Friday, January 28, 2011

Friend Friday.

Another edition of Friend Friday, thank you ModlyChic for doing this.  

1. What technology do you use in blogging?
Welp. I have a digital camera and a DSLR and a gorilla pod but I have been using my iPhone lately. I am kinda embarrassed to admit that. It is the only thing I always have with me. At first I forgot my camera so I used it then it became such a habit. eek. I even went to school for photography but I dropped out.(I LOVE saying that). Cobblers kids what can I say?

playing with pics I took from facebook

My iPhone is like a kid to me. Dave calls this the delivery room photo. I just really friggin love it. I was devastated the 2 weeks from when I broke my old one and got my new one.I take so many pictures with it.

I finally have a phone again!

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (edited to add. Looks like some people have a different expansion on this question. So I am updating it)
For computer? Well we have a tablet HP and an older Macbook but I mostly use my netbook. I love that little bugger. As I mentioned I also use my iPhone a good majority of the time. Blog and comment from it. I just have regular old comcast for internet. (EDIT) I use Blogger to host my blog. GoDaddy for my name and email that I don't use because it fills up with like 5 emails. Sucks. I use Flickr to host all my photos.

Grow up? nah.......20/365

I almost always doing something else while on the computer. ADD.

dave said I should title this "sadly this is not a joke".........32/365

3. What is your process for taking pictures?

My regular process is having my husband take them. In the winter this becomes virtually impossible because we do them outside on the side of our building. Our apartment is only 300 sq ft so when it is too cold outside I try and take them before work at my library. I look around for a spot no one is around and I can prop up my camera and then if I have a real camera I have it take 10 at a time. On the iphone the timer only does one shot at a time so I take it, run over and look and take more as needed. I then upload them all and if I need to I crop them and I have potatoshopped out some blemishes or take off red eye. I don't do that very often though.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily? 

See above, in warm weather a brick wall by my apartment. In cold months a brightly colored shelf of bound periodicals. I prefer the walls of orange ones. Always makes me pop. If there are people around I do a quick walk around to find a spot. But I usually am trying to do it insanely fast so I can get to work on time.  I actually own studio lights and umbrellas and backdrops but I have no where to set them up. That is actually a project Dave and I working on. Making a tiny spot for me to use. Once I find a location I do then to keep using it. I am very much a creature of habit.

5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying? 
I can't think of anything I really want. As I said I already own a lot of equipment from my time in school for it. I would like some new lenses for my camera. A macro and a zoom specifically and possibly another flash. But I don't need any of that.It isn't a splurge but I need a new grey card, oh and to actually use my nice camera.

And on to the show!

With warmth layer.


Without hoodie.


Dress Loft
Hoodie American Eagle
Purple Leggings American Apparell
Boots Merrell
Jewelry see below.


My nose is red and peely and I refuse to put makeup on it because it only exacerbates it. I have been putting cocoa butter on it and it seems to help a lot.

I did an eye swoop with a glitter blue today.


I used to do these more often and I realize it has been awhile. My jewelry I have on today. I actually uploaded the photo so you can click to enlarge if you'd like.

 My engagement ring Dave had made, the bangle I had made on Etsy and the Opal ring is from Kaya. The rest is from Tiffanys. I don't (like to) buy myself jewelry. I am just funny about it. I did buy myself the earrings as a 30th birthday present, My best friend since childhood helped me pick them out at THE Tiffanys in NYC and pretended I was Audrey. We aren't close anymore but I'll always have the earrings to remember the great trip Dave surprised me with. I also paid for them with my own money I had saved up, It felt nice. I have had a joint account with Dave since I was 19.

I had the bracelet made when my pop passed away last year. Dave has an identical one. It is a constant remind that is always with us. Here is the inside. His favorite song. The front says "pop" with a shamrock.


Oh and I have another necklace on I forgot to put in the detail picture. You can see it in the makeup photo. It is a little stylized heart.

How are you my dears? Any weekend plans?
My little gormogon (Waffle) has a vet appointment tomorrow so I plan to freak out about that most of Saturday but other than that. Just hanging with Dave and the girls.

Last night she was sitting like she wanted to tell me a story.



hillary said...

Its bigger than my last one 212! Funny you should mention vaseline because Dr Oz last night was just saying how vaseline isnt good for keeping moisture in and people should use things more like shea butters. I wish I had taped it because he had lots of great winter tips.

hillary said...

300 sq ft?? Seriously? How do you do that?

I use plain ole vaseline at night on my chapped, dry skin. It keeps the moisture in.

I love, love, love the highlights! LOVE! =)

hillary said...

i have that very same canon digital camera! love it!! love the hello kitty laptop and i totally get the ADD thing with having multiple gadgets going at once. if i don't have internet access, i feel so boreddddddd.


hillary said...

I got a $1 sticker on ebay auto and a $2 mouse on ebay and viola hello kitty computer

hillary said...

Hi hillary. I've been subscribed via google reader for awhile, and I think this it the first comment I've left you. First, I love, LOVE your cuff bracelet. So beautiful, classy and elegant. If you don't mind sharing, what etsy vendor did you use? Secondly, for you nose you might try FAB ulta repair cream from sephora. It is getting great, great reviews and the blub sounds so promising. Here's a link

hillary said...

Amanda thanks for reading!

I have tried ultra repair cream. Reviewed it here.

Review on cuff seller here.

hillary said...

Waffle kills me. She reminds me so much of my Luna. This morning I swear she knew I had a headache and she came and licked my forehead and nose to make me feel better. On that same note---the hello kitty sticker rocks. Who doesn't love Hello Kitty?!?!

Without you taking a picture of all your jewelry I would never have guessed that you had so many pieces on. Cool idea.

hillary said...

People tell me that a LOT. The not noticing my jewelry. They never realize I had 6 rings I always had on and bracelet and necklace I don't usually take off but trade out sometimes. I think I am just such a "Silver jewelry" girl that it isn't noticeable? Know what I mean?

hillary said...

Yea, that makes sense. Also, although it might be different in person, but in the blog because we mostly see full sized pictures of you, the smaller jewelry just doesn't add up. Make sense?

hillary said...

I use this: for my freaky dry/chapped face-skin issues. Partially because I'm a sucker for that "apothecary" type stuff, partially because it works well. I also use it on my lips, cuticles, etc, so it's awesomely multi-purpose. And you can get it at Bath & Body Works for cheap.
Rose Salve plug aside, I like seeing all the jewelry, being a jewelry fanatic myself. And seeing Waffle of course. ;)

hillary said...

So this doesn't have to do with your FBFF answers, but I love the coloring of your hair. The highlights blend so well and they accent your face so well. Love them. - Katy

hillary said...

Thank you they're getting long and I'm uber self conscious about it so it's nice to hear.
Feel free to comment on any topic at any time. Cows, clouds, coffee etc. ;)