Thursday, January 06, 2011

'Cause we make the hipsters fall in love

Wearing a red dress on a background of orange books makes the camera go WOOOAH DUDE too much color info not sure what to do.

This little red shift dress has a very stewardess cut to it. High boat neck with cropped sleeves. But I never seem to wear it on its own. It was another Loft find for $6
Dark Teal Sweater Banana Republic gift (they are on sale for $24 now) Soft merino wool.

Boots Target
Grey tights Target Navy blue Hue. I first put on Navy tights and put the light grey over it. For warmth and effect. My scarf has red, blue, grey and black in it and I knew I was going to wear a red dress, blue sweater and grey boots but instead of my default black I layered them to create a slate like grey blue color which matches nicely. Normally I would just wear a black sweater, boots and tights with this look. I am attempting to mix it up some.
Scarf I am so in love with this reversible scarf. The colors fit so well into my wardrobe. I wore it almost every day over Christmas Break.


Kangaroo Earrings Christmas gift from my dad.I know he got his in a local store but I found the exact same ones on Amazon! They even have a little joey on them.

I was smiling I promise.

I need new poses. I feel so goofy sometimes. I stand like I don't know where to put my arms or feet. I just need to figure out one I am comfortable in.

How is your week shaping up?

I was home with a nasty migraine/ weird stuffiness yesterday. Have you ever been stuffy because of something you ate. It makes since in an histamine response sort of way but it was the first time I consciously noticed it. It wasn't a cold because I had one and I am fine today and allergy meds cleared it up but it was EXTREME stuffiness along with nasty type migraine I get when I eat something I probably shouldn't of. (I am not sure what it was. I am thinking too much dairy)

So can I drop the blogger great wizard curtain for a minute and ask you guys a question. Running a blog can cost money at times. I want to pick up sponsors but I don't like to BUG people. I have a hard time asking for things. How do others handle it? Do you seek people out? I have had a few one shot advertisers but I would like some sort of recurring things. Any advice? Greatly appreciated!


hillary said...

That scarf is magnificent! And reversible? Love it.

hillary said...

I'd love to see the dress on its own sometime! I hate food-related stuffiness. I've started to get that reaction with peppers, which is a little ironic, since I love peppers for their sinus clearing abilities!

hillary said...

hillary said...

I don't know how to get sponsors, but I think it's a good idea too. I'd like to pursue it at some point soon. Good idea.

I like the kangaroo earrings..they made me smile. And the scarf = awesome.

hillary said...

After following you for a while, I am annoyed that you felt you had to comment that you were smiling. Annoyed on your behalf, I should say. It makes me think you must still be getting comments on that and I want to punch 'em.

Anyways, per your question as to how to underwrite your blog, I have a few questions of my own:

1. what would the benefit to a potential advertiser be? If there is one, shouldn't it be easy to point that out and approach them?

2. what would be the benefit to your audience? Or rather, would you lose followers because there is now an advertisement? I go to pretty good pains to avoid advertisements.

3. how much money are we talking here? $50 a month? $10 a week? $500 a quarter?

To be honest, sometimes you get some neat stuff gratis because of your blog. You are up front about it, and you give fair reviews. But that is income too. Do you seek paid promotions from places you already love, in exchange for a "site love offering?" Just asking.

Oh! About the poses. I have a contact called Jamie (not my wife) and she does the dorkiest poses. A total whack-job. You can go look at her and feel better about your poses. <3

hillary said...

Love this outfit, even with the WOAH DUDE colors. The scarf is fantastic, and those kangaroo earrings are TOO cute. :)

hillary said...

Cute earrings!

hillary said...

DUDE! I am flattered coming from you I totally look up to you!!! These are some that I made.