Thursday, December 02, 2010

Using my dad as fashion inspiration.

Denim on Denim comes in and out of fashion. One year it is hot and the next it is the top of the fashion "Don't!" lists. I am here to say my dad has rocked the denim on denim all my life. He always makes it look cute and charming. He doesn't care about what is cool he cares about wearing what he is comfortable with. He just happens to now be totally IN.


me and my dad 1983

He even knows how to dress  it up! Just remove hat!

Dad at approx my age. (my current age) Do you  have a pic of your parents at your current age? Post below!

(I really wish I had a scan of this! It is a phone picture of a framed photo at my grandparent's house)

So today's outfit is inspired by you dad. Bet you didn't know you were a total "Do" (actually if asked he would claim to be totally stylish)

The wind coming off the water today was hilarious. I originally had only one button on my shirt done and it kept opening it so I had to keep buttoning more.(I have a cami on too)


Not my chicest look.

Try again


Imagine it with only one button. You have to imagine it because mr wind. I think it looks fun! Now you might think OH denim on denim. But it isn't technically its Chambray on Denim! CHAMBRAY??!! you say? Chambray is linen and denim's love child. You can tell chambray from denim because it tends to be lighter weight and it has distinct white threads in it. I took a picture of they together to give you an idea.


This was my attempt at looking cool with a little smolder. I kinda look concerned instead.


I am no James Dean. He was the KING of that look

He was so handsome it will make your teeth hurt. So I hope you guys dig this outfit as much as I do. But where is it from you ask? OK I'll tell you! (banter too much?)I entered and won a gift card from Lands' End Canvas and Lucky Magazine  on Monday. I had to spend it immediately and it was Cyber Monday so I checked my email for offer codes for $50 off $150 orders!!! So and I ended up getting This shirt, jeans, bangle and also not pictures but a scarf and this blouse!  I literally saved money by adding more things! If I hadn't got the bangle or scarf my order would of been say $125 or $130 but by bringing it to over 150 I got $50 knocked off! I paid the extra for express UPS shipping and I ordered Monday at 9pm and it was at my house Wednesday at 3pm!! How is that for service. The quality is amazing and they guarantee EVERYTHING.
From their site.

Guaranteed. Period.®
Our return policy is so simple it’s just two words long: Guaranteed. Period.®

It means you can return anything at anytime for any reason for a full refund of its purchase price.

We care about the quality of our products and your satisfaction with them. Today, tomorrow, forever. 

That is the kinda of company I like to give my business too.The jeans I got are the Fitted Flares. I read the comments from people to help pick a size and they mostly said they ran small. I am glad I listened and went up a size. Even at that they JUST fit me. Perfectly actually. I just can't gain any weight ;) I am a 8 pants in most stores and all my current jeans are and I have some 6's(not a lot admittedly) and I went with the 10's or the 31s and I am glad I did. A coworker  totally unprompted actually said to me this morning how they were a great fit. Score! I have been trying to find a new pair of jeans for MONTH. I have no joke tried on at least 30 styles in the past month. These are PERFECT and $59! I was willing to shell out for JBrand and these fit MILES better than those did at a fraction of the price. I will definitely be buying more of these. They have stretch but they don't feel like stretch jeans at all. If you asked me I would of guessed they were 100% Cotton. This shirt fits how they said. Relaxed fit. This is a medium. The blouse I got in a medium as well but it way too big and I will be exchanging it. If you are curvy and having a hard time finding jeans I would highly suggest you try these out. They have the best return policy too so no worries on that!

Have you checked out the Lands' End Canvas line? 
It is the stylish sister to their regular Lands' End line. (I own a lot of Lands' End but you know what I mean) While I was given a gift card I was not asked to review it favorably or at all! The gift card paid for it all but I did pay for the shipping. They just asked me to take pictures. I just am REALLY pleased and I will be given they some of my Christmas business for sure! I wasn't sure if this was silly to include but when I was trying them on and looking in the mirror Waffle kept slapping my butt. She hasn't done that before so I can only guess she likes them. I had a hard time turning in time to catch her doing it.


