fell asleep on the couch the other day and on the T on the way to work the other day. I am NOT the kind of person to fall asleep on the couch. I wish I was. I can't relax and have insomnia so me falling asleep on couch to Dave blew his mind and he is convinced Waffle gave me mono. (I don't think he is serious) I keep thinking of the Golden Girls episode with Dorothy and the chronic fatigue.
I want to have a Boston movie marathon this weekend. I asked on Twitter and Facebook and I got lots of good suggestions. This one will be movies they actually WERE filmed in Boston (not fake Boston which there is a ton of because we had weird laws about filming until very recently) and they are action and drama. Preferably containing a police chase and shoot outs. But I got lots of great ideas for later watching.

Our list for this marathon:
Gone Baby Gone
Mystic River
The Town
The Departed
Boondock Saints (only one I haven't seen yet)

Feel free to leave any suggestions for movies filmed in Boston you enjoyed (not filmed elsewhere and pretended) . I have a good list but I am always wanting to add to my netflix! I googled lists but I prefer personal recommendations.


hillary said...

Love it! I think you definitely hit the mark between what you described and how it looks.
Hmm... Boston movies. The Thomas Crown Affair was Boston. I think I would take the original over the remake. Definitely involves police, though! Leap Year says it begin and ends in Boston and while I haven't seen it, I doubt there are many chases and shoot out's. I would probably skip that one myself even though I do like Amy Adams

hillary said...

Boondock Saints is one of my favorite movies! the first one is great. the second one is...well, not so great.

Hows about Mona Lisa Smile? Good Will Hunting? School Ties? With Honors?
I guess these lack the sort of action you are looking for... One movie I had heard of, but never seen, that takes place (and I believe was filmed) in Boston is Townies. If you add it to your list, I'd love to hear your opinion on it.

hillary said...

Those shoes are amazing and I am in total awe of how you did your hair.

hillary said...

Mona Lisa and school ties weren't in boston but great mass movies!
Townies I can't find the one you mean if its one I'm thinking of I was there for filming some of it!
Yeah I am specifically focusing on Boston this weekend. Actual Boston addresses and not even Cambridge (which is over the water to me which makes it far far away and because I'm snobby and it's not the city proper). You know what it is is that I want to watch a movie and see my streets. The real ones I walk daily not the faked version. Also ACTION. I'm having a rough time with emotions and such so pure wham bam escapism n

hillary said...

Do you mean the Town? I am googling like mad and townies is pulling up a tv show and a movie about a pizza delivery guy. If it's the town I got a lot of opinions on that one!!

hillary said...

I love your hair like that!

Movie suggestions: Monument Avenue, Blown Away, The Brink's Job

hillary said...

I think Blown Away, starring Jeff Bridges and Tommy Lee Jones, was filmed in Boston. It was the first movie that came to mind for action film actually filmed in Boston. However, I'm not sure how great of a movie it is. I think I may have seen it, but I don't recall- not a good sign.

byhillary said...

its good I saw it a dozen times at least in highschool!

HollyElise (aka GR) said...

First - love the outfit, so sweet to remember your Pops that way.
Second, "The Town" is a fantastic movie and I hope you really enjoy it!

byhillary said...

I've seen it and loved it. I was actually there for filming of a lot of it too!! saw ben affleck up close!

Ashley said...

So funny you post this because I just came across: Someone plotted set locations on Google Maps. I just looked up my old hometown of Pensacola and totally didn't know "Jaws 2" was filmed nearby! Nifty.

byhillary said...

Sweet! I know a bunch they are missing too I should send them some links! This is exactly what I am looking for and am looking for my hometowns next!

APH said...

Where are those earrings from? So cute!

byhillary said...

The now out of business Heidi klum line

Lisa said...

I love how you did your hair. I also like the pink clip on the vest a lot, it's a nice feminine touch on that vest (which is also awesome). I can't believe you haven't Boondock Saints, definitely a good movie for a Boston movie marathon.

This weekend I have to go into work to help our students prep for our upcoming Model UN conference. Not exactly relaxing, but it will be fun, I hope.

whitneybee said...

Next Stop Wonderland!
Mostly filmed in Boston but in other parts of MA too. It's not an action/adventure movie, it's more quirky comedy...which may not be your thing, but it's a mostly Boston movie!

(Also, totally impressed by the hair!)

byhillary said...

Totally seen it! I liked it but I don't know why but it drove me batty they got the stops on the T out of order. I know they wanted to make it fit but we totally noticed!

byhillary said...

I did model UN! Also you could totally do this to your hair length. I'll find the video if I can of the girl with short hair doing it.

Gill said...

Great outfit; love your hair! Your lighting problem is because the light is mixed so your camera doesn't know what to expose for. Set your white balance to the light falling on you; i.e daylight if you're in a window. The background will look weird, but it's background, after all. A grey card might help but it's a nuisance. Do you have a white balance correction facility in your post-production software? Point your eyedropper at a white area that's in shadow or the shaded part of white-metal jewellery. It's all a matter of fiddling, and how much fiddling you can be fussed with.

byhillary said...

Thank you that's just what I was looking for. I wasnt taking photos here during daytime sun before and it will just get worse but now I know what to do to fix it. I honestly take the lazy way out a nice easy fix like this is right up my alley! I took 100 in 10 shot increments with the white balance and was so annoyed but the mixing of light totally makes sense.

mirta said...

I just love this outfit and hairdo, my favorite one you did yet! :)

Apple A Day said...

Awww, I love a good menswear inspired look, even better that it's a tribute to your pop. I'm a teacher and I love your work style. Somehow you manage to be pulled together, sensible and funky and express your own personality to boot. Something I strive for in dressing for work, check it out:

BetweenLaundryDays said...

Aw, Hillary, I love your Pop-inspired outfit.