Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Black and brown?

Sorry to repost 3 times. I was having issue with the photos showing up funny. All tiny.

Today was one of those days it felt cuter than it was photographing. I heard someone coming so I stuck with the couple of shots I had.

My dress is caught on my boots. That is one of the downsides to over the knee boots. If you have a knee length dress it grabs them all day.

In the past I have worn this dress with an identical brown velvet peplum blazer (I got them for $5. A piece at Loft a few year ago) I have a confession. I have always hated black and brown. Hate is such a strong word but it accurately describes how I feel. I have done it preciously but only with subtle mixing. In a moment of sheer insanity on my part I bought this dress that is a mushroom grey BROWN with black details! Today I thought instead of pairing it with brown like I always do I'd go for black! I know I'm shocked myself. So unlike me. While I was at it I paired the extremely feminine blazer (all details are lost in photos!) with very "edgy" boots. They are certainly "A look" and I realize that but I don't think I care. It certainly isn't going to please everyone. Eh.

Yeah so here is how I wore it in the past and you can see the blazer details much better on the brown version

This is a year ago, last January. I noticed I had taken a hair picture so I did another one to compare.

Jan 2010.

use this back


My hair grows soooo slow. My boots still aren't totally soft but they are improving ever where nicely!

So all that sad. I still am not a fan of the two colors in general but I like this. Maybe the key is softer browns?

Any color combos you dislike?

Mustard and navy blue or mustard and bright red.
Royal blue and white but only because of high school. I'm ok with any other shade of blue and white. Just that cheap blue.

Oh details
Dress target 2008?
Blazer Loft 2009 Similar
Boots Marc Jacobs
Leggings Target 2010 Similar

One of my tricks to wear dresses year round is layering slips and tanks even when I don't need to wear one. Added warmth! All mine are from Amazon and I paid under $7 a piece for all the ones I have.

OK because I had to keep reposting I thought I'd add some fun kitten pics.

Yes she actually sits like this all the time. I added the remote because it made for a funnier pictures.

Oh and I dressed her up like Princess Leia the other day. She was totally chill and let me and didn't even care. No worries it will never happen again. I pushed my luck trying to put a hoodie on her and she bit me to let me know I was done.


hillary said...

thinking of it as denim + brown will probably help a ton. And yea---those pics look great! Also, I'm all for dressing up of kitties. I even dress up our puppy and kitties.

hillary said...

i LOVE navy with brown! Just think of it as dark denim and brown. Those look nice together right?

Dress is navy
Boots are brown

ps I fixed the photos above. they were all wonky before.

hillary said...

Oohh pettipants. I forgot about those. Thanks for the reminder.

hillary said...

Those boots are so fantastic! LOVE!

I had a similar dress experience-- I always HATED black/brown as a combo, and then I bought a dress that is black with brown/tan floral pattern (it was on sale and I needed dressy work clothes). I ended up getting lots of compliments on it, but I still feel a little weird whenever I wear it, and I definitely vacillate about whether to wear brown boots or black boots, brown cardigan or black cardigan. Apparently it just short circuits my little brain!

I always thought red and purple was an insane color combo, but I've layered purple and red shirts a couple of times and really liked it.

hillary said...

How do you feel about brown and navy blue? Bright and light blues are ok to my eye, but I'm not 100% sold on navy blue w/brown. This is also in the context of my maybe buying a navy blue blazer w/some X-mas money.

hillary said...

Dressing up animals is a crime against nature. Unless it is a saddle. You can put a saddle on Waffle for all I care.

I like the top photo very much. You have nicely bent hips... not entirely rigid. And the orange binders and the shelves make a great background. Perhaps convenience stores should put carefully scaled binder shelves near the exit of their stores so we can tell how tall the perps are.

I know you meant the bottom selfie to display how little your hair has grown (and it is slow; a lady here grew hers from blade to butt in the same time). But it also gives me the chance to suggest again the lacing of the boots. There are some things that are right -- lacing up laced boots -- and there are some things that are just wrong -- dressing up Waffle (and Daisy, I should add to hopefully prevent that crime), unless with a saddle.

hillary said...

You couldn't lace them. They aren't laced boots they are boots with circle details. There is no room and it would hurt against the back of my leg all day! Also half of them are covered with a flap of leather anyways! NO NO NO No laces. ITS A DESIGN ELEMENT not some functional piece.
They are books. The look like binders? It's bound periodicals (a years worth usually)

hillary said...

I like the dress with the black, it's quite lovely! I'm growing out my hair now. It is taking a long long long time. What's the kitty watching? She looks like she might need some chips and dip.

hillary said...

Mine grows so slow but when I started taking fish oil and b vitamins I noticed it sped up!

I believe she was watching Clean House. That's waffle.

hillary said...

I've always been weird about about brown and black together. It's never looked right to me. However I really do like your dress with the black. It looks really nice.

I also love your kitty photos! So cute!

hillary said...

I've always had a love for black and brown. (And red and yellow!).. I'm still not a fan of purple and red or purple and yellow. I've seen it done well before, but it's not really my super favorite.

I like your dress very much. I'd put it in the taupe family from what my screen shows.

I made the 'fashion confession' over at Sal's blog that I still don't own a single slip. Meep! Maybe now's the time to really get one. I never thought of the added warmth factor.

hillary said...

If you wear tights with cotton alips help the static factor and creeping up. You when when you walk and it sticks to your legs? Oh get pettipants it's slip shorts and they are awesome!!! Prevents ahhhem chafing.

hillary said...

Squee! Kitties!

I think this is great. It looks best with the shorter boot height but I actually like the contrast of the dress with the black. I like my black with a lighter brown, for sure -- the sort of taupe-y color that you have here, or a cognac/rust shade. Black and dark brown just looks grim.

hillary said...

Cats in clothes are flipping hysterical! : D
Love you Waffleia!

hillary said...

Okay. You look good, but your cat is priceless. ;) I love love love it!

hillary said...

Love the dress/boots combo! And you've gotta love LOFT -- some amazing deals to be found. Looking adorable!

xx Shop It To Me

hillary said...

yay kitten pictures.

hillary said...

I think your right this combo of black and brown works because it is subtle. I love mustard and blue, mustard and red on the other hand... I am skeptical!

P.S. You kitty is adorable!