Monday, December 13, 2010

Bathing Suit shopping in December

It is freezing out. It is raining and it is miserable and what am I doing? I am looking at my least favorite thing in the entire world to wear.... A bathing suit. I don't currently own one that fits me. I haven't in at least 4 years actually. Swimspot asked the Lucky Alpha shoppers to check out their site and give them our feedback.

First impressions. Free shipping Free returns and Free exchanges.  This is genius. The only thing I dread more than buying a bathing suit is trying one on in a dressing room. The horrible lighting. Standing in line holding 4 bathing suits hoping one will fit. Yeah not my idea of fun. Trying them on in my own home and sending back what doesn't work? That will get me to actually buy a suit and take a lot of the pain out of the process!

The Fit Specialist Program They provide a personal fit specialist by phone or email 8-5:30 PT Monday - Friday. You can schedule a one on one appointment over the phone with a fit specialist who will help you best determine the best size and suit for you. If you are too shy you can do it via email. (points to self) They also have a bunch of photos of body types to help you decide your body type and you can shop via suits that flatter your particular body type. ( I honestly wish they had some "average" sized women in the photos. Which would help the great majority of the population that isn't a size 4)

They carry 12 different brands and with the Bikini Builder they help you pick separates to mix and match the suit you desire. I know I certainly am not the same size on top and bottom and I am sure many others are the same and would prefer to shop that way. I have never owned a bikini and am ready to possibly try some out.

Some suits that caught my eye.

I LOVE this blue one by Luxe by Lisa VogelIt is very pin up girl but still completely covered. (oh wait it comes in olive green too!)

I really like this purple two piece also from the Luxe by Lisa Vogel Smithsonian line.. The draped top with fitted waist band would help with the parts I prefer to disguise yet is totally hot.

This black and white stripe number by Athena is so my style and I can picture it with red sandals and coverup.

Do you currently have a bikini? Any advice for buying my first one?


Lisa said...

I only wear bikinis or tankinis (I think after many years of swim team a one piece makes me feel too much like I'm at practice, not to mention those bizarre circle tan lines you get in the middle of your back).

My advice is to get one you don't have to buy in a set so you can do different top/bottom sizes. I prefer halter tops since I'm petite and straps are always too loose on me, a halter I can tie tightly. I also usually go a size or two up from what I usually wear so I get more chest coverage, but that really depends on the style.

Good luck finding the right one for you! They all look great, but I particularly like the black and white one.

Megan Mae said...

I have an odd shaped monokini from target. It has a strip of fabric up one side (instead of center) attached to a bandeau type top part and regular bottom.

Being more covered up is great, but it all ends up plastered to you anyway. Make sure whatever you get has adequate "support" and isn't made of material that will stretch out when wet!

I'm actually looking for a new suit myself because the old suit is too small.

I really really love the bxw suit you linked to, it's really your style. I also like the shape of the retro-y one.

Kelly said...

I have a bikini but admittedly I only wear it about once a year. I like it, but it seems that I do most of my swimming around family - so, not the time I want to be mostly naked (although isn't that a bit silly, I'd rather be naked around strangers than my own cousins/aunts/uncles, half of whom probably changed my diaper?)

Anyway, my suggestion is the same suggestion I have for all bathing suits - buy by bra size! It's the only way to go as far as I'm concerned. It's always a much better fit IME and usually the companies who offer bra sized swimwear are the good bra brands (panache, fantasie, freya) and their swimwear seems to support/shape much better than any old swimsuit.

Anonymous said...

I have a bikini but it was hard going to find one that works - I needed a bigger and more supportive top than bottom, and wanted bottoms that didn't pinch me in half. The top was from Land's End and the bottom is from a random swimsuit store where I live. It took HOURS to find :)

Rachel said...

I too was on high school swim team and have nightmares of bright blue Jansport one-piece suites, so it's only bikinis for me.

Best advice I ever got was from my old manager at PacSun (worked there in high school, it was still Pacific Sunwear then), she advised to sit down in the suite while trying on - and move around a bit. This will be easier if you're trying them on at home. Move like you're getting out of a pool, lounge like you're stretched out on the beach, etc. I hate it when a suite bunches, gapes or rides up when you're moving around, but you usually don't find this out until too late.

Dave77459 said...

I can't really offer any bikini advice, except to suggest that you follow the guidelines of the Brazilians.

You don't own a bra and panties? Isn't that the same thing?

hillary said...

I know exactly what you mean about being around family in a bathing suit. Sadly I know it oh to well!