Friday, March 04, 2011


IMG_4437 this?

Boots Frye
Tights Hue
Hoodie and Dress Target
Ring my dad

Das boot

For makeup I did matte browns. I never use mattes I always fear they will settle into lines and age me. I used a peach blush, an orange shimmer gloss.


Day 5 of Shellac

day 5

ring from my dad, he made it in highschool

My ring is from my dad. He made it from a cufflink when he was in highschool. It's a pure sentimental over aesthetic piece. He gave it to me with a letter as I was getting on the plane and moving cross country with my mom. Seriously one of the worst days of my life. But now I look it and think of Pop and how it was from his cufflinks and it makes me smile. I couldn't wear it for years. I was too mad too, I didn't want to move away from my dad, gram and pop. But I am back here and Dave and I never would of been together probably. I met him while I was visiting my dad. He went to the private school I would of gone to if I had stayed in NH. I wonder if we ever would of even of been friends. Probably he was awfully damn cute!

Dave's senior portrait

Can't quite put your finger on why I look different right? I totally see that something is off  too. I think it's the bangs, they throw me off. I'll repost old photos to illustrate. This is what they do naturally. When they are flat down or off to the side that was because I forced them to do my will. I flat iron the cowlick and use product but some days it just isn't cooperating. See this is what I looked like growning up with it.

Lucy - not as good twin (we'd never say bad)

Even when I can get it to lay down they still split at the cowlick if I don't constantly fuss with them. For photos I arrange them. Hey I never denied trying to only show you my best sides.

used this one head on

For the past year I have been trying to wear them going against the cowlick. I like it but it requires constant touching to keep them in place.


My hair isn't as thick as it was when I was a kid because if it was they would ALWAYS look like this which is my favorite ever.

Always had bangs

So this weekend I am so cutting them because they are in my eyes and I touch them all day. I am going to go back to this. It won't be so much though because I am growing our some of the sides.

makeup detail open

But don't worry I won't be cutting them myself this time.


I am going to let Dave do it instead. :)

Whew bit loquacious eh? Any plans for the weekend?

Edited to add:
I have been putting companies cruelty free status on my Facebook page as I find them. If you are interested it lives here.


hillary said...

I love your bangs. You make me want bangs. Even though I know I look stupid with bangs.

hillary said...

I disagree. I went and looked at your site and I think blunt bangs would look killer on you.

hillary said...

First of all, I love the print on the dress

Second, I have a cowlick too, which is why I ended up just growing out my bangs. I refuse to be constantly adjusting my hair. Sometimes, I just let my hair win!

Third, Annabelle, a Canadian cheap-as-crap drugstore brand is Cruelty-Free which is awesome, since most cruelty-free brands are usually a) American and b)Hella-expensive.

hillary said...

I'd grow mine out but I have been told no joke 48930240 times in my life how awful I look without them so I never will grow them out. So I've had them 30+ year

hillary said...

I have a ring very similar to that that I lovingly call "George Washington with a goiter." It's a little malformed, but it's wonderful!

Definitely hunting down a local place that does the CND shellac. =)

hillary said...

I love the patterm and color of that dress!

hillary said...

I love that dress. It reminds me of dandelions in a totally fractal way.

I like your bangs. I've got a fairly big "swoop" due to my widows peak. I prefer longer bangs when I have longer hair, but I've really gotten to enjoy blunt bangs again. I'll probably trim them back after I get over my weird growth stages.

Plans for the weekend - Play D&D (Check, did that today), plan D and I's trip to a B&B next week, await word on my mom's condition, and figure out finances for some bigger stuff coming up this year.

hillary said...

Moms condition? I missed something is she ok?

hillary said...

It's funny to me how something as small as the part of your bangs changes how you look. Pretty dress and lovely boots! If you want me to cut your bangs I will but we should start now if you want them done for Monday...

hillary said...

Love the cruelty free info, and that Target dress- a lot! I would love sideswept bangs but I am not talented enough to style them well. Or I am too lazy.

hillary said...

Love that dress. It looks great on you.

hillary said...

BWAhahahah. Gawd, your photos lately have been cracking me up.

Also, I really love this outfit. The boots and the dress are so fantastic. :)

hillary said...

Your nails look amazing still. And I love your ring. I thought it was great and then when I read the history of it, I knew it was even better than just a cute ring. Sentimental items are the best!