Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Oh hello big bird

For about 10 years I didn't own a yellow item of clothing. My husband didn't think it worked on me. I finally decided I was going to wear it anyways because it kept calling to me from the clothing racks. I have two items now and after a year or so I still don't wear them very often  but when I do I kinda think it goes well with my coloring. Especially school bus, big bird yellow. When I was little I was a very early riser. My parents were not. So they would put something for breakfast on my big bird chair in the living room and I would watch Nickelodeon until they woke up. I wish I still had that chair. I remember loving this sweater and scarf together last year so I wore it today.


I really wasn't liking the photos. I am still mourning the loss of outside photos but something I couldn't put my finger on was just not right. So I looked up my photo from last year.

Lets get it all out our systems today. OK?

AH HA! I know what it is. The scarf is hanging WAY too long in today's photos and last year I left some buttons open. So I ran to the bathroom mirror and fixed it. Now all is right with my tiny fashion world. For now. ;)

I have these little tiny cupcake earrings too. Which I realize now you so can't see in this photo.

These are them.

I mentioned in last nights post my anniversary is coming up. It is our 8th wedding anniversary (we've been together 14.5) and I figured I would do the 8 days of nauseating love.

Today Day 1.
What do you call your significant other?
I have a ton of names for Dave I will share some of the less embarrassing ones. Well for one I call him Dave and NOT David. I refuse. Davy, Pete, Stinky Pete the pirate, Petey, Mister, Snoopy, Muffin,

He can share what he calls me in the comments if he likes. ;)

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Sal said...

I like the ties at both lengths! The longer ones look arty and funky.

Lemondrop Marie said...

I love school bus yellow and think it looks fab on you. I would love to see that big bird chair. I cannot tell you what I call the hubs, it's that embarrassing for us both.
Love the earrings and scarf.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
Christmas bracelet giveaway

Cassykins said...

Umm, yellow is totally your color. This outfit looks perfect!

And as for nicknames, I call him Matt (Matthew) and he calls me Cassy (Cassandra) That's as wild and crazy as we get.

hillary said...

I just googled big bird chair and this is exactly the same as the one I used to have


freeda said...

It reminds me of a checker cab! I'm kind of in love with the look!

Cara said...

It's all about finding the right shade of yellow, and you definitely have! I do need more yellow too!

I call my fiancé "monkey". It was the nickname I had for my cat. The day we had to put him down, Scott asked if there was anything I needed, and I said "something soft to hug and call monkey", and while he originally intended to get me a stuffed monkey, he filled the role that day!

He calls me "Caribou" (Cara-boo), and when I'm sad, "Sad Panda". He sometimes tries "Kitten Tits", but not only does it not make sense, it's also just weird.

Chelsea said...

I remember this combo from last year, and I still love it! Handy how you can figure out what doesn't feel right by looking back at old photos :)

I call my boo Nic, Nicholette (hardly ever), love, and babe. Mostly babe. Probably too much, but it's my favorite!

Bridgett said...

i love school bus yellow and i think this is a cute outfit on you.

some nicknames are too embarrassing to mention but a few are: christy, chris-d, sweetie, and sweeters.

to the commenter above i think "caribou" is super cute.

p.s. hillary i have a request- you should do some holiday gift suggestion posts!

hillary said...

Bridgett there are two main reason why I don't.
1. I don't know what to buy for people let alone what others should! Someone needs to help me!
2. I don't shop. I pick up something here and there but I haven't shopped in a long time so I have no idea what is even out there.

Megan Mae said...

I love the scarf! =D The earrings are cute. I really like yellow on you.

Things I call teh Hubs: Jon (not Jonathan), Honey, Hun, Dah-ling, Love, Luv, SchmoopyPants, Pain-in-the-Butt.

brittneynikkole said...

Really dig this outfit on your. I love the combination of black, white and yellow. I've been contemplating how to put it together for myself for a while.

As for the other half: Husband, babyboy, the boy, boy, and luv. I also call my cat, cat. I'm less sentimental and more about directness.

Melissa said...

That yellow is GREAT on you! And I really like it layered over the stripes. You look awesome!

Lisa said...

I love the yellow on you! I think it looks so good with your hair color.

As for my husband I call him by his nickname Andy (but so do most close friends and family). I also call him Panda or Dinosaur (he calls me Penguin or Dinosaur too). I'm not sure how or why that started, but it stuck.

DaniellaBella said...

I love the yellow! Super vibrant and unexpected! and my goodness but that scarf is the best! I call him the Gentleman Caller, Funny Monk, or just little roo...

julie mack said...

1) I love this outfit on you. <3
2) i keep saying the title of your post as snuffy in my head.
3) i call my husband: baby, dear, sir & minkey. oh nerdiness.

Twills said...

I normally hate yellow but that particular shade is great and I think it would work with my skin tone. You look really, really good in that colour, and I love it with the scarf. Kind of reminds me of "Bee Movie" but it doesn't make you look literally like a bumblebee. :) Cute!

I almost got away without giving away the nicknames: Mijo, Mon Petit Chou, Mikito, Amorsito, Angelito... The names get worse and more far-fetched when applied to my children.

Anonymous said...

Oh so cute! I love the way the scarf is tied and how it changes the directions of the stripes.

I call my husband Seannie or babe. I actually call him babe so much that our son calls him that, too, ha!

grace said...

OT, but I have to tell you that I LOVE your new glasses. They're just perfect.

Between Laundry Days said...

This is so good. I agree that yellow looks great on you!

v said...

I LOVE this outfit!!

lawyerdoll said...

I love this so much. If I didn't look like something the cat sicked up when I wear yellow... I would go but similar item now. OK... it's late, so I would do it tomorrow....