Monday, December 20, 2010

Weekend roundup (PHOTO HEAVY)

We finally dug out the Christmas box and put some actual ornaments on the tree. Only the unbreakable ones. We have a lovely collections of glass ornaments but Waffle still has way too much kitten in her. We also didn't put garland or lights because she chews on the tree. (she is damn lucky she is so cute and sweet the rest of the time. And she is)

My mil gives ornaments every year for Christmas so I quite a little collection of Hello Kitty ornaments. I feel slightly bad it turned into the Hello Kitty and Cupcakes tree but those are the only unbreakable ornaments we had all his star wars and robot ones are blown glass! Dave says he doesn't care, but I still feel a little bad. Just a little though ;)

Well actually some of Dave's ornaments aren't breakable... his Chicken McNuggets.

The year he was diagnosed we slowly discovered things he would never be able to eat again. One was McDonald's Chicken McNuggets so for Christmas I made him a happy meal out of felt. I couldn't find the french fries in the ornament box last night but there are fries too!

Sorry for all the stuff in my photos! Tiny apt living. We also had just gone to the grocery store so you can see the 7 boxes of Chex in the back for our epic Muddy Buddy making this week. EVERYONE loves it so we are making some for all our family. We got milk and white chocolate too so there will even be OPTIONS!

After all the ornaments were up I still couldn't find everyone's stockings anywhere. Dave and I tore the closet apart looking for them. I finally found them folded up in a bag under my freestanding closet.  They need to be steamed or something. They are made from glue and felt so I have to be careful. Dave and I made each others in 2002 our first year we were home for Christmas. (We always flew home for a few weeks for holidays so we never decorated our apartment until 2002) They are just .99 stocking from Target and we used craft felt. Then as the girls came into our lives we made them stockings.


Daisyboo's is all her favorite things a cardboard box, a little fur mice and stinky fish. Waffle's is Daisyboo, a blanket and cupcakes. Because we all know what Waffle thinks about cupcakes.

CANON June 1 128

We have quite a nice Christmas decoration collection as people gift us stuff every year and we got married before Christmas so people gift it for our anniversary usually but EVERYTHING seems to be breakable. So we only put out these little guys.

We are hoping next year Waffle has mellowed out some and we can do a proper tree that isn't nailed down with lights! (We have 5 Christmas trees total! My mom just kept getting them she totally loves a Christmas tree. We even have a Halloween tree from her)

I finished my last present last night. My family doesn't tend to appreciate homemade presents. They would prefer it was made in China than by Hillary. So I only made one thing for them this year. My dad said "Don't buy me anything" so I made him something. I hope he likes it. Traditionally he has just picked on things I made but this one is special.

It's a miniature painting and easel. Dave dubbed it "POP art" which is a play on my favorite style and person we lost this year. I made it based on a photo of my dad and Pop talking at my cousin's going away party when we was being deployed.

My dad who is one of the unappreciative offenders in my homemade gifts, ironically makes the BEST presents for me. Most mine and Dave's furniture was made by my dad and I used my  paint box last night which was a gift in college. I carried it to class everyday with a big goofy smile. It is one of my favorite presents ever, easily. It has a compartment in the top for papers and palettes.

I didn't make a painting for gram because she can't "see" them. I have done about 10 paintings in this style over the years and she always says it is just globs and she can't see it.

This weekend Dave worked on his Thesis most the weekend but we did go for some brunch and groceries yesterday.

I got a gingerbread waffle with pomegranate molasses and coconut cocoa.. Dave got a coconut, cashew, chocolate pancake.

How was your weekend? What did you eat? Have you made any presents this year? What?

Saturday night we made homemade Mac and Cheese with gouda........omg mac with gouda is out of this world. Sunday Dave made a tiny molasses, clove, mustartd roast ham with homemade baked beans and cornbread. So delicious and is my lunch today too!


hillary said...

Here's hoping!

hillary said...

Crap, your husband probably can't have chix and dumplings - I'm pretty sure dumplings have wheat. Urgh. They are so good....

hillary said...

Hello Kitty Christmas Tree !!!
How very cute :)

hillary said...

