Monday, February 14, 2011

Will you be my Valentine?

IMG_3621 like

jacket open option 3

Jackety thing, turtleneck, belt Target
Skirt NY and Co
Boots Merrells
Tights Hue
Necklace was one of my grandmothers. My mom thinks she had them since the 50's or 60's. We miss you Katie!
Ring Bill and Bobs in York ME
Earrings Craft Fair

outfit detail 1? - this one

This is a totally different silhouette for me. I have to admit I am uncomfortable today walking around it in but I really like it from looking at the photos! I wanted to be a little Valentiney without wearing a red dress. The belt was a gift for Valentine's day from Dave. (He shoved it in the cart after I put it down!)

371 option one? yes

I did a pink eyemakeup and pinky peach blush to lend to the pink and red holiday. There will be more detailed photos of makeup in my next post! (If you like Wonder Woman you might want to check back!)

I painted my nails red too.


This is a total accident but my entire outfit matches my Valentine's present from Dave.

Full bag of valentine M&Ms

He had M&Ms made with Waffle and Daisyboo on it and 2 references to my favorite movies. (4 eva from the movie Fear and Eat me from Alice in Wonderland! Dave made me an Alice costume before!)

detail of M&Ms

When I do finally open one of the bags I will take better photos. I just couldn't bear to do it this morning! I am going to get a little glass jar to keep some forever. He is a clever and thoughtful guy and I feel bad I made him pick out his own present. :p The rest of my presents will be in the next post. (well not really Valentine's presents but Makeup we had planned on purchasing for months it just happened to come out this weekend. But it's all pink so call it all Valentine's!!)

He ordered them from He says you can pick out the colors, 2 images and 2 with text. I just noticed that not only do they match my outfit they match my favorite wallet.

My boyfriend came to visit

How was your weekend? Are you doing anything for Valentine's Day?

I know many people hate Valentine's day and call it commercial. I don't care I love it. I love an excuse to tell people I love them and them not be able to talk back! (my family isn't mushy and because of that I am so bad at the mushy stuff.) Also this week is the anniversary of us shacking up. (Or Dave moving cross country to save me from a horrible situation) and Dave's mom and sisters birthdays are this week! Plus, RED HEARTS! <3 <3
We are going to have a super special dinner tonight, we decided to make it at home because everywhere will be crowded tonight and we are going out tomorrow night for steak! Tonight Chicken parm with polenta cakes and white chocolate cashew brownies! YUMMMMMMMMM Our weekend was low key. Dave was sick until Sunday. Sunday we went out to grocery and household shop. We hadn't moved the car in weeks we needed to stock up on everything! It was so nice not having to rush because he had to be home for homework. We took our time and used fistfulls of coupons. (It was impressive how many we used at Target! That is what happens when you go a month more in between visits)

Now I am off to eat the raspberry chocolate my friend Annie just gave me! <3


hillary said...

Wow,your husband is really thoughtful,that is the cutest gift idea,ever.

I actually made Chicken Parmesan for our Valentine's dinner as well,for the first time ever.It was quite yummy.Of course,it had to be followed by some chocolate ;)

PS.I also loved the movie 'Fear' - Marky Mark rules.

PPS.My family isn't mushy either,and because of that,I have the hardest time saying 'I love you' to anyone.But I can show it really well!

hillary said...

Happy Valentine's Day! My hubby and mom-in-law's birthday is tomorrow so we'll probably do something low key and then celebrate more over the weekend. I really like your outfit today.

hillary said...

Happy Valentine's Day!
The pink is a really cute touch! It's a great silhouette for you so I hope you get used to it! It's sophisticated!
We're also not going out for supper tonight - Scott works until 9 anyway, but we've never done Valentine's day on Valentine's day because restaurants are so crazy!

hillary said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

hillary said...

I really like that vest/jacket thing, it reminds of the ones you can make out of a rectangle of fabric that you just cut armholes in or something like. I've been meaning to try doing that.

PS - every time I see your photos in front of the stacks it reminds me of how much I liked my student library aide jobs.

hillary said...

Very cute outfit! I love your shell ring.

Hubs and I had personalized M&Ms at our wedding as 'favors'. What a great gift with your kitties faces!

I unfortunately spent the weekend sick, but Hubs and I did manage to grab lunch at our fave cajun food place today.

hillary said...

I kid you not I showed the bag to waffle and she reached her little monkey paw out and wrapped it around the bag and tried to bite it. (her food comes on the same crinkle noisy bag)

hillary said...

Despite your looking terrific, the man in me loves the nails particularly. I also love the Daisy Boo M&M, but I fear the others will go to Waffle's head. Have you checked the nanny cam? I suspect Waffle has torn into the packages.

Our weekend was great, filled with booze and steak. We celebrated VD last night because we are participating in Meatless Monday, and Valentines Day is just not the same without steak. I gave Jamie flowers on Wednesday so that they could bloom at the office and look lovely today, and last night I gave her a photo coffee table book of our motorcycle trips from last Summer. She loved it and is showing it off at work today. :)

hillary said...

You look beautiful and I COVET your ring. I like that you and your hubs do something for Valentine's. My husband gets home late from work tonight, but when he does, we're having a special dinner (i.e., not in front of the TV) with GF pasta and lobster and for dessert CHOCOLATE FONDUE. I'm super excited.

hillary said...

Aww, the M&M's! They're so cute I don't even know what else to say.
We went out for our Valentine's Day dinner last night since I work all day and into the evening today. It kind of was a bummer night, but oh well. I made him some mint chocolate lava cake/brownie things and feel good about my efforts. This isn't really my favorite holiday anyway.

hillary said...

I really love this outfit on you, and I'm glad you're having a good Valentine's celebration!

hillary said...

WOW, he is a thoughtful gift giver! I love that you have a shack up anniversary, I can't recall mine! Happy Val Day, love the outfit.
Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge

hillary said...

my birthday was last week, but i didnt real do much to celebrate. so i decided that on saturday i got a me-only day to go shopping with the gift certs i got for christmas + my bday. didnt get much, and my feet were killing me by the end of the day. but still, it was nice to have a day to myself.
sunday we basically cleaned house and ran errands. we exchanged out v-day gifts this weekend. he went low-key with flowers + a card since he went upscale for my bday (diamond earrings, yay!). i got him a pocket watch and had it engraved.

usually i prefer NOT to go out on v-day itself, since everywhere is crowded, but we managed to get a reservation at this new gastropub nearby. it took the place of a restaurant we really liked, which had closed down, but i have heard good things about this new place, so we are excited to try it out. *fingers crossed!*

hillary said...

it isn't something we have ever celebrated. But it is funny to say. It just happened to be on valentines day, wasn't intentional.