Friday, January 14, 2011

Friend making Friday.

I thought today was a good day to play along with ModlyChic's Friend Friday.

1. How do you determine what you will wear that day?
Usually by what I have laid out in advance. But sometimes I wake up and I just can't imagine wearing what I laid out so it's a scramble to determine how to fix the problem. (too tight, too cold, too fussy)

2. Do you plan outfits out in advance for a whole week, month, weekend? 
I try to do it a few days at a time or on the weekends. I will try on a bunch of things and run them by Dave. By run them by I mean I come running out of bedroom and look at him like he should know we are judging a certain outfit. He is honest, if it doesn't work he will suggest I find a substitute to the wrong thing. How about blue tights or do you have a longer sweater... etc. But as I said in 1. A lot of time I wake up and I can't imagine wearing something I laid out. Today for example. I woke up to windchill in single digits next to the water so I scrapped the whole outfit and started from scratch.

3. Do you have any specific way of tracking outfits and items already worn so you don't repeat?
Well I have a blog and I very smartly have a set of one photo of each outfit I've documented on Flickr since 2006. I have about 700 documented outfits. Sometimes I just scroll through them to find inspiration. Or if there is something I want to wear I find it in an old photo and see how I wore it in the past and if I liked how it looked. I am hyper critical of myself in old photos sometimes.

4. How do you discover new combination of items in your closet?
As I mentioned before I will search my Flickr set and see how I wore it before and then see how I could change it. Or when I see someone have something similar on I look at how they wore it. Sometimes I just try on a few things and see what works. For example if I have a plain grey dress I will try it with different colored tights and sweater and keep trying until something clicks. Or I ask Dave. I also get color ideas in my head, such as I want to wear a certain red scarf and try and find something that flatters it and build around that item.

5. To streamline the process for 2011 what is one new thing you can do to cut down your dressing time?
CLEAN MY CLOSET. I don't actually have a closet I gave it to Dave. I have this awful rack and a little Ikea cabinet. I live in a TINY apartment (we are talking 300 sq ft people) and my clothes are in way too many places and it is kinda a mess. Well not kinda. It is. I have a lot of clothes in various sizes. (I lost 30 lbs a few years ago.) So now I have 6-12 clothes. I got rid of a lot of the 12 stuff and plenty of the stuff I don't wear but I desperately need to do another purge. I also need to just pull everything out and look at it all and try it on and then go from there. I hate pulling out something and thinking you will wear it and it doesn't end up fitting well.

And since I mentioned it above. Today's outfit.


This was another day of trying desperately to find a place to document where there wasn't kids. The lighting here is TERRIBLE.
Sweater Kohls (2007?)
Pants H&M 2008
Boots Merrell
Turtleneck H&M 2007


Previous ways I have worn it.

I gave you seven years What did you give me back? A jaw-grind, disposistion to a panic attack

and my handy dandy button!

I noticed my hair covers it most days so I need to work on optimal placement.

Do you have any plans for the weekend?
As of today Dave is a graduate! He finished last Saturday but it wasn't "official" until today. He won't walk until May 28th. (yup he IS walking) I plan to hoot and holla his name and embarrass the hell out of him like my family did to me! Since only SIX people graduated it should be an interesting ceremony. Plus I get to replace my old fake graduation photos for him.

daves "graduation"

He didn't walk the 2nd time around (yes this is his third degree) (he walked the first time but I look ugly in those photos with black hair and homemade skirt so we don't have any scans of those. :P) so this is in my cap,  gown (MY summa cum laude ropes! See I smaht!) and flowers and we staged photos because his ceremony was at a different school at the same time as mine across town and we all went to mine.

Oh the point of all that is tomorrow we are going out with his parents (see above) to celebrate!!!!


hillary said...

This sweater is absolutely freaking gorgeous! Where is it from? It looks fabulous with the denim trousers too.

hillary said...

Its from Kohls a few years ago.

hillary said...

no one does say wicked? Oh dude you need to talk to some New Englanders its part of the lexicon

hillary said...

I love the sweater. I am gonna call it the "sweeter" because it's wicked sweet. (I don't say wicked, no one does, but I did for you today) I like your flowing back like that. Like a cape or something. I think it looks tailored, if that's the right word, which nicely plays off the sweeter.

I see now that Dave graduates on my birthday. A proven good date.

hillary said...

That sweater looks GREAT on you! I think I used to have one like it in pale green, but it never looked that awesome on me. And I was really bad at tying bows back then.

hillary said...

I love the cardigan!

hillary said...

700 photos of outfits? yea, I d say you have NOOOO repeat worries!! Love the outfit too....really rich color on you....I joined you r blog today, looking forward to reading more posts in the future:)

Stop by and say Hello♥
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hillary said...

Funny you should say that check out yesterdays post where I talk about wearing almost identical outfits over and over (i dont take picture on those days.) 700 outfits over 4.5 years.

hillary said...

Congrats to Dave & great sweater haha, nice combo of compliments/congratulatory stuff right? Also TGI3DW (3DayWeekend).

hillary said...

I had NO idea it was a 3 day weekend until an hour ago!!!!

hillary said...

You have been chronicling your outfits since 2006 with over 700 photos - IMPRESSIVE!!! And I thought my Photobucket account was large. Do you ever spend time just flipping back through all the previous pictures? - Katy

hillary said...

Yeah totally do. That is how I get ideas sometimes. I have over 22,000 photos on flickr. :) I have times where I just sit there and flip through a certain year or search by an item.

hillary said...

What a pretty sweater, I am surprised you don't wear it more often.
I pick clothes in a very similar way to yours.... but sometimes I just grab and go.
Congratulations on Dave's graduation ! It's your success too.

hillary said...

I seriously love that sweater, and the button too!
Congratulations again to Dave! I'm sure you will be very well dressed at his ceremony this time and your hair will look amazing as always.
This weekend I am going to VT to visit my parents, eat their food, use their washing machine, and snowshoe.

hillary said...

I love the sweater with the stripes (both times) it's such a classic color combo :)

Congrats to Dave!!

hillary said...

I really like that sweater. One of my favorite colors. =)

I'm Photographing a Wedding this weekend, and visiting babies. Should be fun!

hillary said...

love the way that sweater wraps...very impressed that you have all your old photo on flicker and you go through them for inspiration...
congrats to dave!

hillary said...

It's great that you have someone who is willing to help you decide on your outfits, even if he doesn't give much input.
I'm amazed that you have been keeping track of your outfits for this long!

Congrats to Dave!

The Auspicious Life

hillary said...

what a great sweater! I love the way you've paired it with nautical stripes on a few occasions!