Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Drop the boot lady!


From the front it is innocent enough. Black Tucker dress (target) with turtleneck (h&m) and black uberprincess sleeves (h&m) and black knee high boots.(m by mj) Boots go up to my skirt line but it hard to see that here. Instead of tights I have on a pair of Dave's black longjohns!

But then I turn around. Oh wait what is that?




Professional product shot I ganked.


Yeah meet my new lovahs. Over the knee flat ninja, pirate sprite princess boots. They are definitely a statement. I knew that going into it.  I was a little worried I would feel like a lilliputian in flat boots but I think they are so badass that I got over it quick. I had said they were elven but Dave said sprite because elves have funny ears. They are very warm and very comfortable!

Find them here.  Mine were procured with a 70% off discount. I almost had to punch a girl over them. I got the email that the 70% off shoe sale started and on my lunch I hauled ass. I was the only shopper in the store when I got there. I was looking at some shoes I was eyeballing and they girl said "the boots are included in the sale" WHAT? So I got a 37 and a 38 and the 38 fit perfectly and I put them back in the box. I was folding up the dust bag and trying to get things to fix in the box nicely. While I was doing this a bunch of girls had come in. So while I am putting my coat back on this girl reaches out for the box which is next to my purse and said what size are these. STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE!!! I actually said "umm sorry but these are mine" someone asked "you're like buying those? now?"  "yes right now these are mine" I pointed to the 37s at the end of the bench and said "there are some 37s" hahaha I got the last 38 in store. I do that kinda stuff ALL THE TIMEEEEE I am not lucky in life at all but I am lucky in getting MAJOR deals. In real like it is like I have a tiny storm cloud following me but the cloud always steps aside when I am in a store. I have 3 Marc Jacobs dresses I each got for 70-85% off. I have a DVF I got for 75% off and two Nannette Lepores Both were 80% off. Part of it is a stalk things for months on end. I wont buy anything for months in hope the price will drop. I always hit up the clearance sales at Saks I have got all my designer dresses from there for about the same price as a Gap dress.

What was your best deal ever?
I am not sure what my BEST deal ever was. Maybe my silk Nanette Lepore I paid $45 for. I found out after that Christina Hendricks has the same one.


Oh no I know my best deal my YSL wedges. They were $680 full price and I paid $70. I don't shop often at all and I subscribe to I would rather have a few beautiful things than a bunch of cheap stuff I only like. (I know I have said this before)

EDITED TO ADD: I mean to add this earlier. This is my outside look. The gloves are a homemade version of the Kate Spade ones from last year. My good friend made me my own pair and changed the color way to suit me better! It was bitter and windy this morning. Very cold wind coming off the water.


This is my wicked cold out, waterproof and has a hood winter jacket. For days that my regular wool coat isn't enough.

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Anonymous said...

Wowza! Those are gasp-out-loud kinda boots! Amazing deal!

I really can't remember the last time I scored a great deal like that. Honestly, I think I need to just raise my standards and go for the better stuff in general. ;)

mamichan said...

Boot LOVE!

Twills said...

I am soooooo jealous of those boots. I would have staged a throwdown in the store for them.

Megan Mae said...

Yow! Those boots are delicious. Serious shoe-love. Go you for fighting for 'em. I would have done the same.

Chelsea said...

OMG those boots are AMAZING. And I love your cold-as-shit outfit! Leave it to you to stay chic in freezing temps :)

Joy said...

WOW! Those boots are off the chain! Great score!

Melissa said...

Those boots are fan-freaking-tastic!

And I'll need you to come shopping with me, you and your lucky-in-stores self. :)

Dave77459 said...

Do they lace up over the zipper?

I am keeping my comment short so that you can't guess that I have an unnatural appreciation for them.

hillary said...

They are a design detail. A bunch of shoes in the fall 2010 had grommet details. Technically you could lace them but it would be a Pain in the ass to put on and off.

DaniellaBella said...

Those boots are AMAZING!!! I am in love! Swoon and more. My best deal ever was I loved this skirt for ages but it was about $60 and I was a student so I couldn't justify it. Then I found it on the $9.99 rack but when it was scanned in it came up as 1 penny! What a bargain!

Anonymous said...

I am impressed by your deal karma. Awesome. I am pretty good at stalking deals too, and rarely pay full price for anything!

Between Laundry Days said...

My outside look is almost exactly the same as you.

Also, you cracked me up in this post. You are hilarious and badass.

Allie said...

Love love LOVE those boots! Totally an awesome look, and even more delish that you got them on sale (and before those other women!).

I love seeing the bundled up pics on style bloggers - it is a fact of life, and you show you can still maintain style and personality while being bundled up!

robin said...

Drool, drool, drool, drool over those boots! Gorgeous!

rlutz said...

those boots are so amazing!!! Even more amazing at such a great steal!!
Great how you wore the target dress as a skirt...I am going to try that!

hillary said...

Thanks everyone!

Rlutz it does kinda look like that but I'm wearing it as the dress with the turtleneck under it. . My cardigan and the bad lighting kinda melted into one another. When I moved around you can see the top of the dress.

Marianne said...

Hillary, those boots are amazing! As always, you have great taste in footwear... and a crazy ability to find sales!

hillary said...

Yes they were! And lots of cupcakes! Can you tell I have cupcakes on my brain today?
I love that you wear them....and I'll knit you another pair any time.

hillary said...

Great boots, but I really want to talk about those mittens - they are still the cutest things. I think I have to knit myself a pair after the Christmas presents are all done!

hillary said...

Because they were made with love!