Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What's in my bag?

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you already know this but I am nosy. Much of the time I won't ask things even though I desperately want to know. For my birthday I asked my readers to show me what they had in their bags. It was one of the best presents ever! I saw into over 30 people's bags! Today I noticed how bad my shoulder was hurting due to the weight of my bag. Bag cleaning is the perfect opportunity to do a what's in my bag post! Here are my previous what's in my bag posts.

My contents:


left side

*Nook ereader *Chanel gloss (One of my top glosses ever used) *Fresh lip balm *BB&W coconut gloss *Covergirl gloss balm (amazing!) *Lancome gloss (in Spring Fling a color Angelina Jolie uses! It was a gift) *Origins gloss (wearing in today's photo. It is a great great gloss with lots of pigment) *MAC lipstick *Lush solid perfume in Vanillary (eep!) *Blue oil *Swiss Army knife from my dad. My dad and pop always carried a knife in their pocket. I kept asking to use his camping one year in high school and he didn't trust me with his and he came back with this little one. I love when I am in a situation where someone is trying to rip off a tag or open a package and I can pull out my knife and save the day. *Camera *Noise Cancelling headphones that are also a microphone for my ifone. I've had these a couple years and they are so much better than the ones that come with it. They are actually comfortable.

right side

*Two Origins samples *Child (inspired) perfume oil *Cable to charge my Mophie and Nook *Hair tie *Lush Charity Pot lotion. All proceeds go to charity the one I got was to help school children *Pill case with Imitrex in it *MAC appointment card *Bertuccis coupons (never been there but want to try their Gluten Free menu *Mark cheat sheets *Wood pen *Kate Spade wallet. I have been hunting for the perfect grown up wallet that wasn't too much of a statement color, that would match all my purses for years. This one popped into my life when I had totally given up looking. Dave picked it out and it couldn't been anymore perfect. It is lined in orange and white stripes!!! They didn't even have it out on the floor. Dave asked if they had any more wallets than what was out and this was a new style that wasn't put out yet! It is silly how much a thing like a wallet can change your life but I love it! I can also use my T pass through it so no fumbling to take my card out of my wallet in sketchy situations. Tap and go.

What is in your bag?


hillary said...

i still have most of the same stuff from the in-my-bag post i did for your bday, i am just carrying it in a different bag now. i picked up a cute camel-tan purse at Plato's Closet a few months ago, and i am just in LOVE with it. it's like a mary poppins bag -- this thing holds everything and then some!
i also switched up my wallet to a nine west wallet (also from Plato's Closet -- i love this place for accesories!) that is like twice the size of my old wallet and it also holds everything.

hillary said...

It's a nice dark red Makowsky satchel with leopard lining! Yum.

Outside big pocket: keychain w/alarm fob and Volvo remote, red gel ink ballpoint (great!), two Splenda packets, which I probably stole from Starbuck's, Mac lipstick Ladybug (thanks to you!), NARS lipstick Christina (gorgeous sienna pink color w/subtle glitter, very creamy, bet it would look great on you.) Outside slash pocket perfectly holds hand sanitizer.

Inside: side zipper pocket: feminine products of various sizes, Actifed (the real kind!) and hydrocortisone cream; also Altoids tins w/Tums and Advil in them.

Middle big zipper compartment: wintergreen Altoids, Orbit peppermint gum, periwinkle blue Essie nail polish (Cool Azure), little mirror in special India fabric pocket from Cost Plus, pale green Pixi compact (REALLY great, probably nicest compact I've ever had. I like the separate drawer for the sponge), Avon glazewear shine gloss in a mauve shade (lots of pigment!), Burt's Bees Fig lip balm, Maybelline 'eyestudio' shimmer shadows in Nouveau, Revlon lipstick in Love That Red (looked at it for 30 years, finally bought it, it's a strange, vibrant red which reminds me of that Centrifuchsia lipstick you reviewed!), tiny red Swiss army knife, Body Shop lipstick in a coppery shade (#61? bought in Ireland!), Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper lip smacker, Matrix eye pencil in Midnight Brown, a classic red Revlon eyebrow pencil in blackish brown, L'Oreal pale concealer, Cover Girl lipstick in Soulmate, a Maybelline cool effects brown gel pencil (pain to sharpen as they're so soft, but I love 'em because when my eyes water they DON'T COME OFF) and Gabriel Maple Shimmer lipstick, which is GORGEOUS. Oh, and MAC Brave Red, which I have not decided if I like yet.

Rest of purse: black wallet w/brassy studs I got at the thrift recently, checkbook, multiple pens, Epi-Pen, hairbrush, black leather gloves w/silver studs from Target, an Atkins "s'mores" protein bar, a little Ecuadorian zipper bag w/toothbrush, picks, mini mouthwash and toothpaste in it, Camille Beckman glycerin hand therapy in "Camille", and a vintage eyeglass case with my mauve Betsey Johnson cateye shades in it.

Last but not least, burgundy LV EnV2 phone, to be upgraded this weekend to an IPhone, Verizon model.

And a random Halloween pencil. My purse definitely needs to be cleaned out....but this was more fun. I have insomnia tonight, LOL!

hillary said...

Do you drive places? I'm convinced if I could drive places I could carry less. I have never been able to test that. My mom drives everywhere and has a giant filled purse so maybe it's genetic?

hillary said...

I don't carry a bag! I have a little vera bradley wallet on my keychain that holds twenty bucks, id, debit card and business cards.

hillary said...

A wallet, checkbook, indoor tanning lotion, febreeze on the go, ear phones for my Blackberry (to listen to music at the gym), sunglasses, set of keys, one car key on keychain by itself, feminine products, weekly lunch ticket, Blackberry, random loose change at bottom, and an empty gum wrapper

hillary said...

I love your bag! I hope to have such a beautiful bag soon! I hoping that my turning 30 will help get somewhere closer to getting one!

hillary said...

Put $20 a week away for it. That's what I did. :) makes you appreciate it all the more.