Thursday, December 09, 2010

Gift Guide for the beauty product lover

I had been asked a few times to do a Christmas Gift Guide and I was hesitant because I don't feel like I am some great gift giver and I haven't really been shopping in the past 6 months. But a guy friend asked for stocking or gift ideas for his wife and daughter and I had the idea to do a online buy everything at one store gift guide. Everything in this guide is available online from Amazon. You don't even have to get off your couch. Hell you can shop from your phone. (I totally bought Christmas gifts from Amazon on my iPhone the other day)

Gift bundle idea 1.
For the makeup lover.
My mom got me this Bobbi Brown book and it is really a great how to guide. If you feel you want to learn how to apply your makeup better or even differently than you currently do this book is great for that. Since you are going to be wanting to try all those new techniques you need a nice big eyeshadow palette! I have 2 of these 88 palettes, the shimmer and the mattes and I love it! It is so fun for when you want to try something new and now have to spend over $10 on a color you might wear twice a year. Now that you are trying all those shadows you need a good remover. This one is my favorite. It is EXTREMELY gentle and it is made from grapes. It gets off the most stubborn waterpoof makeup off and yet it don't harm your skin and eyes like many heavy duty removers. It doubles as a toner too I think.

Total for this bundle =$47

Gift bundle idea 2.
For the fancy nails lover.
This is all you need (combined with the polish you already may own) to start out doing fancy manicures. It is really easy, fast and people WILL stop you in public to ask how you did it. To see some of the ones I did click here. It doesn't take as long as you would imagine and it is easy to learn. Practice does make perfect and after a few tries you will be doing multi layered and colored designs like a pro! Also with these 22 plates with 5-10 designs each you will always have a fun design to try! The cream is not a requirement to do nail designs but if you are going to be showing off you hands you want to have soft smooth hands! (also as a tip always moisturize before applying polish and it helps the polish from sticking to your skin!)

Total for this bundle = $39

Stocking ideas.
The cocoa butter stick is only $1 and it is one of my favorite things ever. Buy two and use one on your hands and body and the other for luxurious lip balm! I warn you now, the smell WILL make you want chocolate. Read about my love for it here.

Seche Vite quick dry top coat. This top coat is only $3.42 on Amazon (it is $10 in stores local to me!) it will dry your entire manicure in under 5 minutes. This is a MUST OWN for any nail polish wearer. Who  wants to sit around and wait for their nails to dry? Not me. Once you try it you won't know how you lived without it.

Moroccan oil for your hair. Read my review about it here. For $10 you can give the gift of beautiful soft hair!

Skin Trip coconut soap. Another thing I reviewed here. It is about $4.00 and smells like a coconut paradise. It leaves you skin soft and smooth and I haven't given it to someone and they didn't like it.. yet!. People fall in love with it once they try it. It wins over even the people who don't like soap and prefer a body wash.

Lastly the Lush body bombs. These range in price from around $4.00 and up. What they do is make your bath smell like heaven. They fragrance the water. They have a wide variety of scents available. I don't actually use them for baths very often. I keep one in my pj drawer and it makes my jammies smell wonderful. I also keep one in our bathroom and whenever you walk in you smell jasmine. I also like to use them in a foot bath for tired feet.

Do you have any suggestions for great stocking stuffer ideas? Share in the comments!


Dave77459 said...

Thank you very much.

mamichan said...

i love this.
tell me more about the bobbi brown book please - any eye makeup tips specifically for asian eyes? i always struggle with that.

hillary said...

Masami I just took a picture of every page with asian techniques. I'm uploading them all to Flickr for you.

hillary said...

I'm replying again to test this DISQUS thing, and to tell you that I bought my order yesterday. Did you get any money from my order? I hope you get a kickback. :)

I note that DISQUS requires me to approve another domain, which I generally don't do. Your blog uses a crap ton of them. *shrug*

hillary said...

I'm sorry my blog uses a crap ton of what? With this comment form I can finally reply directly to comments and be able to block people which I could not do before.

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That is a real boon for you!

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I lose part of the "experience" on websites, but am less vulnerable to scripting hacks and my browser runs faster.

hillary said...

I don't know what quantserv is. You aren't missing anything on my blog not approving those. You just dont have a little toolbar with sharing buttons(so people can share my posts and search them easily)

I don't have ads on my page so I'm not sure about the adblocker thing.

hillary said...

I see. It's just how I surf in these dangerous times.

It's interesting how new comments appear at top. Even though I am hitting the reply button on your replies to me, they aren't nesting as yours do. I am also not getting notices of replies, even though I subscribed. Maybe I get one per day or hour or something.

If I log in using Twitter, do I get some tweet notices or something?

Oh, and about this blog entry, some of the things listed at $1-ish checked out at $4.99. It's like the buck-sized items were unavailable. Not complaining, just sayin'. I am really excited to see how they like the Morrocanoil, especially my daughter with her long color-treated hair. If I would have bought something for myself, it would be the nail stencils... if I were a girl. That was the coolest item, but both of them enjoy the nail salon pampering time.

hillary said...

The only item that was a $1 was the cocoa butter right? I'll update the post with which ones were wrong. Do you remember which things were wrong? Amazon also changes prices daily. I use amazon daily heavily (we get most the books at work there) and the prices chain through out hours sometimes.

It's only first day with this comment service I may or may not keep it.

The toolbar Wibiya is just a couple buttons and when your on a post if you click the twitter button and you are logged into twitter it will put the URL for the post. So people can share my links. It's all word of mouth getting myself out there.

hillary said...

Hmm, now this time my last reply showed as a reply to you. Do you know if I can use formatting HTML, like bold or italic? Links?

The item that changed prices was "2x Cococare 100% Cocoa Butter 1 oz (28 g)" - it came out at $4.34. It showed a range of prices from $1-$4.68... pick your size. The only item you could pick was this one.

I guess you expect this, but it broke my order into three parts. The cheapest got free shipping from Amazon Prime, and the others were regular Amazon shipping prices. Kinda weird.

The last thing I ordered was the "Mountain Ocean Skin Trip Soap, Coconut , 4.5-Ounces (Pack of 4)". I have high hopes that they will love it.

The girls share a shower, so I am a bit worried about them stealing each others' expendables. So, I got them each the same thing.