Tuesday, February 22, 2011

7 Things

I have been tagged a few times with the award where I post 7 things about me. I have had this saved as a draft as months and I don't remember who tagged me anymore. (SORRY!)

* I love Calvin and Hobbes. LOVE.
* I would rather have a can of Pepsi than eat a dessert.
* I used to get in trouble at school often. I think if I was a kid today I think I would be diagnosed with ADHD. I honestly couldn't help it.
* I tend to a very literal person with people in real life. I say what I  mean. I am not good at alluding to things, at all in real life. This makes for a lot of sometimes hilarious misunderstandings.
* I doodle constantly. I can't sit still so I draw, poorly all over every sheet of paper that crosses my path.
* I have a package of scented markers on my desk at work. I've had them since I was in high school and figured why not bring them into work!
* A hobby or past time Dave and I have is to go to stores and sniff perfumes. Lush or Bath and Body Works or Barneys are favorite places to do this. It is weird because I am allergic to so many smells but I enjoy doing it. Maybe because I can't own a lot of it?

I tag anyone who would like to participate and apologize I took so long to do this!


hillary said...

You're so funny and random, and I just think you're the best!

hillary said...

What do your markers scent of? I never figured you for a Pepsi girl. Weird.

hillary said...

I have the 8 pack of the thin markers of this brand. I have had them since the mid 90's and they still smell great. I lost the green one a long time ago though.


Always been a Pepsi girl. It is what my dad drank when I was a kid.

hillary said...

thanks dude!

hillary said...

I love your blog, Hillary . . . and JUST before I read this I saw my Calvin and Hobbes index in my favorites. What a coincidence!