Thursday, March 24, 2011


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Wow thank you for your kind words about my hair. I needed a change. Life has been a bit out of control lately so it was nice to fuss with something I DID have control over. Some people don't like it. That's fine, everyone is entitled to an opinion. You don't always have to share those opinions though :) If you preferred me better before, that's nice. You don't have to tell me that. It isn't constructive. It's not like I can easily put it back the way it was. It isn't a shirt I can just change. Constructive opinions are welcome.  (Until you bug me then it's not. Hey at least I am honest.)

Last Import-14

The room I take these in is kinda small and I can't get far enough away from the camera so I have to slouch to fit in the frame. I noticed I kept doing the same pose over and over. Do you do that? I do that with many things, order the same thing in a restaurant or always sit in the same chair. I saw a motivational speaker yesterday who talked about change and what it does to a person. It was really fascinating. Usually I get all grumpy about that stuff. DON'T MOTIVATE ME wah wah rah rah retch. He talked about how change can really upset a persons life sometimes and how there are three distinct stages, The Loss, The Neutral and the New Beginning. The Loss is when the change starts and how it can really throw a wrench into your life. The complainy you hate it part. Even if you are welcome to the change you still have a loss of what you had or did before. This is also when you should give yourself some slack. No one expects you to change overnight. People just don't inherently work like that. It is going to take time to adjust and learn. Maybe it is a change at work or where you live, doesn't matter how big or small it is some people just get every thrown off by change. Then the neutral is when you start to rationalize and be ok with it. When you start to learn the new pattern or thing. OK I can handle this new position or you start to say I CAN do this. Then the new beginning is when things start to be normal again. When you no longer are frustrated constantly and it isn't taking over your life. When you get into your groove. You don't ever have to totally accept it but there is a time when it isn't going to consume your life anymore. (hopefully) Now I totally am not giving him the justice of how great his talk was but it was really great to hear. Change happens all the time. Sometimes we are willing some times we aren't. He said it's good to focus on what you can do. He had the quote " We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust our sails". Also the "only person who likes change is a wet baby" Both heavy handed but very good points. This past year has been all about change for me. My family changes, my job changed, my life changed. Some was welcome some I went down screaming over. But I am going to focus on what I CAN do.I will admit I am totally that person who FLIPS OUT in my head if you sit in my seat in a staff meeting or when I was in college. I would send you mental daggers for being in MY seat. I'd like to think I will be better prepared for that now.  I'll only glare for a second tops. :)

And since you all liked my inspiration photo from the archives yesterday I thought I'd share another. This was done the same week as the Liz Taylor one.

And so it begins.............................1/365

Audrey. I have quite a few I did that year but I quit doing them because people kept expecting them from me. It wasn't fun anymore. Maybe I'll try some again but go into it as just for fun.

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