Monday, February 14, 2011

Wonder Woman Collection by MAC *REVIEW*

Friday night Dave and I went to MAC so we could check out the new Wonder Woman collection. I had an appointment for a makeover too. I totally forgot to take pictures after it. (Hey it was late!) Dave picked the three items I got out. Least I could do since he patiently stood there for an hour while I was pampered. (It is a free service you should totally take advantage of it at your local MAC)


Lets start with the outer packaging. LOVES IT. Totally reminds me of the Wonder Woman I remember of my childhood. I didn't take a picture of it but the inside of the boxes is blue with white stars!


The packaging the product is in is a bright blue and red. I really like when I get something from a specialty limited line is a different color. It makes it so easy to identify in my makeup kit in the sea of black packaging!! Red is also my favorite color though. I know some have reviewed at how garish they think it is. Come on! Wonder Woman can only be bright colors!

I got  Athena's Kisses lipglass. The lipglass was a big surprise to me. It was $20 and normally lipglasses are $14.50 I assumed it had to do with licensing but when I saw it in person I was in for a BIG surprise. Look at that puppy! Due to it's giant size I HIGHLY suggest only applying when you have a mirror handy. Here is it compared to the size of the regular glosses.


It has 10.5 grams of product compared to the regular lipglasses which has 4.8 grams.
That works out to
Wonder Woman lipglass $1.90 a gram
Regular Line $3.02

You are paying $1.22 LESS a gram for the Wonder Woman line! If you like the colors STOCK UP.


I got the eyeshadow quad in Defiance.which retails for $40  . The break down on that is $10 a color. They are the same size as a regular MAC shadow which are $14.50 a color. I had read a LOT of bad reviews on this quad. I went in with an open mind and this is the one the artist used on me. I gotta say... I love it. I do see a slight issue with the second shade but I made it work today and I love the result honestly.

Starting from Left. The palest pink is a soft color with an opalescent sheen to it. It is GORGEOUS under the brow bone and in the inner corner of your eye. I can see it transforming a lot of colors to give them more dimension. The second shadow is matte and it on the sheer side. It needs a few swipes to make it opaque. The third shade has a shimmer to it. It is beautiful and great whole lid color. It will really bring out the green tones in hazel or brown eyes. The last color has a slight shimmer to it and has a nice deep color without much effort.


I got the blush in Mighty Aphrodite. The blush seems to be a fave among beauty bloggers. I can see why because the color is GORGEOUS.  You can use either shade on their own or mix them for a new color. I used just the peach today in my look below. The closest thing I can compare the peach blush to off the top of my head is the Orgasm by Nars. I saw 3 people put it on in the time I was there and it looked good on all of them. It is just a really flattering color. This another giant sized product.
The breakdown.
Wonder Woman blush is 12.3 grams for $24 or $1.95 a gram.
Regular MAC blush 6 grams for $19.50 or $3.25 a gram

Everything swatched on NW15 skin (technically I am lighter but that is as light as the consumer line goes.)

This ok for post about makeup collection? - yes, why not?
My Picasso collage of the look I did with the eyeshadow and blushes from this collection.

Collage 1 - this one

I have the first shade in the inner corner of my eye and under my brow bone. The second color is on the inner 1/3 of my lid. The third color in the middle of the lid. The fourth color on the outer corner and blended over into the other colors and in crease. I am not wearing the lips in these photos. Honestly because I didn't think they went went together. I wold prefer a simple black eye wing with the bright fuchsia gloss. (maybe that will be tomorrow's look!)

2.14.11 makeup detail

Now admittedly the colors I got do not remind me anything of Wonder Woman in any way but that is OK because I already own the Red from the collection (it is Russian Red) I was there the day after launch and they were already selling out of things. Online is out of many of the products too so if you are interested in the line I say go ASAP.


hillary said...

Great recap! I love the packaging, and your review makes me want to go check out the line in person!

hillary said...

Wow that Wonder Woman stuff is really FUN!!! Love the outfit!!

hillary said...

You got my pick of the blushes, yay! I love that one and have been using it like MAD. I also got Marquise D' lipstick (though was ticked off when I found it was at the CCO for cheaper without the LE packaging) If I hadn't gotten that one, I would have gone for the Spitfire lipstick I think.

hillary said...

I just got mine, and I love athena's kiss, along with spitfire.

hillary said...

Oh dear. I have been resisting and resisting, but I think you've sold me. Off to

hillary said...

I went back for spitfire! I really love it!

hillary said...

I went back for spitfire! I really love it!