Monday, December 06, 2010

Weekend roundup

Pretty low key weekend. I picked up my new glasses on Friday. This was right when I got them. Trying to text Dave. He texted asking if they called yet I replied with this photo and said no. Took him a second to catch on. ha.                       

Then I went back and had them adjusted on Saturday. I am still extremely self conscious of them so I don't know what I am thinking. I loved them before I got them now I wonder if they are ME I have never had black glasses either.

I got a nice package from the TJmaxx and Marshalls people. You will see what I ended up buying later this week.

Gift from TJmaxx and MarshallsTJMaxx for attending

They also sent me this cute hat. Look I match Waffle!

 I also discovered that if I sing the Bruno Mars song Marry Me to Daisy and substitute in her name she gets all lovey! She is not a cuddler and doesn't like to be held she comes to you on her terms but every single time I sang to her she came up and was all kissy. Two different days. Same result.

Since it was cold and we stayed home all weekend there was much kitten cuddles. Dave worked on his thesis and I xmas shopped on my iPhone while Waffle slept on my chest most of yesterday.

She kept scooting up until she was snoring in my ear.

So yeah I am not that interesting today. :) Dave is working on his thesis hardcore right now so it is just me entertaining myself with the girls. Too damn cold to go out shopping which I am hoping to do ALL online this year. Hell I am not even turning on my computer I have been doing it all via the phone.

What did you do this weekend? Get any holiday shopping done? What is your method?

Well I am done with my mother in law, mom, step dad, friends e and b, I got some stuff for Dave too. I still need things for Dad (need two his bday is Jan 1), his lady, gram, uncle and Dave's sister. I almost just typed pop. le sigh. Tomorrow would of been his birthday. I am going to donate to vets in his name tomorrow. He was a proud WW2 Navy vet. They came out and played Taps. Good memory. No sad today.

I am stumped on what to do for dad, father in law and uncle. Dave's dad is a nerdy guy who loves computers and golf but he doesn't read. My dad is a carpenter who does love to read and hunt and guns (I KNOW gah) He is insanely hard to buy for. Mostlly because.. I hate to say this but he is ungrateful. He will say "what'd you get that for me for?" I love him but he can be a pain in the ass. :) My uncle. Well he is ummm a man of few words. Grunts mostly. He works out a lot. I have NO IDEA what to do for him.


Sal said...

The new glasses are fab!

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Your cats leave me writhing in jealousy. My cat is a sweetie-pie, but she's not very me. Recently she's been obsessing over my husband and I'm trying to keep the jealousy at bay, but it's...not working.

I LOVE your glasses. I think they look great on you and they suit you perfectly.

I'm aching to buy new frames, but my own glasses are under a year old (and I love 'em), so I can't justify spending money on a new pair - maybe in my January eye check-up I'll need new glasses? Here's hoping?

hillary said...

Chalkdust. Mine were 3 years old and I had a bunch of money left over in my medical account for the year I had to use before dec 31 and SOMEONE chewed on the arms and they had a crack so when I got new rx I kinda had to. I wanted to reorder the ones I have but they don't carry the line anymore and wouldn't order so I thought i'd try something different. I also went from a 53 size to 51 so part of it is they are a different lens size I am getting used to. Waffle is wacky and does stupid stuff and antics and loves to cuddle Daisyboo is very quiet, reserved, stays to herself, doesnt cause problems and doesn't cuddle. So when she does and it is on her terms I feel the need to photograph it.

Courtney said...

I really like the new glasses! And I absolutely love kitten cuddles. I have one kitty who is a cuddler and one who usually isn't, but this weekend I had both cats and the pup on the couch with me! It must be something about the cold weather.
I am almost done with my Christmas shopping, and have done almost all of it online this year. It's been so nice not having to fight the crowds at the mall!

Anonymous said...

Such cute kitten photos! My calico is not super-cuddly, but likes to hog the bed at night. My younger grey cat (maybe part Russian Blue?) is NOT a cuddler, except when I have a blanket over my lap, and then she wants to tunnel under it. So her cuddles are seasonal.

Joy said...

I love those glasses. They look really great on you.

And I am DONE with my Christmas shopping!! WOOHOO!!

Anonymous said...

I think the new glasses look great - I love dark frames, but can't quite pull them off and end up with rimless ones most of the time. Grrr!
My holiday shopping is complete. I heart online shopping ;)

freeda said...

The glasses are hot!

I did the majority of my xmas shopping on black friday... the stuff for kids-that-aren't-mine part. So I just have to deal with my kids, and the couple we drew in the siblings name draw. And kick in for mom and dad's gift.

Geez, now I feel like I have a ton to do.

hillary said...


I can't do rimless or delicate metal frames. I have a lazy eye and I have to have a special lens made for it which is much thicker than my right lens (that's why one eye looks larger if you ever wondered) so they can't put them in little or rimless because it is unblanced and is visible.

I am impressed so many people are done. I only started last night. oops

mamichan said...

love the touch of blue on the glasses! adorable.

i knit a custom scarf request this weekend. i was gonna charge for it but i think i will give it as a gift instead.

i get everyone the same present every year - something that aaron and i already own and find useful that's $10 or less. then everyone gets that from us. we personalize or upgrade ones to family and good friends.

hillary said...

Masmami it is our favorite shade of blue **wink** (that was obnoxious huh?)

You give the BEST presents. Being on the receiving end I can say you get just that one thing that is like OMG THIS IS SO ME. Do you know I keep all my tiny jewelry in the devil kitty tin and every morning i see it and smile! Also my mark pouch is where I keep my migraine stuff in my purse!

rlutz said...

Your new glasses look great on you...
I finished all my holiday shopping this weekend, half in-store, half online. Maybe Daisy just has very specific taste in music!!

Kelly said...

I really like your new glasses!

DaniellaBella said...

Sassy glasses Miss Hillary! I've (and my family too) decided that we're really not doing presents this year. We all hate feeling obligated to run through the cold. We just get each other gifts when we find something that they would like. And we make more of an effort to do something special together. However if I could shop from my phone I may reconsider. I did buy one present that I'm so excited to give: Some of your mom's cup-cakes! Can't wait!
Stay cozy with the cutest of kitties!! I love that sleeping photo!

Megan Mae said...

Wuv-y kitty pictures! Makes me sad I haven't seen "my" little fur-butt since Thanksgiving.

Lovelovelove the new glasses. I hope you like 'em. I think they suit you.

Anonymous said...

I think your glasses are cool - my boyfriend would totally crush on you,since he loves those glasses on women.

Also,I am glad to see someone else who is as infatuated with their cats as I am ;)

Chelsea said...

I looooooove the new glasses! They totally look like you, and I wish I had them too!

Nice swag from TJMaxx! I love that store.

My weekend was filled with packing and moving. Ugh. Still need to unpack... life feels very chaotic at the moment!