Friday, December 03, 2010

Is that a tear I see?


I was standing facing a VERY large window. The dress is black, the boots, sweater and leggings are various grays.
Dress Lands' End 2010 I picked it up at a Sears but it looks like they have only 10 petites available online.
Boots Target 2010
Sweater Target 2007?
Tank H&M
Belt Target 2008
Leggings Gap 2008



I am loving my new makeup routine. When I was in NYC in October I was looking for a new foundation and a makeup artist at MAC said I shouldn't ever use foundation with my skintone because 1. I have freckles 2. Most companies don't make one to match 3.I honestly didn't need it. He is right. He said the trick to LOOK like you have flawless skin (because I DON'T at all) is to use a good heavy concealer with a VERY tiny brush. That way you can cover it perfectly and it looks more natural. Before I was using at least dime sized areas of concealer on every spot thinking I had to blend it with at least half an inch around it. I have a bunch of ahem hate this word... pimples and I did the technique he showed me this morning and my skin APPEARS clear. I am so happy. He said use a little mineralize powder to set it and that was all I needed! (I don't like a full face powder. I think it makes people look older)

Are you a sap?
I wasn't for a very long time, basically all my life. I didn't get weepy at girlie movies. I didn't coo at cute babies and talk all goofy. I was more likely to roll my eyes and laugh at something overly sappy. I wasn't a teary person. I am not a crier at all (That really hasn't changed. Crying is a sign of weakness in my family. It just isn't done. We are more arms crossed tight lipped stance people. By family I mean parents and grandparents.)  I still think of myself overall as not sappy but MAN oh man I am slowly turning into one! Kimberly of Fab Finds posted a link to the Glee wedding dance and I got a little chocked up. I didn't cry but I felt it in my chest. I watched it when it was on and even then same thing! Maybe I am turning into less of a hard ass as I get older? No one is in my family is sappy so I know  why I am not naturally. Having kittens kinda broke me a little. I used to think pets were interesting.... if they were someone else's. I never had any. I just had chickens. Daisyboo got me talking baby talk and saying things I never dreamed I would. Once Waffle came along it got worse because she was a tiny kitten and OMGSHEWASSOCUTELITTLEFUZZYWUZZY. Eventually will I be the one who cries at telephone commercials?


Chelsea said...

hmmm now you've got me rethinking my routine! your face looks mahvelous.

also I'm particular to shades of gray/black/white outfits... and this one is fabulous :)

I'm a huge sap. I've always been a crier when I'm upset, but in the last five years I can't handle when anyone else cries or anything related to childbirth. It's ridiculous, and can be embarrassing, but at the same time I guess it's just part of who I am!

EvaNadine said...

i was NEVER a sap growing up. i always gave my mom a hard time whenever she cried at movies or anything like that.
ive noticed, though, in my older age, i get weepy at the strangest things. the very first movie to ever make me cry? Rudy. (i have since noticed that i seem to tear up at heart-wrenching sports movies. whats up with that?)
i didnt cry at my own wedding, but i well up watching wedding dance videos on youtube. go figure...

hillary said...

I did cry at my wedding but it didn't have anything to do with Dave.

I didn't tell my two fathers who was going to walk me down the aisle I just didn't bring it up because if they had warning they would of thrown fits so thru the bathroom door that morning they asked me (we didn't have a rehearsal) I said THEY BOTH ARE. And they met me at the door smiling and walked me down the aisle. (they didn't ahhheeem always get along historically.) and I started blubbering and everyone freaked out because they thought I didn't want to go through with the wedding. (I heard after wards) and one of the worst photos of myself ever

They both are smiling because they both have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH ME. haaaaa

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Oh, man, I'm just like you. I used to NEVER cry in movies - my family called me "Heart of Stone" for years. And suddenly in the past few years, I get choked up ALL THE TIME: sad (or happy!) endings in movies/books; pretty songs on "Glee," and yes, sometimes the odd commercial.

ThriftyMomma said...

Hillary you really are a pretty pretty girl. I don't care if you've never been hit on in your life hehe....or have a frown that baby jesus gave you..hehe, you are a classic beauty and don't know it!

Work With What You've Got said...

OMG, Hillary, that wedding story is adorable.

I have that sweater! But I wore it so much that it's not as nice as yours anymore. It is the BEST sweater.

I am a MASSIVE Sap. Massive. I cry at everything. Even jokes. If something is super funny I cry.

Fashion Flirt said...


I'm a situational sap. Christmas commercials get me every time.

I have to tell you, I LOVE your outfit today. You always look awesome, but there's something about this particular outfit that is extra gorgeous!

Cassykins said...

Love the stripes with the animal print. I almost didn't notice. I am so happy being multi-print is more acceptable now.

I'm definitely more of a sap than I used to be. I'm kind of scared to go see the newest Harry Potter movie because I know Dobby will make me cry (though I'm sure I'll be in good company)

Megan Mae said...

LOVE that lands end dress. Is that a striped cami underneath? With leopard print? Awesome.

I'm a total sap. Can't watch those Animal rescue commercials because I tear up. I never used to cry and now *bam* tears.

Anonymous said...

Awww, great wedding story! I cried when I was maid of honor for my friend Karen, which shocked everyone, and nearly made her start crying. I am generally such an un-sappy person.

Glee gets me, too. Practically anything having to do with Kurt and his dad brings on the sniffs. And I watched the "It gets better" video that Pixar employees did on YouTube and CRIED through the whole thing. And just wanted to hug everyone involved SO HARD.

HollyElise said...

I had never cried at a movie scene until I was about 16. And now I am a TOTAl sap.
Everything remotely touching makes me well up and it's worse when I'm PMSing. >.<

And I totally coo at babies and talk all goofy.