Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Phat?

Lucky and Baby Phat sent the Lucky Alphas a small questionnaire asking our thoughts on a particular pair of Baby Phat shoes. They are called Paula. We received a complimentary pair from Lucky and Baby Phat.

1.       Are these shoes versatile enough to take you from day to night? 

For my career and lifestyle, definitely. I don't want to say my work place is casual but unusual shoes are never an issue. I lead a pretty chill "After work" life but I could totally wear these out after work and feel properly dressed for either occasion.

2.       Paula Shoe 3 ways: Describe 3 looks these shoes would work well with.
Skinny jeans, black and white stripe shirt, big red necklace
Black sheath dress, hot pink cardigan
Pencil skirt, vest, oxford 

3.       Where would you wear these shoes? (i.e., brunch with the girls, clubbing at night, weekend at the beach, etc.)
I'd wear them to work, out to dinner with friends or my husband or an afternoon shopping. 
4.      If you didn’t know these were from Baby Phat, what brand would you think made them? Have these shoes   changed your perception of the brand? For better or worse?

They totally changed my mind for the better. I thought they looked like something from the L.A.M.B line from Gwen Stefani. I honestly thought Baby Phat was something for the 20 somethings. I never even have given their stuff a look but these totally intrigue me because they are totally something I would pick out on my own.

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hillary said...

I never thought that Baby Phat was something that I would like either, but these are nice!