Friday, February 25, 2011

Alex and Ani

The lovely people at Lucky sent me a thank you gift of this set of Alex and Ani bangles for being part of their Alpha Shopper program. I had never heard of this company before and I think I have been missing out. They did not ask nor mention we should post about this but I had to share this neat company. Alex and Ani is a US company that uses recycled materials to creat social conscious jewelry that is meant to be mixed and matched and fits many sizes.


From their site
Alex and Ani is a company dedicated to creating products of unparalleled quality and beauty that promote consciousness and unity. Manufacturing in the United States and re-using and recycling materials is an integral part of Alex and Ani’s mission as a conscious and eco-friendly company. Alex and Ani’s collections are not only Eco-friendly, they are made up of powerful, meaningful, and spiritual pieces, which uplift and inspire all who wear them.

The signature expandable concept is the cornerstone of Alex and Ani.
Utilizing an innovative patented and completely original technology this concept replaces traditional clasps with a sliding mechanism, making each piece adjustable. This signature expandable feature is available in expandable wire bracelets and rings, expandable chain necklaces and endless hoop earrings. This completely original design allows everyone to have a piece of jewelry customized for a perfect fit.
They have been written up in dozens of magazines and have some celebrity fans. (Christy Turlington, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson to name a few!) You can buy prebundled packs of bangles or mix and match to make your own unique set. They have about 10 different charity bangles where a portion of the proceeds go to various charities. I am in love with the Jupiter bead set in particular.


I can't find this exact set on their site but if you do google them I did find it available from some boutiques. There is no way they could of known how perfect this set is for me. I have an obsessions with stars (and sign my name with one since a teen though I've been trying to stop) and beaches. I met Dave at the beach and it holds a special spot to me. How great are these going to look with an armful of bangles?


hillary said...

The sliding clasps on these are really cool. What letter do you use for the star? I used to keep a note that I got from you at my desk, but a visiting dignitary forced me to clean up my haystack/desk. :-(

hillary said...

I would put it before it or on the i. I changed it up. I have been trying to stop the last year or two because I fear it looks childish

hillary said...

Those are pretty bangles!

hillary said...

Hi, I'm with, and we carry a large selection of Alex and Ani (including all the initials, birthstones and zodiacs). We don't carry that exact set, but we have the seabead and starfish and sets of 3.

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Plain Set of 3

and welcome to and to Alex and Ani, we love them too!!!

ZeeBerry Customer Service

hillary said...

Hi Again,
I'm sorry the coupon code is : zb10
and is for 10% off orders over $50.