I knew you'd appreciate it!

hillary said...

I don't know, even when they're not kitteny any more, you can't trust a cat. The Maine Coon ate (and barfed) tinsel this weekend, it was part of a favorite toy that they're not allowed to play with unsupervised but I didn't hide it well enough.

hillary said...

Oh yes you never ever should have tinsel around a cat. Bad scene! going in and coming out. OY..:P

I wouldn't say you can't trust a cat. Daisyboo has no issues with leaving the tree alone. We successful had a tree with breakable ornaments with her for 5 chiristmas.

hillary said...

Homemade presents are always hit or miss and depends so much on the recipient as well as what you make. I made cookies for my coworkers, they went over really well. I've made a few pencil case type pouches for packaging up my gifts, so even if the recipient doesn't love the pouch at least they have another gift inside.

Mac and Cheese with gouda sounds amazing!

hillary said...

You are totally right it depends on the person. personally I always appreciate a homemade gift. :)

hillary said...

i need to fly myself up to new england and eat all my meals with you + dave. mac-n-cheese with gouda? yes please. coconut cocoa? hells yes!

hillary said...

We don't eat out often so we have got into the habit of making fun food so it isn't boring eating the same thing all the time. I get out a giant cookbook and flip through picking things based on ingredients and Dave makes. he is terrible at picking what to eat and I am terrible at cooking so it works nice I pick he cooks it. The gouda was because I wanted gouda. I didn't care what it was in but I wanted gouda.

hillary said...

thanks dude! If they don't like them let me know and Ill take it off your hands ;)

hillary said...

1. Pink Sparkly Penguin. I must find one immediately. 2. That is the coolest sweetest gift ever. 3. someone email me that bacon and waffle plz.

My weekend was filled with planning for this week. Lots of family and friends to coordinate. I made salmon with garlic pasta and baby carrots on Sunday. Saturday we were lazy and ordered to-go from Cracker Barrel.

I made my mom a "gift certificate". I'm taking her to shop the after Christmas sales. Other than that, it's been a store bought year.

hillary said...

I just love your little tree....especially the nugget!!
I knit scarves for my mom, dad, and in-laws this year...cashmere...they better like them!!
That pop art you made for your dad is amazing.

hillary said...

Penguin is on sale at borders for $2.00 they were $2.99 full price

hillary said...

Love the McNugget ornament, what a great gift! Didn't make homemade gifts this year - the only gift I'm excited about is an awesome turquoise and sterling tie-tac for my dad. Got everyone else what they asked for and gift cards for the step-kids. Hubby wanted a new rifle so I let him pick that out. Not a very exciting gift giving season.

Made my best batch of Chicken and Dumplings ever this weekend. Not sure why it turned out so good and told husband not to be disappointed if I can't duplicate it, but man was it good. Going to have to try Mac & Chez w/ Gouda - that sounds amazing!

hillary said...

I've never had dumplings before

hillary said...

You have to try them! Most people re-use the water they boil the chicken in to cook the dumplings, which make them greasy. I don't like it that way - they can also take forever so I found a shortcut. Get a rotisserie chicken from the deli or grocer. Buy some frozen dumplings (I use the Anne's brand). Cook about 12 strips of dumplings in water with two cubes of chicken bullion. I cook mine longer than the recommended 10-12 mins b/c I like them nice and soft, not noodle-like. You have to constantly stir the last 4 mins or so and keep testing them for doneness. Once cooked drop in the chicken pieces that you pull off the rotisserie, stir, add salt and pepper. I use about half a chicken. remove from heat and cover. Let sit for about 20 mins. If there's too much water add a little bit of flour at time until it thickens or just drain some of the water off, carefully. That's it. It takes a few batches to perfect. NOT that you asked for a chix and dumplings recipe!

I can't believe you lived in FL and never had chix and dumplings!

hillary said...

I don't even recall anyone ever having them around me! I lived there for 9 years too. I think part of it is I wasn't very open to trying things for a long time. They aren't GF but we come up with GF versions of just about anything so I'll add it to my mental list! Thanks!

hillary said...

I love the gift you made for your father! I'm sure he will love it :)