Monday, December 13, 2010


allo allo.
I finally saw Harry Potter 7 pt 1 this weekend. It was about time. I have been trying to avoid spoilers for the past month. (yes I did read the book it came out and I did wait in line at midnight to get it,  but you know you forget things over 3 years)

I think it is pretty obvious we really loved it. We have all 6 prior movies and not only have I read the books but Dave has read 4 of them. Dave has read 6 books in his life. (Rough estimate) Four being Harry Potter. I love Hermione, shes a bossy little brat know it all and I can't relate at all.

I noticed too that I think I have one the jackety things she wore in the movie.

Keep in mind mine is flipped in the mirror.


Same thing right? It along with the turtleneck are from H&M a few years ago. Necklace Mark by Avon and Jeans Lands End Canvas. Earrings I made.The own ring is from Charlotte Russe.
Totally made me happy. I poked Dave when I saw it and said I HAVE THAT!

I used to do my hair in this half up half down every single day when I was in school. (elementary and middle) I don't know why I stopped. It isn't the most fashion forward look I guess is probably part of the reason. That with I still have to flat iron it to do this and usually I get too lazy to make the extra step to wrangle it into a barrette

Speaking of hair I was trying to get a good picture and I noticed the back of my hair. Word I had no idea it was so long in back.


In the front I have a bunch of shorter layers and to be quite honest I never look at the back. I probably have a big ol mess in the back most days. I just don't ever check it out. I figure worry about the part I can see? Probably not the best mind set. It is by far the longest I have had it in my whole life.

My mom posted a new photo on her Facebook yesterday. I taught her about "myspace angles" (google it you will laugh your ass off) and she said "is this a myspace angle) (When you go years without seeing one another Facebook and my blog is a great way to share our lives. I write the blog most days with her as my target audience. I started it for her initially actually) I have to complain a moment it is NOT FAIR I have way more wrinkles than my mother (that I am not kidding about).She doesn't use any fancy potions or anything. She just naturally have beautiful skin. I sadly got more of my dad's wrinkly red prone skin. Damn shame we don't look anything alike too.

(I will say I am showing you one of MY myspace angles. Natural light, camera held high, look away slightly. Good heavy application of light reflecting concealer.) This is about February I am guessing by the bangs hackjob.
For those who can't read sarcasm. I am kidding.

How was your weekend? What did you EAT?


Teresa said...

hah i did the same thing w/ the last Twilight movie, bella was wearing an old navy long sleeved vneck that i have. i was poking my husband, 'hey i have that and it's from last season!'

you do so look like your mom, both lovely!

DaniellaBella said...

You and your mama are both gorgeous! Isn't it great to know that what you have to look forward to in the years to come isn't bad at all? I'll be quite happy if I can look like my mom. Still haven't seen HP. I remember when #5 came out and a friend and I went in London opening week. It was pretty exciting! This weekend was all about Christmas parties and eating turkey and perogies... yummo!

Kelly said...

My mom has naturally smooth skin too. People regularly think she's a good 10-15 years younger than she is or are shocked when they learn she has a daughter my age - and she doesn't use *anything.* I don't even think she uses moisturizer at all. I, on the other hand, already have wayyy too many wrinkles for my age despite slapping all kinds of fancy gunk and SPF all over myself. Hmpf.

My weekend was good! Decorated two Christmas trees (ours and my parents'), went to an office party, and watched the snow fall. Erik and I are both still recovering from a cold so we mostly laid low other than that.

Rachel said...

Your mom looks fantastic! You are both beautiful.

Since you asked how the weekend was, I'll share: we ate lots of junky fast food. My husband's uncle was killed in a tragic accident yesterday so it was not a good weekend. I'm sharing simply for his memory, he was a great man. If you Google Sgt. Wesley Whitmore, Lakeland, FL the news coverage will come up, it's been all over the news for the last two days. He was with the Sheriff's dept and was killed on patrol. One of these days I'll get around to starting my own blog to share these things with the world, but for now it'll have to be in comments. I don't want to be a downer, but I told myself I would share to keep his memory alive, that's the least I can do.

Rachel said...

I know you love the food, so wanted to add that I'm not eating junk tonight, I made a big crock pot full of beans with a ham steak that we'll put over brown rice. It's been cooking all day and I can't wait!

Chelsea said...

oh, part one was sooooo good, wasn't it?? I wanna see it again before it leaves the big screen. I love me some harry potter like whoa. am still extremely sad that the books are over, but glad I still have one more movie to look forward to. After that I'll probably be depressed!

That is WAY cool that you have the same cardigan as Hermione :) It looks fab with your vibrant (and long) hair!

and lastly, my weekend included unpacking the kitchen (completely) and living room (to make livable), watching 5 movies (no internet or cable yet), picking up and decorating our christmakkah tree with Nic's mom and brother, and practicing a rape crisis call for my certification. Relaxing and productive, I would say! oh and yes I did eat, the most notable of which was a lovely dinner prepared by nic's mom... roast chicken, green beans, and mashed potatoes. So festive!

Chelsea said...

PS Your mom's myspace angle is AWESOME. Extra credit for including a pretty background :)

Lisa said...

Your mom's so pretty! I love her "myspace angle"! My mom recently got what she refers to as, "the facebook" maybe she could use a lesson too.

I stuffed my face at my in-laws Christmas party than sat on my butt and worked on my massive project that is due tomorrow. You can probably guess what my favorite part of the weekend was.

Megan Mae said...

Aww I can totally see the similarities between you and your mom! I love her "myspace" angle!

My weekend was cold. It like NEVER snows in December here and it snowed for two days straight. To top it off my college refused to close when all other schools had closed.

I ate a bunch of junk food. Sausage balls, chicken fries with french fries, red pepper hummus, homemade quesadillas, ham and cheese melts. Comfort food to keep the cold at bay.

hillary said...

Rachel I'm sorry for your families loss.

Dave77459 said...

I might have to start stalking your mom. Isn't she lovely? And she can take a MySpace photo without making duck lips. Score!

Your eyes are the same shade... I didn't realize that. I also suspect that Mom was your bang role model.

This weekend we had a cookie exchange. Half the people didn't show, so we ended up with a crap load of our own cookies. Ugh. On the up side, we stopped at a diner at 2AM for breakfast.

hillary said...

Dave NOPE! we have different eyes.(along with noses)

She has grey eyes I have green. Hers lean to blue. I have my dad's eyes. hers are scary but very neat

hillary said...

see mine


Dave77459 said...

I am clearly wrong. Culpa mea. In my [lame] defense, you both have beautiful eyes.

I might still stalk her though. No fair warning her.

hillary said...