Between Laundry Days said...

I must laugh out loud at this post, and then send the link to my parents. I have been giving my dad crap for years about the "Texas tuxedo" he has been rocking for years. It's his dress-up outfit. Now he's a fashion inspiration.

Fashionable dads are about to take the blogging world by storm!!

Dave77459 said...

Land's End Canvas is their stylish line? I thought the regular Lands' End was stylish. So much for what I know. :-(

Love the leopard peeping out.

hillary said...

Maybe I should of said MORE stylish. I am a pretty big fan of the regular line myself. The canvas line is a bit more body conscious with a a little more updated cuts. How is that??

Lorena said...

Well you look marvelous !
I have not EVER done the jeans on jeans look, for some reason I am not convinced it will look good on me.
However I really like this look on you, specially the brown tank and the print shoes- they bring it perfectly together :)
I have owned Land's End but have not even seen their Canvas lines, will check around for it.

hillary said...

Lorena I am not totally convinced I can either. I tell myself since it is chambray that technically it doesn't count :)

Twills said...

I've been thinking of trying these jeans because I've been seeing a lot of them lately. The thing that's holding me back is that I want to see a picture of the butt to make sure they don't look mom-like. If anyone has any butt pictures of these jeans (a real person, not a model!), please by all means send me a link. :)

hillary said...

I kinda have a no butt photo policy I stick to but my husband says that they have a great butt. (waffle agrees see above!)

Cassykins said...

I don't know about this jean on jean thing, I don't think it would work for me. I just don't have the right figure to not have to get everything baggy (and then I think it would just look sloppy and not fashionable) I did want to say, though... aww little Hallaru! Hallarb? Haha, so cute.

hillary said...

Cassykins Technically it isn't denim on denim. heee

That is little HILLARY as in me :)my y was a little crooked. Hey I was 5 and could write I was ahead of the game no picking!!

Ms. Ten said...

I laughed so hard at the idea of Waffle smacking your butt. She is so crazy!

Joy said...

I love this look and I LOVE LOVE the leopard shoes peeking out!

Go Dad!!

LisaJ said...

Love the leopard peeking out! Just curious-boots or heels?

hillary said...

Lisa totally creepy pony hair heels. Painful as all get out. By Michael kors their "Annabel" style

Anonymous said...

Those jeans are gorgeous. I'm not sure that the largest size they offer will fit me, but I'm ordering some to find out. For anyone else who might want to buy a pair, Lands' End has a 40% off your highest item plus free shipping at $75 going on...see the main Lands' End webpage (as opposed to the Canvas page) for details.

karen mouse said...

I love that you are using your Dad as inspiration, and the results look great - I especially like the addition of the sexy shoes!

I became a huge fan of Land's End Canvas after I bought a few items from their end-of-summer sale. I later actually got a hand written card in the mail from them asking me what I thought of my new boyfriend jeans! (I love the jeans.)

Lisa said...

I love that you used your dad as inspiration. If I used my dad as inspiration I would just be wearing either one of the following: khakis and polo shirts, or nasty jeans and oversize tees.

I also love the denim on you. The two different shades look good, not at all like a Canadian tuxedo (I saw some other commenter made a reference to a Texas tuxedo, I guess they're the same?)

Also those shoes are fabulous.

Mrs. C said...

I love the dark jeans and the pop of yellow, very very cute!

♥ Shrinking Kenz ♥ said...

You rocked denim on denim! I didn't even know it was possible, but it is..and the wind pic is totally chic.

lawyerdoll said...

What a great idea, taking inspiation from your dad! I wish I could, but flannel shirts with jeans, suspenders, and a stocking cap won't go over well in court. Blah.

hillary said...

Because I am totally neurotic I just have to say that I am actually NOT wearing denim on denim. I mention above it's chambray which is technically not denim. I realize how obnoxious I sound. But I'm ok with that. :)

Thank you everyone!!