Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cat lady

It is no secret I love my cats. This weekend apparently revolved around Waffle's toes. Thursday I did a inspired manicure.

She was unimpressed.

Friday she took what could only be described as an interesting nap.

Today I did a "painting" (I use the term very loosely) with my new flocking powder. I had to include the thumb but now I think I shouldn't of.

I told daisyboo she'd get a manicure soon. It will involve me painting my nails black and a canvas all black. I love her but she just photographs like a fuzzy blob.

Although I did get this very uncharacteristic photo of her. No one can resist the allure of the pink Christmas tree with cupcake ornaments. I have had to rebend the branches at least a dozen time already and we've gone through a package of candy canes that keep ending in the water dish. This is why we only have a few unbreakable ornaments on it.

Do you have a tree up?

Ours is screwed to the cabinet it is on. We had a tree with lights and breakable ornaments even successfully with daisyboo since 2005. Waffle is a bit more.... Well a pain in the ass who is enthralled with total tree destruction.


Lisa said...

I'm impressed by your Waffle inspired manicure. I like your pink tree too! I saw a similar one at Target and was contemplating getting it, although we already have a little green one. We took it out as soon as Hanukkah was over. I've been working on crocheting some decorations for it.

Mrs. C said...

My kitty Pepper (I call her Mow)must be the same breed as your Waffle. Cuuuute.
We have a tree up and I've redecorated it twice already.
Between the 3yr old & the kitten, it's doomed.

Lorena said...

Awwww how very cute, I love her little pink paws.
My tree is up, all of my ornaments are bouncy and wont break.
My dogs can get in there once in a while....

Megan Mae said...

Love the nails! So cute. Black kitties are so impossible to photograph. I tried to get pictures of Sam (my kitty away-from-home) and they came out as black blurs with green eyes. ;o;

A-C said...

I for one endorse your cat-lady-ness! The manicure is adorable as are the kitty pics.

We do have a live tree in our house and we've discovered that the kitties, especially Luna, like to steal the teddy bear ornaments. As a result we don't put anything too enticing within a foot of the bottom of the tree. Bella, the pup, likes to yank off bits of the bottom branches and chew on them, but we think that by putting presents/empty boxes under the tree we'll be able to deter her.

Happy Holidays!